Report: Chicago Schools will provide free condoms to 5th graders under new policy


CHICAGO, IL – The likes of sex education in Chicago schools are taking a rather unique turn, with schools in the city slated to provide condoms to children in 5th grade come the start of the school year in fall of 2021.

Apparently, public schools in Chicago will start providing condoms to children as young as 10 years old in the upcoming school year in 2021, under a new policy which the CPS Board of Education signed in December of 2020 that notes schools must “maintain a condom availability program” for students in 5th grade and beyond.

Of course, the rationale behind this effort is to help combat the likes of “sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection, and unintended pregnancy” according to the policy enacted, but it has some critics concerned that it’s promulgating or affording a tacit approval of prepubescent children engaging in sex with their peers.

According to the Chicago Public Schools Policy Manuel, the following is written about this effort:

“Condom Availability Program: Schools that teach grade 5th and up must maintain a condom availability program. CPS provides guidance regarding the notification to parents and access to condoms by approved school representatives.

Condoms are provided at no cost by the Chicago Department of Public Health in an ongoing effort to mitigate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection, and unintended pregnancy among CPS students.”

CPS doctor Kenneth Fox spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times, noting that this effort might spark some controversy:

“When you don’t have those protections and don’t make those resources available then bad stuff happens to young people. You have elevated risks of sexually transmitted infections, of unintended pregnancies, and that’s very preventable stuff.”

Reportedly, elementary schools in Chicago will be allotted 250 condoms and high schools will be afforded 1,000 condoms, which any additional condoms must be requested by the school from CPS and the Chicago Department of Public Health in the event that they run out.

But while the effort to provide condoms to children as young as 10 years old is done under the guise of wanting to prevent unwanted pregnancies and possible transmission of STDs, some are speculating that this is just too passive of an approach and tantamount to a ‘well they’re gonna do it anyway’ approach.

Maria Serrano, who has a daughter that is a high school sophomore in Chicago, was highly critical of Chicago public schools simply handing out condoms to children when she spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times:

“My question is, ‘Oh my God, how is it that CPS wants to give condoms to kids?’They are 10 years old, 11, 12. They are kids. So why is CPS thinking about providing condoms?”

“Why not provide them information, and at the end give them the resource of a condom when they are prepared to use those resources they want to provide. For me, this isn’t the best option. They are doing things backwards.”

Breitbart contributor Andrew Pollack shared a tweet on the matter, rhetorically asking the following:

“Chicago will put free condoms in its elementary schools. What about taking on the gangs so children can walk to school without the fear of being shot instead?’

In a statement from Chicago Public Schools Press Secretary James Gherardi, he proclaimed that administering the likes of condoms to 10-year-olds was “age appropriate” and can help foster “more safe and meaningful relationships”:

“The science is clear: providing an age-appropriate, medically advised and supported, comprehensive sexual health education centered on social-emotional well-being, paired with access to contraceptives can lead to fewer unintended pregnancies, fewer Sexually Transmitted Infections (like HIV/AIDS), and more safe and meaningful relationships.”

What’s all the more concerning, according to Chicago Public Schools Press Secretary Gherardi’s statement sent to Newsweek, it seems that parents of these students getting ahold of condoms will likely be out of the know – as he said students can obtain these contraceptives “discreetly” from their schools:

“Our policy removes barriers to access for both contraceptives and menstruation products and ensures students can discreetly obtain products that they otherwise may not be able to afford or feel comfortable purchasing.”

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While schools in Chicago will be handing out condoms to prepubescent children later in 2021, roughly 20 miles away in Mount Prospect, Illinois, a school decided to remove a school resource officer for supporting her police department’s Thin Blue Line patch. 

Here’s that previous report from June. 


MOUNT PROSPECT, IL – A School Resource Officer (SRO) is speaking out after being dismissed by the school district for supporting the inclusion of the Thin Blue Line image on the Mount Prospect Police Department’s patch.

Mount Prospect officer Lisa Schaps told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday that she was fired as a school resource officer after sharing her “authentic” and “vulnerable” defense of the department’s thin blue line patch, which local residents claimed was “divisive.”

On June 15, Schaps, who served as a Mount Prospect officer for almost 15 years and most recently as the school resource officer at Prospect High School, told members of the school board at a public meeting that what she sees in the thin blue line flag displayed in the community:

“It is about support. I know that those people care about the police.”

She told the crowd that the patch created in 2017 was about support for law enforcement, not the oppression some have recently claimed:

“It was never about hate. It was never about oppression. That is never what it meant, and those were never our intentions.”

The former SRO added that people should not form opinions about the Mount Prospect Police Department based on what others have done:

“We are good people. We are here to serve and protect, and I think that if you judge us on the actions of a few bad officers or groups that have taken our flag and used that, it is no different than judging somebody on the color of their skin, on their religion, or on their sexual preferences.

“The way that we have seen people of color be treated by police officers, if you think that that doesn’t enrage us and anger us, then you are wrong because the men and women here in Mount Prospect do not treat our citizens that way.”

During her interview with Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt on Thursday, Schaps said that the school district objected to her comments and demanded she be replaced as the district’s SRO. When asked what the district claimed she said wrong, Schaps responded:

“They had mentioned that I compared being a police officer to being Black when I really didn’t say that. I said, ‘Please don’t judge us like you would judge somebody on the color of their skin or their religion or their sexual preference.’

“It was really about the judgment, and they just said that that was inappropriate.”

Schaps said the School District Board said she compared being a police officer to being black, but she explained she never said that. Schaps said her statement was really about judgment, but that the school district said her statement was inappropriate.

Mount Prospect Police Chief John Koziol appeared on the news program with Schaps to show support, something he also did during a meeting with Prospect High School Principal Greg Minter to advocate for her. He told the host that he was “floored” by the official’s reaction:

“We sat down with him (Minter), and he explained he and the district had received complaints and probably from these same people that have an objection to our patch, and I was giving him ideas on how to handle those calls; send them to the police department or the village.

It really wasn’t their fight to fight. And it basically got to the point where he says, ‘We’re past all that, we want a new SRO. We want Lisa gone.”

The chief said that he was the one to reach out to the media for help because he found that Minter “really believed in what he was doing.”

Chief Koziol said he was shocked:

“This small group of people has somehow got this much power to affect someone’s career, someone’s livelihood.”

The Chief said he had full faith in Schaps’ abilities as an SRO and would want her there if something happened:

“It’s been a job she’s always wanted. I know how much she does for those kids. If the wolf ever came to the door at that school, she is the momma bear you wanted there.”

Calling her removal “devastating” to her, the Chief said he is confident Schaps will continue to be an asset to the department:

“Here is a very strong, confident woman, which we want in all our police officers, and I saw her devastated in that meeting.”

Dave Berry, the interim communications supervisor for Township High School District 214, said in a statement:

“We did recommend the consideration of having a different officer assigned to this school in order for our focus to remain on our students.

“The school does not have the authority to fire or dismiss a School Resource Officer, so any assertion that the school terminated the School Resource Officer is not correct or accurate.”

Another officer also spoke out during the June 15 school board meeting in support of the Blue Line patch. Officer Chris Berg, a Mount Prospect police officer of more than 20 years, said the thin blue line represents a brother and sisterhood that honors “a police officer’s ultimate sacrifice: dying in the line of duty.”

Officer Berg said that the image has been “hijacked” by radical groups, but that does not change what the true meaning is to law enforcement:

“It’s not white supremacy. It’s not neo-Nazism. It does not represent hate. It is not a secret society.

“Most important, the representation of the thin blue line is for those who have given their lives in the line of duty.”


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