Senate Report: Bidens purchased $100K of ‘extravagant items’ with China-linked credit cards


WASHINGTON D.C. – The recently publicized 87-page report by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and Senate Finance Committee explicitly details various cases in which Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden has deep ties to the Chinese communist government as well as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

According to reports, the Senate stated that in one specific instance, back on September 8, 2017, Hunter Biden and Chinese national Gongwen Gong, who has ties to the Chinese communist government, opened a bank account to fund a more than $100,000 “global spending spree” for members of the Biden family.

The report specifically stated:

“Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong, a Chinese national who has reportedly executed transactions for limited liability companies controlled by Ye Jianming, applied to a bank and opened a line of credit under the business name Hudson West III LLC (Hudson West III)”

The report continued:

“Hunter Biden, James, Biden, and James Biden’s wife, Sara Biden, were all authorized users of credit cards associated with the account. The Biden’s subsequently used the credit cards they opened to purchase $101,291.46 worth of extravagant items, including airline tickets and multiple items at Apple Inc. stores, pharmacies, hotels, and restaurants.”

The report said:

“The cards were collateralized by transferring $99,000 from a Hudson West III account to a separate account, where the funds were held until the cards were closed. The transaction was identified for potential financial criminal activity.”

Allegedly, the report also stated that Hunter Biden held one of the credit cards while James Biden and Sara Biden, Hunter’s brother and sister-in-law, held three of the cards.

The in-depth Senate report also states that Hudson West III, LLC was first incorporated on April 19, 2016, more than one year before the China-linked line of credit was opened to fund the extravagant purchases by the Biden’s.

The Senate reported that Hudson West III LLC had a number of business dealings with companies and Chinese nationals linked to Chinese communist government. The report stated:

“On August 8, 2017, CEFC Infrastructure Investment wired $5 million to the bank account for Hudson West III. These funds may have originated from a loan issued from the account of a company called Northern International Capital Holdings, a Hong-Kong based investment company identified at one time as a ‘substantial shareholder’ in CEFC International Limited along with Ye.”

The report added:

“It is unclear whether Hunter Biden was half-owner of Hudson West III at that time, however, starting on August 8th, the same day the $5 million was received, and continuing through September 25, 2018, Hudson West III sent frequent payments to Owasco, Hunter Biden’s firm. These payments were described as consulting fees, reaching $4,790,375.25 in just over a year.”

The Senate report also accuses Hunter Biden of paying Russian and Eastern European women who are linked to prostitution or a human trafficking ring.

The report also notes that the Obama administration was aware of, but did nothing about the “conflict of interest” that was created when Hunter was appointed to the board of Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian fossil fuel company.

Hunter was never interviewed nor qualified to be a part of that board. 

The report noted that the then-vice president, Joe Biden, was made aware of the conflicts of interest that Hunter’s Ukrainian role entailed, as was then-Secretary of State John Kerry:

“Former Secretary Kerry’s December 2019 denial of having any knowledge about Hunter Biden or Burisma is inconsistent with the evidence uncovered by the Committees. Kerry was briefed about Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Heinz the day after Burisma announced Hunter Biden joined its board.”

“Additionally, Secretary Kerry’s senior advisor sent him press clips and articles relating to Hunter Biden’s board membership. This appears to be yet another example of high-ranking Obama administration officials blatantly ignoring Hunter Biden’s association with Burisma.”

Hunter spoke during the Democratic National Convention, declaring that his father would be an “honest” president. Yet, the Senate report very clearly concluded that:

“The records acquired by the Committees show that Hunter Biden and his family were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe.

Hunter Biden and Archer, in particular, formed significant and consistent financial relationships with the corrupt oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky during their time working for Burisma and their firms made millions of dollars form that association while Joe Biden was vice president and the public face of the Obama administrations’s Ukraine policy.”

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In a recent report, Senate Republicans revealed that Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia.

The 87-page report, which was made public, shows that Rosemont Seneca Thorton, LLC, a firm that Biden incorporated with his longtime business associate Devon Archer in May 2013, had a previously known relationship with Baturina.

