Report: Arizona follows Texas lead and starts busing illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.


PHOENIX, AZ- According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Arizona has started to send buses full of migrants more than 2,000 miles away to Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, May 12th, Republican Governor Doug Ducey announced that the first bus made its inaugural drop-off of passengers near the U.S. Capitol just one day earlier and according to a senior state official, a second bus was already en route.

This announcement follows a similar operation that was executed by Texas officials in April. However, unlike the state of Texas’s bus initiative, Arizona expects the Biden administration to pick up the tab. C.J. Karamargin, a spokesman for Ducey, said:

“This is a problem caused by Washington. We’re bringing it to Washington and we expect Washington to foot the bill. We’re going to send them a bill.”

Reportedly, passengers are both buses traveled to the southern border from countries around the world, including Angola, Brazil, Congo, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru, Senegal, and Uzbekistan.

Karamargin said that upon arriving in Washington, the migrants plan to travel to Connecticut, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

On April 6th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that the state would use emergency evacuation procedures to transport migrants out of the state in an effort to “take the border to President Biden.” The Gateway Pundit reported that Texas has already transported over 900 migrants to Washington, D.C.

Both Texas and Arizona have taken this action in advance of the Biden administration’s plan to end a Trump-era policy known as Title 42. Title 42 allows the Border Patrol to turn away hundreds of thousands of migrants out of concern they may spread COVID-19. Ducey said in a statement:

“With Arizona community resources under all-time demand and litter action or assistance from the federal government, individuals who entered Arizona seeking asylum have the opportunity to voluntarily be transported to Washington, D.C.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernational candidate Kari Lake’s plan to finish the wall and secure the southern border. She said in an interview:

“I think it’s kind of cute that they’re sending these buses around the county, but let’s face it, when we send a busload of illegal aliens into Washington, D.C., they’re still our problem. We’re going to send them back across the border.”

She added:

“We’re going to give them safe passage back across the border, but they’re not staying in Arizona and we’re not going to allow them to be shipped to other states either.”

State and local officials have said the Biden administration is not offering advice or help to respond to the number of people it releases into its cities and towns each day. Karamargin said:

“Our communities are strapped. A tremendous financial burden is being imposed on them. We have food banks in Yuma that can’t keep up. There’s one community hospital in Yuma. The 911 system in Yuma crashed not too long ago. A county supervisor said three churches contacted them Sunday because migrants were showing up [from the border] and they didn’t know what to do.”

According to the Washington Examiner:

“Over the past year, fewer than half of the people who illegally cross the southern border have been released into the U.S., but with encounters rising from 20,000 per month two years ago to more than 220,000 in March, the mass releases have placed a significant strain on small and large border communities that do not have the shelter space, food, transportation, or other means to help people get to other parts of the country where they have family or friends.”

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Watch: Latino reporter gets yelled at by activists, saying he has “privilege” as he films illegal immigrants getting off buses in DC

April 25th, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C.- According to reports, Wid Lyman of Border Hawk, was “greeted” by pro-illegal immigration activists in D.C. as he filmed buses full of illegal immigrants arriving in the nation’s capital during the midnight hours.

The activists accused the reporter, who is Latino himself, of “privilege” for filming the buses of illegal immigrants.

Lyman recorded video of immigrants departing buses and entering Union Station in Washington, D.C. following Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to ship illegal immigrants from Texas to the capital on buses. On of the tweets from Border Hawk said:

“Illegal aliens exit buses in DC. Activists and Antifa radicals welcome the migrants and block reporters trying to ask questions.”

Reportedly, some of the activists began interfering with Lyman’s reporting, approaching him as he attempted to film while on public property and inside Union Station. One activists allegedly told Lyman that her comrades blocked the cameras because the illegal immigrants “don’t need to be identified.”

One activists even told Lyman that he is not allowed to record inside Union Station. Lyman disagreed with that statement and continued recording. A group of activists later approached Lyman, who kept recording audio of the interaction:

“We are asking you to stay outside so these people who have been through a lot of (expletive) can get some help without vultures taking pictures of them.”

