In huge blow to anti-gun activists, it’s revealed that Boulder gunman passed background check at retail gun store


BOULDER, CO– According to the the New York Post, the store where the Colorado supermarket massacre suspect bought his firearm stated that the sale was lawful after he passed the background check.

The suspect, since identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, reportedly bought his AR-15 style Ruger AR-556 at the Eagles Nest Armory in Arvada, Colorado, which is roughly 20 miles outside of Boulder. 

The store’s owner, John Mark Eagleton, said that the accused gunman passed a background check before purchasing the firearm. The full statement from Eagles Nest Armory is below:

“We are absolutely shocked by what happened and our hearts are broken for the victims and families that are left behind. Ensuring every sale that occurs at our shop is lawful has always been and always will remain the highest priority of our business.”

The statement added:

“Regarding the firearm in question, a background check of the purchaser was conducted as required by Colorado law and approval for sale was provided by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. We have and will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement as their investigation continues.”

The gunman opened fire in a Boulder grocery store on Monday, March 22nd, killing 10 people including officer Eric Talley, a 10-year veteran of the Boulder Police Department.

Immediately following the massacre Democrats began calling for background check gun control, including President’s Biden’s call for H.R. 8, which is a universal background check legislation to be passed by the Senate.

However, as Breitbart News pointed out, Colorado already has universal background checks and has had them since 2013. Meaning that every gun sale in Colorado, private or retail, requires a background check. 

Alissa reportedly bought a Ruger AR-15 variant six days before carrying out the attack. Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty and Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold stated that they are still trying to learn what drove Alissa to open fire in a supermarket. In a briefing, Herold said:

“Like the rest of the community, we want to know why. Why the King Soopers, why Boulder, why Monday, and unfortunately we don’t have those answers. It will be something haunting for all of us until we figure that out.”

Based off the information at hand from the owner of the retail store the gunman purchased the firearm at and the fact that Colorado has had universal background checks since 2013, the Boulder attacker is simply the latest of high profile shooters to acquire his firearm by cooperating with the Democrat’s go-to gun controls.

Below is a list of other mass shooting attackers who acquired their guns via background checks at retail:

Atlanta-area gunman (March 16, 2021);
Parkland high school gunman (February 14, 2018);
Texas church gunman (November 5, 2017);
Las Vegas gunman (October 1, 2017);
Alexandria gunman (June 14, 2017);
Orlando Pulse Nightclub gunman (June 12, 1016);
UCLA gunman (June 1, 2016);
San Bernardino gunmen (December 2, 2016);
Umpqua Community College gunman (October 1, 2015);
Alison Park’s gunman (August 26, 2015);
Lafayette movie theater gunman (July 23, 2015);
Chattanooga gunman (Jule 16, 2015);
Emanuel African Methodist Methodist Episcopal gunman (June 17, 2015);
Muhammad Carton Contest gunmen (May 3, 2014):
Las Vegas cop killers (June 9, 2015);
Santa Barbara gunman (May 23, 2014);
Fort Hood gunman (April 2, 2014);
Arapahoe High School gunman (December 13, 2013);
D.C. Navy Yard gunman (September 16, 2013);
Aurora movie theater gunman (July 20, 2012);
Gabby Giffords’ gunman (January 8, 2011);
Fort Hood gunman (November 5, 2009);
Northern Illinois University gunman (February 14, 2008); and
Virginia Tech gunman (April 167, 2007).

Alissa, who made his first court appearance on Thursday, March 25th, has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and single count of attempted murder. Dougherty said the suspect would face further attempted-murder charges in the coming weeks.

Gabby Giffords’ gun control group steadily claims that:

“Universal background checks are essential to close deadly loopholes in our laws that allow millions of guns to end up in the hands of individuals at an elevated risk of committing violence each year.”

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Despite Democrats pushing for universal background checks, report shows they do little to stop mass shootings 

March 26th, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC- “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

As mass shootings continue to be a weekly occurrence in cities like Chicago, they just don’t get the attention that events such as what happened in Georgia last week or in Boulder, Colorado this week do.

Why? Because black on black crime occurring in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and other large cities doesn’t fit the narrative. On cue, Democrats politicized the horrific shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, and along with it their cattle call for “stricter gun control.”

Gun grabbers wasted no time in once again demanding universal background checks, despite the fact that years of data have proven that such checks would do nothing to stop mass shootings such as these.

After the most recent shooting, Joe Biden once again started spouting off, calling on Congress to “close the loopholes in our background check system,” and address what is referred to as the so-called “Charleston loophole,” which allows someone to still purchase a firearm without a background check if the FBI fails to process the check within three days of receiving it.

Two bills which Biden specifically asked the United States Senate to approve two recent bills passed in the House, including H.R. 8, which “prohibits a firearm transfer between private parties” without a background check, as well as H.R. 1446, which would address the aforementioned loophole by increasing the waiting time from three days to 20.