According to bank documents reviewed by the Homeland Security, Baturina wired $3.5 million to a bank account controlled by Rosemont Seneca Thorton as part of a “consultancy agreement.”

Allegedly, at the time of the transfer, Baturina was living in the United Kingdom with her late husband, Yuri Luzhkov.

Luzhkov was a one-time mayor of Moscow who was dismissed from public office by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev as part of a public corruption probe. In particular, Luzhkov was accused of using his office to approve more than 20 real estate projects linked to Baturina’s business interests.

The Homeland Security Committee noted that:

“In addition, a Russian investigation led to a criminal case against the former head of the Bank of Moscow, Andrey Borodin, who allegedly used money from the Moscow City Budget to lend money to shell companies, which ultimately transferred $443 million to Baturina.”

Luzhkov’s alleged gift was seemingly substantial enough to help propel Baturina into the ranks of Russia’s wealthy elite, with Forbes reporting that her estimated net worth was $1.3 billion back in 2019.

This fortune was large enough to qualify her as Russia’s richest woman and the country’s most powerful “female oligarch.”

In providing background on the businesswoman, the report said:

“Baturina became Russia’s only female billionaire when her plastics company, Inteko, received a series of Moscow municipal contracts while her husband was mayor.”

The report described her involvement with Biden as “a financial relationship,” but declined to delve deeper into why the wire transfer was made. The nature of the “agreement” with Rosemont Seneca Thorton remains unclear.

The Homeland Security Committee’s report stems from an investigation into Biden’s ties to Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate whose own founder has been accused of public corruption, embezzlement, and bribery.

Biden served on the company’s board of directors between 2014 and 2019, earning somewhere in the range of $83,000 per month. Allegedly, Biden received appointment to the company’s board despite no background in either Eastern Europe or the energy sector.

Biden was only appointed shortly after his father, former vice president Joe Biden, was tapped to lead the Obama administration’s policy toward Ukraine back in April 2014.

The probe also found that Baturina sent 11 wire transfers between May and December 2015 to a bank account belonging to BAK USA, a tech startup that filed for bankruptcy in March 2019. Allegedly, nine of those 11 wire transfers were first sent to Rosemone Seneca Partners, the investment firm founded by Biden and Chris Heinz.

Heinz is the stepson of former Secretary of State, John Kerry. After that transfer, the money was then wired to BAK USA. All 11 transactions described the payments as “load agreement” in the details section. The report reads:

“Between May 6, 2015 and Dec. 8, 2015, Baturina sent 11 wires in the amount of $391,968.21 to a bank account belonging to BAK USA LLC (BAK USA). Nine of the 11 transactions, totaling $241,797.14 were sent from Baturina’s accounts to a Rosemont Seneca Thorton bank account, which then transferred the money to BAK USA.”

The report also states that the Obama White House knew that Hunter’s position prevented the “efficient execution of policy” with respect to Ukraine, but that attempts by officials to raise alarms, fell on “deaf ears.”

It is also alleged that Hunter formed “significant and consistent financial relationships” with the founder of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky and that his business partner, Devon Archer’s firms made “millions of dollars from that association” while his father was vice president.

The committee also shared that they obtained records from the U.S. Treasury Department that show “potential criminal activity” relating to transactions among and between Hunter Biden, his family, and his associates with Ukraine, Russia, Kazakh, and Chinese nationals. The report added:

“The records also note that some of these transactions are linked to what appears to be an Eastern European prostitution trafficking ring.”

The probe and report’s commission were overseen by Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Rob Johnson (R-WI) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). 

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Here is another article from Law Enforcement Today about Russia and their possible influence on past elections:

WASHINGTON D.C.- Republicans are not letting go of the Russia collusion debacle.

On Thursday, Republican senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding the FBI produce “all records” from the agency’s Russia collusion investigation, Breitbart News is reporting.

In the letter sent to Wray, the senators who pressured the Department of Justice previously to declassify footnotes from the December 2019 DOJ inspector general’s report about the FBI’s Russian collusion investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign, code-named “Crossfire Hurricane,” are looking for everything related to the investigation.

