Report: CVS nurse allegedly tells officer she “hates cops” and that he needs to leave because he was carrying a firearm


NEW MILFORD, NJ – A nurse practitioner at a CVS MinuteClinic in New Milford allegedly told a local police officer in full uniform that she hated police “in so many words,” according to a recent social media post.

Earlier in May, River Edge Police Officer Patrick Diamond, who is also the local PBA president, had allegedly entered a CVS MinuteClinic in New Milford where he allegedly encountered a nurse practitioner who hosted anti-police sentiments.

According to the post from Officer Diamond (which has since been made non-public on his Facebook) alleged the following:

“I just walked into the Minute Clinic at the New Milford, New Jersey CVS because I am battling a sinus infection for the last few days. With being so busy at work I took my meal break for my appointment time.  I walked into the room in my full police uniform and the nurse practitioner in so many words told me she hates cops.”

“I thought she was joking at first but she was dead serious and told me to leave because I carry a gun. I asked her if I was dying on the side of the road she wouldn’t treat me.  She replied that is different.”

The encounter allegedly occurred at the Brookchester Shopping Center CVS in New Milford.

The post went on to name the nurse practitioner allegedly behind the anti-police commentary as “Molly Poulose”.

According to a LinkedIn profile, a woman by the name of “Moly Poulose” does claim to be a nurse practitioner for CVS’ MinuteClinic and is based out of the New Milford area of New Jersey. 

The LinkedIn profile for Poulose notes that she’s been with CVS since July of 2011. 

Public healthcare provider records also confirm Poulose to be employed at the specific Brookchester Shopping Center CVS location where this encounter allegedly took place.

*Author’s note: The inclusion of the aforementioned details about Poulose is not meant to invite any form of harassment – but to present pertinent information that can establish credibility to the officer’s claims made in his original post.

We at Law Enforcement Today reached out to the store location and spoke with the manager to gather comment about the alleged incident.

While being polite, the manager informed us that he’s not allowed to comment on the matter and afforded us the contact number for the corporate office.

As of this writing, the corporate office has not responded to inquiries regarding the purported incident.

This alleged CVS encounter comes mere days after the May 4th death of River Edge Police Sergeant Christopher Cheevers, a loss for the department that has weighed heavily on Officer Diamond. 

Following the death of Sergeant Cheevers, Officer Diamond released the following statement in connection with his role as the local PBA president: 

“The River Edge PBA is with a heavy heart that we reflect on the fact that we lost our friend, our brother, and our sergeant, Christopher Cheevers.”

The manner of Sergeant Cheevers’ death, who served with the River Edge Police Department for over 24 years, is unclear.

Mayor Thomas Papaleo commented on Sergeant Cheevers’ passing, asking locals to keep his family in their prayers and to respect their privacy during this difficult time. 

Sergeant Cheevers’ published obituary noted the following about him: 

“If you knew Chris, from back in the day all the way up to this week, for a day or for decades, you know he wore his heart on his sleeve and was always there for others.”

“Remember him kindly and proudly and tell his story and stories about him forever.”

“And in times of crisis, or worry, or sadness, or glory, or when big decisions face you, think of Chris, and ask ‘what would Cheevers do?’ We think he’ll be looking out for you and for all of us, and will try to get you his answer.”

A memorial service for Sergeant Cheevers is slated for May 13th at Van Saun County Park in Paramus, New Jersey.

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LET Unity

We at Law Enforcement Today have previously reported on other instances of not-so-stellar services rendered to police officers entering local establishments. 

Earlier in May, we reported on the termination of an employee of a Seattle-based chocolate shop that had reportedly denied service to a local police officer. 

Here’s that previous report. 


SEATTLE, WA – In an update to a previous report we shared here on Law Enforcement Today, a Seattle-based chocolate shop has reportedly terminated the employee that had allegedly refused to serve a Seattle Police officer back in late April.

On April 27th, a Seattle Police officer and a trainee had reportedly gone inside of the Chocolati location on North 45th St, with the officer looking to purchase some chocolate.

As we had previously reported, the officer that tried to purchase some chocolate at the location did not exactly get the exemplary standard of customer service.

Reportedly, a rogue employee at the location had decided to refuse to serve the police officer solely based on the fact that they were a police officer.

To the credit of Chocolati, the company had managed to address this matter relatively quickly after reports began to circulate regarding the alleged incident.

In a statement released on the company’s Facebook page, it was noted that “Chocolati welcomes all members of our community,” and that the company wanted to highlight that “discrimination is not a practice that we believe will heal the divide within our city.

But there was still a looming question for those justifiably incensed over the alleged incident involving this rogue employee’s demeanor and refusal of service toward an officer simply trying to buy some chocolate: what was to come of this employee?

Well, a Facebook post dated April 30th from the company’s official Facebook page and signed by the owner of the business, Christian Wong, revealed that this employee is no longer with the company.

Here is the owner’s complete statement regarding the dismissal of the employee involved in the incident:

“Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I’m a Seattle native, born and raised, and I love our city. For so many of us, this has been a rough year. To put it mildly, being a small business owner during this pandemic has been challenging.

Like so many small businesses across Seattle and our country,  we have struggled to keep our employees and to keep our doors open.  

Through this difficult year, we have worked to stay true to our values: That we treat everyone with compassion and empathy, and that we do not discriminate against customers based on our personal beliefs.

So I was shocked and disappointed to learn that one of our employees had refused to serve a Seattle Police Department officer at one of our cafes.

We work to advance diversity and inclusion at our business, and for our team members to follow their passions and to be engaged in the critical issues we face as a city, and a nation.

However, our team members cannot decide which customers to serve based on their own personal political beliefs. This simply is not an acceptable practice at our business.

That is why as soon as I learned of this incident, we worked to understand the facts of what took place, and we spoke directly with the team member involved.

We also spoke with the Sergeant of our local SPD precinct. After fully understanding the facts of this incident, we came to the mutual conclusion that it was in the best interest of both parties to part ways with the team member involved in this incident. 

We also continue to communicate with our employees about our values and how we serve our customers to ensure an incident like this does not happen again. We will do better.

I look forward to meeting on Sunday with the SPD officer involved in this incident to personally apologize – just as I would apologize to any customer who was refused service on the basis of an employee’s personal views.

Our hope is that this unfortunate incident can serve to help show that communication, empathy and education are the ways we can find common ground as a community in this city we all love.

Finally, I want to thank all our customers and neighbors who have come out to show their support for our small business.


Christian Wong,

Owner of Chocolati”


*Authors note: Sometimes companies hire some bad apples, but Chocolati stepped up and did the right thing in this matter.

Perhaps this would serve as a good opportunity to show some support back for the business doing the right thing. Chocolati seems to have a nice looking collection of goodies online, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner (as though anyone ever needed an excuse to buy chocolate).


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