Report: Democrats tried to sneak mail-in voting, ballot harvesting into aid bill. It could totally change elections.


WASHINGTON, D.C.- Democrats would love to get them some mail in votes. They want mail in votes so bad that they are tying that into a bill designed to help Americans kicked out of work by governors across the country.

They’re tying it into a bill that is helping small businesses that those people used to work at.

Nancy Pelosi wants mail-in votes so bad that she wants to include the provision in a second round of an economic support package. Because, what could possibly go wrong?

In the $2 trillion bill that passed 10 days ago, Pelosi and the Democrats tried to sneak in all their usual pet projects, such as handouts for climate change initiatives, labor unions, student loan forgiveness and stealth language to support the Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

One measure that flew somewhat under the radar were several provisions that would fundamentally change the way we conduct elections in the country.

Breitbart News reports that on page 643 of the original bill was some piece of garbage called the “American Coronavirus/COVID-19 Election Safety and Security” or ACCESS act.

Isn’t it amazing how these politicians are able to come up with acronyms for all their constitution shredding legislation? Remember the PATRIOT Act (Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism)? Yeah, see what we mean?

Anyway, this jewel of a bill included thing such as money for states to conduct elections via mail-in ballots during a declared national emergency.

It would also provide for “ballot harvesting,” a practice where voters could return absentee ballots by using another “designated person” to return the ballot to the post office or other ballot drop-off location, including an election office (and probably someone’s trunk where the real ballots could be swapped for the bogus ones).

This practice is widely credited with Democrats somehow being able to swap seven safe Republican seats in California for Democratic ones.

The push to allow such a practice comes as we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, where the newest craze is “social distancing,” where people are told to maintain a distance of six feet in order to avoid catching the virus.

Since polling stations are a location where it would be difficult to maintain such a distance, one could make the argument that in some ways such a measure makes sense.

However, it is also rife for cheating. The practice is highly susceptible to fraud, and since we have seen cases in American history where elections were likely decided by fraud (1960 presidential election and Chicago come to mind), as well as the propensity for dead people to vote for Democrats, any such process should be approached carefully.

The president also is not a big fan of voting by mail, stating last  week that his opposition to mail-in balloting was because:

“I think a lot of people cheat.”

In this regard, President Trump is not alone. Election officials across the board agree that mail-in ballots are vulnerable to fraud.

In fact, there is a term called “granny farming,” where political operatives scam senior citizens out of their absentee ballots.

Even the far-left New York Times reporting on suspicions of election fraud in North Carolina last year admitted that “absentee ballots are especially susceptible to manipulation.”

By allowing third-party ballot delivery, it would make the problem even worse and increase the vulnerability to fraud, with recent history has a guide.

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Breitbart reports that in Texas, there are paid political operatives who are known as politiqueras, who run primarily in the Rio Grande Valley. They collect ballots and manipulate outcomes of elections.

Likewise in Florida, there was an elderly man who was blind who swore out an affidavit that an operative conned him out of his absentee ballot.

Ballot harvesting had been illegal in all fifty states up until recently. However, it was used as mentioned in California in 2018. And the impact was profound.

According to Real Clear Politics Investigations, Democrats in that state passed a law without much fanfare in 2016 which legalized the practice. When Democrats swept House seats in Orange County, historically a Republican stronghold, they credited that measure.

When Democrats swept the House seats, former Speaker Paul Ryan noted that what happened in Orange County “defied logic.”

RCP noted that in Orange County in 2018, around a quarter-million ballots were dropped off on election day alone. On election night in 2018, Republicans were ahead in all of the seats, however once the absentee ballots were counted two weeks later, all the seats had flipped to Democrat. How weird is that?

In Santa Clarita, California, a Ring doorbell camera captured an interaction between a so-called harvester and the resident. In this case, the harvester who identified herself as Lulu asks for someone named Brandi.

She then says she is there to collect her ballot and explains that “this is a new service, but only to, like, people who are supporting the Democratic Party.” Looks pretty obvious to us that something is wrong with this practice.

After the Democrats’ success in Orange County, officials from both political parties agreed that Democrats use of ballot harvesting led to them successfully flipping the seven Republican-held congressional seats in the state, including every seat in the aforementioned Orange County, long a Republican stronghold.

In the case of California however, there was no evidence, other than our eyes, which showed that as  in North Carolina, ballots were marked or discarded by those collecting ballots.

The election in question in North Carolina was in that state’s 9th Congressional District where a Republican, Mark Harris defeated Democrat Dan McReady. In that particular case, fraud was a lot more evident, so anyone can see that the practice is a very bad idea.

Democrats of course make the argument that allowing third parties to collect ballots it makes it easier for so-called “vulnerable” populations to cast ballots. The claim this includes people without transportation, senior citizens  in nursing homes, and people with medical issues.

The other issue that comes into play is the veracity of each state’s voter registration records. In 2012, the United States Supreme Court upheld efforts in Ohio to clean up their voter rolls. In the majority decision, the court addressed two Pew Center statistics.

One was the fact that in the United States, 24 million voter registrations were found to be either “invalid or significantly inaccurate,” while “2.75 million people are said to be registered in more than one state.”

Do you see what the problem is? Our election system is rife for fraud. And now we have Pelosi and the Democrats who want to double-down on that possibility of fraud.

In the case of the so-called stimulus bill, the provisions to expand mail-in voting and the allowance of ballot harvesting were pulled from the final bill, but Congress is scheduled to come back for at least one more shot at trying to boost the economy even while businesses across the country remain shuttered.

We have already come across information that the Democrats and their handlers have even more goodies in mind for the next package which we will address soon.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

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