Law Enforcement Today reported last week that footnotes from the investigation were released and showed a disturbing lack of truthfulness in the investigation, with many details purposely left out of the investigation.

That report is found below under “digging deeper.” 

According to the footnote disclosures, the FBI may have indeed assisted election interference by the Russians by relying on a dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, which was funded in part by the campaign of Hillary Clinton, as well as the Democratic National Committee.

The footnotes indicated that the investigators were aware that the dossier likely contained deliberate Russian disinformation, planted in order to sway the direction of the investigation. So, in fact, the dossier which served to inspire the FBI collusion investigation and the subsequent Mueller report was based on Russian lies.

Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are seeking the following information from Wray:

  1. All intelligence records (reporting products, memoranda, etc.), foreign or domestic, received or reviewed by the Crossfire Hurricane team. For any such intelligence record no longer in FBI’s possession, please identify the record, the entity that provided the record, and the date of FBI’s review.
  2. All FBI records…addressing these intelligence products.
  3. A list of all intelligence records requested but not received or reviewed by the Crossfire Hurricane team.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI denies that it was manipulated, telling the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, that the bureau had evaluated and brushed off the notion that it had somehow been manipulated.

In referring to the declassified footnotes, Grassley and Johnson wrote:

They reveal disturbing facts about the FBI’s investigation: the Crossfire Hurricane team’s investigative file included at least two intelligence reports stating that key parts of the reporting from Christopher Steele—reporting that “played a central and essential role” in the decision to request FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] orders [to spy on the Trump campaign]—were part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

The information in the now-declassified footnotes also directly contradicts statements provided by FBI officials in the OIG [office of the inspector general] report…We are deeply troubled by the Crossfire Hurricane team’s awareness of and apparent indifference to Russian disinformation, as well as by the grossly inaccurate statements by the FBI official in charge of the investigation and its supervisory intelligence analyst.

Because these facts show the intention, means, and ability to plant Russian disinformation in Steele’s reporting, they suggest that the prevalence of such disinformation in the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation may have been widespread.

The investigation into President Trump’s campaign began during the Obama administration, while the FBI was led by James Comey. The investigation which seemingly didn’t find Russian collusion that would have benefited the Trump campaign continued into the current administration.

When the Mueller report, officially called the “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election,”  was released a year ago  on April 18, 2019, it barely mentioned the Steele dossier whatsoever.

To look back on what we reported on regarding the declassified footnotes:


More information has been discovered that indicates the FBI was aware of Russian disinformation in the Steele dossier, which was used to obtain FISA surveillance warrants in the alleged “Russia collusion” that led to the Mueller investigation, CBS News and other sources are reporting.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

So basically, we went through an over two year circus for absolutely nothing. 

Newly declassified footnotes from a government watchdog report show that the FBI was warned that sections of the dossier may have been part of a “Russian disinformation campaign to denigrate U.S. foreign relations.”

Investigative reporter John Solomon said that the revelations were contained in footnotes that had been originally redacted from IG Michael Horowitz’s December report on FBI failures in the Russia case. That information has been provided to two separate Senate committees over the past few days.

In the report, Horowitz found “the FBI did not have information corroborating the specific allegations against Carter Page in Steele’s reporting when it relied upon his reports in the first FISA application or subsequent renewal applications.”

Solomon notes that in one case, the footnote “highlights a glaring misstep early in the Russia case.” While looking at the case, Solomon noted that officials neglected to review the intelligence control file for Steele.

For those unfamiliar with the case or who may have been living under a rock, Christopher Steele is a former MI6 agent for British intelligence, and who approached the FBI with unverified allegations about then-candidate Donald Trump.

It later came out that Steele was hired by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to conduct opposition research on the Trump campaign.

In December, Horowitz, the Inspector General for the Justice Department, released the results of his probe. The investigation was looking into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as the basis for four FBI surveillance warrants for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Although Horowitz said that the FBI was justified in launching the investigation, he found 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions” in the FBI’s applications for FISA warrants.

Failure to check intelligence control files is unusual in a counterintelligence investigation involving an informant, officials told Solomon.