However, a review of major mass shootings that have occurred over the past several years has shown that such policies would have had a negligible effect on such incidents.

The New York Times conducted a review of nearly 20 mass shootings and discovered that “a vast majority of guns used [in those shootings] were bought legally and with a federal background check.”

The Times noted that only a small handful of shooters on the list had been able to obtain firearms without passing federal background checks.

For example the white supremacist who shot up a black church in 2015 in Charleston, S.C., killing nine people had purchased his gun after the FBI failed to conduct his background check in a timely manner (hence, the name “Charleston loophole”). Likewise, a shooter who similarly committed a mass murder in Binghamton, New York in 2009 obtained his gun in the same manner.

One of the most widely referenced mass shootings, the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012, occurred after the shooter killed his mother and stole her guns. Those firearms had been legally purchased by the mother.

In El Paso, Texas, the Walmart shooter claimed he purchased the gun online via a local dealer, which would have also required him submitting to a background check before he took possession of it.

The 2016 shooting at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida—the second deadliest such incident in U.S. history—was also carried out with a gun purchased subject to a background check.

Finally, the worst mass shooting in American history, the deadly concert shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 was carried out by a man who had passed multiple background checks and had purchased numerous guns (although full disclosure it isn’t known if the guns used in the shooting itself were purchased subject to background checks).

It is unclear exactly how many mass shootings have occurred without shooters having been subjected to a background checks.

One anti-gun group, “Brady: United Against Gun Violence” which has been active in the U.S. for decades claims on its website that “over the last decade, 1 in 3 mass shooters were legally prohibited from possessing firearms at the time of the shooting.”

Of course “mass shooting” is subject to definition. Many mass shootings occur in gang violence situations, where most guns are stolen firearms, and of course being in possession of a stolen firearm is already illegal.

The Brady website doesn’t specify on its website if the shooters in those alleged “mass shootings” legally passed a background check, but only claims that so-called “loopholes in the current system…allow these prohibited purchasers to gain access to firearms.”

Gun control zealots fail to realize that people who were “prohibited from possessing firearms” were already breaking established law by the mere fact that they purchased such weapons. Would one or two or ten additional laws stop such purchases?

For example, many illegal gun sales in the U.S. already occur in the form of “straw purchases,” which means prohibited buyers ask third parties to purchase firearms on their behalf to skirt background checks.

Law enforcement already targets straw purchasers for prosecution. Earlier this month, the Justice Department announced they had arrested a Chicago woman who had allegedly purchased several handguns for another individual.

Universal background checks tend to be among the least controversial of gun grabbing measures proposed by the gun control crowd, however supporting them can come at significant political cost.

In Colorado, two state politicians—Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron—were both recalled due to both of them supporting a series of gun control measures in the state, one of which included an expanded background check law.

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Law Enforcement Today recently reported on a number of “woke” companies which are advocating for gun control. For more on that, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, DC — Former Arizona Democratic lawmaker Gabrielle (Gabby) Giffords and shooting victim launched a new advocacy group on Thursday where she connected with corporations such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lyft and Postmates to promote gun control laws.

The “Giffords Impact Network” says it intends “to leverage corporate brand-power and resources” to enact greater restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

In a tweet mentioning its corporate allies, Giffords Impact Network said it intends to “engage more companies” to spread the gun control message.

The businesses listed as “founding partners” include retailer Dick’s; clothing companies TOMS, Kenneth Cole and Levi Strauss; financial institutions Amalgamated Bank and Mesirow; gig-worker services Lyft and Postmates; and New York healthcare company Northwell Health.

Giffords spoke about her partnership with the various businesses:

“Gun safety isn’t a partisan issue — it’s on all of us to take a stand. Even when legislation stalled in Congress, American businesses stepped up to fight gun violence — not just with words but with actions.

 “This year, Giffords will help companies take next steps to engage with their employees and customers as we continue the work to keep our kids and communities safe.”

Giffords, who married now-Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in 2007, is rallying behind Sen. Chris Murphy’s (D-CT) push to expand background checks for gun purchasers from retail-only to private sales as well.

The former House Representative was shot and wounded Jan. 8, 2011, by an attacker in Tucson, Arizona, who acquired his gun at a retail store after passing a background check.

The shooting of Giffords changed her life. She endured a traumatic brain injury, which resulted in severe aphasia (difficulty speaking) and paralysis in her right arm and leg, and lost some peripheral vision.

A decade ago on the morning of Jan. 8, Rep. Giffords had invited constituents to meet her at a Safeway supermarket for a casual, meet-your-congresswoman gathering, where anyone could stop and ask questions, offer comments and shake hands.

