Report: Biden diverting funds from Americans to give free hotel rooms to illegal immigrants


UNITED STATES– It is well known at this point that illegal immigrants have taken Biden’s open door policy literally, and are flooding the United States in droves. 

While migrants are here seeking sanctuary, American citizens are the ones paying to house them.

Now, a group of House Republicans are asking just how much money is being taken away from U.S. taxpayers in order to foot this the bill to house and transport all of these illegal immigrants. 

Law Enforcement Today reported that earlier this year, it was notable that under the Biden administration the National Guard was forced to sleep in a Washington, D.C. parking garage during freezing winter temperatures.

More recently, homeless citizens were allegedly booted out of a shelter so illegal migrants, many infected with coronavirus, could move in.

Additionally, many migrants were placed in several hotels located near the borders in Texas and Arizona, with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reportedly paying up to $99 per night for rooms.


In a letter to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra, ten House Republicans — including Reps. Byron Donalds (R-FL) and Andy Biggs (R-AZ) — are asking the administration to disclose how many billions in taxpayer money it is using to provide border crossers with public services like hotel rooms and transportation, Breitbart reported.

The House Republicans wrote in part:

“… we are deeply concerned about reports that the Department of Health and Human Services has diverted more than $2 billion that Congress appropriated for COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus]-related health initiatives toward covering the cost of housing and transportation of unaccompanied immigrant children.

Every child on earth deserves dignity and a safe place to live and grow, but it is the Biden administration’s policies that are encouraging children to make the dangerous trek to our southern border.

This must end for the safety and security of these migrant children, the lives of whom your administration’s policies are putting at risk each and every day. [Emphasis added]

“It is further disheartening to hear that the Biden administration has been awarding contracts to put up migrant families in hotel rooms and move them around the country on buses and commercial airplanes, as some of us have witnessed when flying domestically.

Our frustration is further exacerbated by the aforementioned misguided decision to divert billions of dollars away from helping Americans deal with COVID-19 so that illegal aliens can rest in hotels, courtesy of the taxes you have taken from American workers.”

As part of the Biden administration’s expansive Catch and Release operation, tens of thousands of border crossers set for release into the U.S. stay in migrant hotels before being flown into the nation’s interior on commercial flights.

According to Breitbart, the Biden administration has plans to open another migrant hotel in Yuma, Arizona, which the nonprofit Endeavors will coordinate.

The migrant hotel in Yuma would be one of the many migrant hotels funded by an $86 million operation the Biden administration has set up with American taxpayer funds.

Recently, Law Enforcement Today reported that in southern California, the Biden administration and the state have entered into an arrangement with these agencies to provide hotel rooms costing $71 to $90 per night to illegal aliens free of charge.

The administration, according to the report, has similar schemes set up in Arizona and Texas, costing American taxpayers $86 million, or $72,000 per border crosser.

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Here is a report Law Enforcement Today brought you in February about Biden’s initial plans to house immigrants. 

SAN DIEGO, CA- As Americans continue to have restrictions placed on things such as dining out, attending sports events and travel, some people are enjoying opulent hotel rooms on the dime of the same Americans.

These people include homeless drug addicts in San Francisco, and now the New York Times is reporting that illegal border crossers from Mexico are being put up in high-rise hotels in Southern California, according to Breitbart News.

As Biden’s administration again implements the Obama era border “strategy” of catch and release—where illegals crossing the border are freed to go about the United States while awaiting either asylum or immigration hearings—many of these illegals are being put up in hotels to “quarantine” until they are released.

Breitbart notes that in Texas, illegal border crossers don’t have to quarantine before being released into the country.

According to the New York Times:

To guard against the coronavirus, health authorities in San Diego have arranged housing for hundreds of arriving migrants in a downtown high-rise hotel, where they are quarantined before being allowed to join family or friends in the interior of the United States. [Emphasis added]

Health authorities in San Diego have ruled that those crossing into California must remain at the hotel for 10 days before being allowed to go onward. There is no similar quarantine requirement in Texas for migrants who arrive with no coronavirus symptoms, according to volunteers working with the migrants; there, they said, those released by Border Patrol are being allowed to board buses and travel to other destinations. [Emphasis added]

In San Diego, more hotels were being lined up to take in migrants, said Ms. Clark of Jewish Family Service. “We are going to need more federal resources,” she said. [Emphasis added]

The report from the Times is the first indicator that Biden’s virtual “open border” policies are having an impact on the numbers entering the US, in particular those who are being released into the country despite the pandemic.

 Ironically, people entering the country legally via airlines must have a negative COVID test within three days prior to entering the country, and as second negative COVID test within three days afterward. Also, they must quarantine for seven days. All in the same of “public safety.”

The Times was also forced to admit that the increase in border crossings is due to “expectations of a friendlier reception” tied into the Biden administration’s immigration policies, which are expected to offer amnesty to illegal aliens, stop deportations and put a halt to interior immigration enforcement.

The Times noted that over 1,000 illegal border crossers have been released into the interior United States in just the last few days, while migrant camps across the border in Mexico have “boomed to 1,000 people over the past few weeks.”

According to activists, at least 1,000 of those have been released in Texas, while several hundred more have been released in southern California.

One advocacy group said that more than 200 border crossers have been released in California in the first week of February, while in December, only 54 border crossers were released to the group and 140 in January.

The change in presidential administrations has also changed the types of migration that the country is now experiencing. Previously, federal immigration officials had made clear that lacking health care is not a legal claim for asylum.

However under Biden, illegals who cross the border and who are in poor health are being allowed into the US in order to take advantage of public resources and medical services which are intended for legal immigrants and American citizens.

The Times noted a case where a Honduran national in bad health had fled that country with her family over a year ago, however wasn’t admitted to the US under the Trump administration. That changed about a week ago due to Biden’s virtual open borders policy.

As Breitbart has noted, and as mentioned earlier, the Biden administration has not had illegal border crossers tested before releasing them into the country. Almost 400 illegals in McAllen, Texas were released in recent weeks and allowed to remain in the country.

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