The footnote in question notes that an FBI intelligence analyst, as well as a supervisory special agent working on the probe, designated Crossfire Hurricane stated they “did not recall reviewing information in Steele’s Delta file documenting Steele’s frequent contacts with representatives for multiple Russian oligarchs in 2015.”

“In addition to the information in Steele’s Delta file documenting Steele’s frequent contacts with representatives for multiple Russian oligarchs, we identified reporting the Crossfire Hurricane team received [redacted] indicating the potential for Russia disinformation influencing Steele’s election reporting,” according to a second footnote.

The footnote said:

“A [redacted] 2017 report relayed information from [redacted] outlining an inaccuracy in a limited subset of Steele’s reporting about the activities of [former Trump lawyer] Michael Cohen.

The [redacted] stated that it did not have high confidence in this subset of Steele’s reporting and assessed that the referenced subset was part of a Russian disinformation campaign to denigrate U.S. foreign relations.”

Additionally the same footnote states that in a separate report to the FBI dated in 2017, it “contained information…that the public reporting about the details of Trump’s [REDACTED] activities in Moscow during a trip in 2013 were false, and that they were the product of RIS ‘infiltrat[ing] a source into the network’ of a [REDACTED} who compiled a dossier of information on Trump’s activities.” RIS is an acronym for Russian intelligence services.

So, what does all of this prove? Well if nothing else it shows that there was some doubt as to the Russia dossier when the FBI first became aware of it, and as Solomon says “during the time it was used to support FISA surveillance warrants targeting the Trump campaign in late 2016 and 2017.”

CBS noted that when Horowitz released his findings in December, U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is conducting a much broader investigation disputed some of those findings, saying “we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.”

The footnotes that were redacted in Horowitz’s report caught the attention of Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, who pushed for the declassification of four footnotes related to the Steele dossier. More formally known as the “dossier,” it is basically a collection of notes compiled by Steele in conducting opposition research on the Trump campaign.

According to CBS News, the footnote numbered “302” is related to FBI efforts to verify information contained in the dossier.

“According to a document circulated among Crossfire Hurricane team members and supervisors in early October 2016, Person 1 had historical contact with persons and entities suspected of being linked to RIS (Russian Intel)…

In addition, in late December 2016, Department Attorney Bruce Ohr told SSA 1 that he had met with Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) and that Simpson had assessed that Person 1 was a RIS (Russian Intel) officer who was central in connecting Trump to Russia.”

In a letter to Grassley and Johnson, Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd wrote that the “fourth and final footnote presents unique and significant concerns.

Specifically, the redacted information refers to information received by a member of the Crossfire Hurricane team regarding possible previous attempts by a foreign government to penetrate and research a company or individuals associated with Christopher Steele.”

While the FBI declined to comment on the declassified footnotes, they had said in an earlier statement of the ongoing audit into the bureau’s surveillance applications to the FISC:

“The FBI and NSD’s filing with the FISC provides the Court with an update regarding some of the corrective actions that the FBI has made and continues to make to its FISA processes. These steps are part of the 40-plus corrective actions that Director Wray ordered in December 2019.

The FBI remains confident that these corrective actions will address the errors identified in earlier FISA applications that the IG reviewed in connection with its recent Woods Procedures audit as well as ids review of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.”

“Consistent with our duty of candor to the Court and our responsibilities to the American people, we will continue updating the FISC and the Department of Justice to ensure that our corrective steps are implemented in a timely manner, and that our FISA authorities are exercised responsibly,” the statement said.

Johnson and Grassley said that the information which was held back by the FBI for two years confirms that the Russia collusion probe was fatally flawed from the beginning and covered up by a false narrative that was driven by leaks to the news media.

“For years the public was fed a healthy diet of leaks, innuendo and false information to imply that President Trump and his campaign were part of a Russian conspiracy to spread disinformation,” the senators said. “The FBI’s blind pursuit of the investigation, despite exculpatory and contradictory information only legitimized the narrative.”

“The mounting evidence undercutting this narrative should have stopped the investigation early in its tracks. Instead, it took several years and millions in taxpayer dollars to conclude the allegations were baseless.”

We are still waiting to hear apologies from Democrats such as Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Chris Murphy and others. We won’t hold our breath.

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