Minutes into the event, a gunman, Jared Loughner, was intent on killing Giffords and fired into the crowd. He killed six people and wounded 13 others, including Giffords, who was shot in the head.

Loughner was tackled at the scene and arrested. He later pleaded guilty in the attack, and in November 2012 was sentenced to life in prison.

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Earlier this year, Giffords wrote an op-ed for The New York Times just two days after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building. She wrote about the fear she felt as the riot unfolded and connected it with the way her husband felt a decade ago after learning Giffords was shot:

“Ten years ago today I went to meet with my constituents in front of a grocery store in Tucson, Ariz. I was a young congresswoman, just sworn in for a third term; it had been a long and hard campaign in a charged national environment.

“Soon after I arrived that morning, a gunman opened fire. He shot me in the head at close range. Eighteen other people were shot that morning. Six died.

“What’s it like to survive in a world forever changed? How do you grieve what is lost, but move on with determination? How do you reckon with your country in a new way?

“These are timely questions for Americans these days. We have endured a lot over the last year, and our hard times aren’t over. Just two days ago an angry mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, encouraged by the president.

“I worried as I waited to hear if my husband, Senator Mark Kelly, and his staff were safe as they sheltered in place.

“The fear I felt as I waited was a terrifying echo of the fear he endured exactly a decade ago this week. It echoed the dread that millions of parents have experienced when they have received reports of school lockdowns and neighborhood shootings.

“This time that fear was shared by the families of so many elected officials and their teams and Capitol staff as the world watched while the walls of Congress were breached.”

Giffords told The List:

“I’ve known the darkest of days. Days of pain and uncertain recovery. But confronted by despair, I’ve summoned hope. My recovery is a daily fight but fighting makes me stronger. Words once came easily. Today I struggle to speak.”

Kelly is a former Navy pilot and a now-retired astronaut. When he was working for NASA, he was in Houston training for his next mission on the day his wife was shot. Kelly immediately got on a plane to be with his wife and told Parade:

“Ninety percent of people who suffer that kind of wound don’t survive, and the ones that do typically never get out of bed again.”

Giffords recovered, and Kelly went back into space four months later. Giffords has tried to remain optimistic and told Parade:

“Instead of focusing on the things that I can’t do, I’ve tried to focus on the things that I can do and live without limits. I have a mean left hook!”

After the shooting, there were funerals, a presidential visit, moments of silence, memorial walks and runs, benefit concerts and candlelight vigils. There were calls for unity and civil discussion about mental health issues.

There was little talk about guns.

But in the months and years that followed, one shooting after another killed more Americans in Aurora, Newtown, Orlando, Parkland, Las Vegas and El Paso.

In the days after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Giffords and her husband decided they could no longer remain silent. Together they formed an activist anti-gun organization and went after the National Rifle Association.

The effort turned out to be a two-edged sword however.

As survivors, they were treated with sympathy and goodwill, but as activists, they also drew criticism and hostility.

In her op-ed, Giffords wrote she supported President Joe Biden because he has the “vision for a safer, stronger America.”

However, Andrew Pollack, whose daughter, Meadow, died in 2018 during a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, had a different perspective.

Pollack has advocated to arm school personnel to combat active shooters and wrote the book, “Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students.”

In an op-ed that was published in Breitbart last October, Pollack expressed concern about Biden promoting “restorative justice” policies, which could contribute to creating deadly situations, such as school shootings:

“Broward County was ground zero for these ‘restorative justice’ policies that got rid of consequences and let dangerous behavior run wild because school bureaucrats thought it was the way to fight ‘systemic racism.’

“The Obama administration took Broward’s policies and coerced school districts serving millions of students across the country to adopt them. President Trump put an end to that, but if Biden is elected, the dangerous policies that caused Parkland will be forced into your kids’ school. 

“But the danger goes beyond just those discipline policies. The ideology behind these policies – and behind the Broward school district’s behavior – is a politically correct cancer known as ‘Critical Race Theory’ or ‘anti-racism.’

“The logic, if you can call it that, goes like this: ‘We are fighting racism. Anyone who disagrees with us, therefore, is racist. And racists are evil.’ 

“President Trump has promised to put an end to indoctrination through Critical Race Theory. But if Biden is elected, it will almost certainly become a mandatory feature of American public education.

“If Biden is elected president, your children will be less safe in school. They will be taught Black Lives Matter ideology. And your kids’ teachers will be trained to understand any objection that you have to anything that they do is a sign that you are a white supremacist.

“And if your kid ends up getting murdered in school, and you have a problem with it, they’ll attack you.”

Fred Guttenberg, a father who also lost his daughter, Jaime, during the Parkland shooting, noted:

“I’ve been with important political people and media people, and I shouldn’t be with any of them. But I lost my daughter and I don’t know what else to do now but fight for her memory.”

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