Report: Campground that kicked cop out over thin blue line flag accused of protecting ‘Peeping Tom’


RONDOUT VALLEY, NY – The Thousand Trails Rondout Valley campground we previously reported on that told a police veteran that thin blue line flags are not allowed to be flown on site was recently the site of a Peeping Tom incident inside their shower/bathroom areas.

And according to the victim, management at the campground were dismissive of her complaint and took down flyers she put up warning guests to be on the lookout for potential Peeping Toms.

A 33-year-old woman says she was the victim of a Peeping Tom while she was taking a shower at the Thousand Trails Rondout Valley campground on July 17th.

Amanda Gilman says she was washing her hair in the shower on the campgrounds when she noticed a camera poking out from the bottom partition from an adjacent stall:

“I went into the shower, and there was no one there at all. I started taking my shower and caught a glimpse of shoes coming into the stall by me… I just saw the shoes and I screamed. I screamed hysterically.”

Gilman says she contacted management on site to report the incident, which she says management initially responded with concern – but by the next day, became dismissive of the incident.

In a Facebook post from Gilman that detailed the incident and what transpired afterward, the following was written regarding the follow-up from Thousand Trails staff:

“The response by management the next day was beyond disgusting. I understand that I had very little in terms of identifying information to find the person responsible so my next concern became ‘what will be done to prevent this from happening again in the future’.

Crystal, the manager, could only repeat ‘we are not required to have cameras on the grounds.’ Mind you, there are cameras outside of EVERY bathhouse.”

Gilman’s post continued from there, noting that the facility has some cameras positioned in various areas that only live stream a feed and don’t record anything.

While Gilman was sharing her concerns with management about the incident and possible measures that could help deter these sorts of incidents, she was kicked out of the office by the manager:

“I was then kicked out of the office by Crystal for, in her words, ‘talking over her.’ She didn’t say yelling, threatening, cussing, no, the offense was daring to talk over her as she basically told me they won’t do anything to protect the guests.”

If the name “Crystal” sounds familiar, it is because this is the same Crystal featured in our earlier report regarding this same campground where she’d told a retired police veteran to leave the campground following a dispute over his thin blue line flag.

Gilman’s post went on to mention that she figured it would be smart to post up flyers warning guests that there’s a potential Peeping Tom somewhere on the campgrounds, however, Thousand Trails staff started throwing the flyers away wherever they were posted:

“I took it upon myself to start warning the women and children in the campground to be on guard, making a [flyer] as well to put in the bathrooms to let them know to take proper precautions and be on the lookout. Someone had to tell them to be careful. The staff promptly took down every single one and discarded them.”

One of Gilman’s concerns mentioned in her post was that whoever the Peeping Tom is, he could very well still be on the campgrounds and know that staff will do little to deter this sort of conduct on the grounds:

“If the offender is still here, if he does come back, he now knows there are no recording devices. He now knows that if the woman screams for 2+ minutes straight that no one will come and help her.

He now knows that the staff will close ranks and protect themselves and their establishment instead of doing the right thing.”

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As mentioned earlier, this is the same campground that had asked a retired police officer to remove his thin blue line flag from his campsite. 

We at Law Enforcement Today shared an update regarding that report, where Thousand Trails actually barred the retired officer from using his membership for sixty days following the incident. 

Here’s that previous report. 


RONDOUT VALLEY, NY – A former police officer that was informed that he wasn’t allowed to fly a thin blue line flag at a Thousand Trails RV campground in Rondout Valley earlier in July has received notice that his membership with Thousand Trails has been suspended for 60 days.

The rationale behind the suspended membership, according to the notice the former officer received, was for “abusive or disruptive behavior”.

As we previously reported here at Law Enforcement Today, former police officer Eric Reynolds was staying at the Thousand Trails RV campground in Rondout Valley on July 6th when he was approached by a campground staff member regarding a thin blue line flag hung on his campsite.

The staff member informed Reynolds that his manager, Crystal, sent him over to request that the flag be taken down, adding that this was some form of policy that corporate was pushing to have enforced.

Reynolds became incensed over the request, mentioning that he’s a retired police officer that suffered an injury in the line of duty. During the exchange with the staff member, Reynolds did drop a couple of expletives directed toward the campground employee:

“That flag represents my brothers and sisters, and they’re going to send some piece of shit over here to ask me to take my fucking flag down.”

The manager who sent the employee over, Crystal, eventually came and spoke with Reynolds over the matter. Crystal reiterated that the thin blue line flag falls under some corporate policy that forbids “modified American flags” from being flown on the campgrounds.

Also, during the exchange between Reynolds and Crystal, the campground manager said that Reynolds was “belligerent to staff” and that “there’s no reason to curse at somebody else who is trying to do his job.”

While the exchange ended with Crystal informing Reynolds that he needed to leave the campground immediately, Reynolds wound up complying with the flag mandate and stayed at the campground for roughly an additional week following the encounter.

On July 19th, five days after Reynolds had already left the campground without further incident or conflict with staff, Reynolds was informed by Thousand Trails that his membership is suspended for 60 days – meaning he’s banned from all the company’s campgrounds during the suspension.

The notice Reynolds was sent reads as follows:

“Dear Mr. Reynolds, I am in receipt of an incident report from our Rondout valley RV Resort Preserve which outlines a member rule violation that took place on July 6, 2021. Our review of this incident found a violation of the following provision of your membership: Rule 6n.”

“We will not tolerate abusive or disruptive behavior whether directed at preserve management, staff or other persons. Please consider this letter as notification of the Rule 6n (abusive or disruptive behavior) violation which occurred during your stay at Rondout Valley RV Resort Preserve.”

“Due to the nature of this incident, your membership has been suspended for 60 days, from 2021-07-19 through 2021-09-17 for this member rule violation.”

Based upon citation of “abusive and disruptive behavior” and mentioning of it being directed at either “preserve management” or “staff”, it appears that the suspension is referring to the expletives directed at the campground employee.

We at Law Enforcement Today spoke with Reynolds about the suspension, and he drew the same conclusion as well. However, he did have some positive news to share in all this.

While Thousand Trails won’t allow Reynolds back for two months, other campgrounds have been more than welcoming to him and his thin blue line flag.

The folks over at Spruce Row Campground & RV Park in Ithaca, New York invited Reynolds over to their park, with Reynolds writing the following on Facebook after receiving the invite from the campground:

“With my 60 Day Suspension From Tiolet Trails, I would like to thank Scott Sherwood and Hunter Sherwood. They invited my family to their Spruce Row Campsite in Ithaca, NY tomorrow for the next week.”

“Beautiful place and a place I can Fly My Thin Blue Line Flag! Thank you Scott and Hunter. We have three more invites as well to hang in the Upsate NY area. More to come on those locations soon.”


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