Lyman asked what the activists believes he is doing that would be bothering the immigrants, to which the person the complained about Lyman’s “privilege.” The activists yelled:

“The privilege! The (expletive) privilege. Please just leave!”

Border Hawk is a news aggregate site that focuses on the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border as well as global immigration issues.

Reportedly, in 2021, Lyman traveled to Mexico and filmed evidence that may suggest that the United Nations is abetting the mass illegal immigration from Central America to the United States.

According to the New York Post, eight busloads of migrants arrived in Washington, D.C. from Texas between April 13th and April 20th. However, the transports did not include full buses.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) office confirmed to The Post on Wednesday, April 20th, that 152 immigrants have been relocated out of Texas to the nation’s capital. That equates to an average of 19 migrants per bus on vehicles that can transport up to 40 people at once.

The governor’s office declined to say how much the bus trips were costing Texas taxpayers. Abbott office spokesperson Renae Eze said in a statement:

“Because of President Biden’s failure to do his job and secure the border, the Texas Legislature has appropriated billions of dollars for border security. As they do with all disaster response costs (the Texas Division of Emergency Management) will be submitting expenses for reimbursement from funds previously appropriated by the legislature for border security efforts. Associated costs will be dependent on bus use.”

During an April 6th press conference, Abbott announced be would be sending immigrants from Texas to DC. During the press conference Abbott also discussed measures the Lone Star State would be taking to help secure the Mexico border.

Reportedly, the immigrants must volunteer to get on the buses since they are now legally allowed to travel within the U,.S. since they have cleared the first hurdle to seek asylum.

According to Abbott’s office, those traveling to DC originate from Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, the Dominica Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

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She’s trying to ‘dismantle the security of our country’: Sheriffs vote ‘No Confidence’ against ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris

March 18th, 2022

LARAMIE, WY –  The Western Sheriffs Association is calling on President Biden to remove Vice President Kamala Harris as his representative handling immigration problems at the southern border, issuing a “no confidence” vote in the Vice President’s ability to manage the crisis.

The Association said the Vice President has failed in her responsibilities to secure the border. In a the resolution, the Association wrote:

“Since her appointment, we have seen her policies enacted that are focused on her personal and political ideologies that only serve to dismantle the security of our country and the enforcement efforts of the hard-working federal officers assigned to an extremely difficult task.

“We call on President Joe Biden to take the appropriate steps to remove Vice President Kamala Harris from her leadership position and appoint a new leader who can recognize, respect, and enforce the rule of law for the safety and security of our nation,” added the group that represents 17 states west of the Mississippi River.”

In March 2021, President Biden tapped Vice President Harris to lead the White House effort to tackle the migration challenge at the U.S. southern border and work with Central American nations to address the root causes of the problem.

Announcing the appointment, Biden said:

“I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this. When she speaks, she speaks for me. She doesn’t have to check with me.”

Since her appointment, she has rarely visited the border and has been absent during border crisis incidents. There is little indication the Vice President has any interest in immigration or border operations.

The Western Sheriffs Association said the Biden administration is failing in its duty to control the border and stem the flow of drugs and human trafficking into the United States:

“Sheriffs are concerned about the challenges created by the current illegal immigration crisis. The singular focus on the humanitarian effort for those that have entered our country illegally is a distraction engineered to further the goals of the criminal enterprises.

“Current border security measures have little effect on the smuggling and trafficking of humans, contraband, and illegal drugs moving across our borders, forcing local law enforcement to prepare for and respond to the continuing threats of violence, drug smuggling, and exploitation.

“This situation, aggravated by transnational criminals who facilitate and often accompany the movement of illegal immigrants, causes great concern for sheriffs. With little to no information, financial assistance, or physical support from the federal government, sheriffs are struggling to understand the threats and risks to their counties.”

The surge of border crossers entering the United States answering the calls for leniency by the Biden administration and many Democrats, has overwhelmed the efforts of immigration officials and border agents.

The Association said they were hopeful that the President’s appointment of the Vice President as border czar would help them coordinate with the federal government to ease the crisis, but that Kamala Harris has failed in her mission:

“Today we are witnessing a complete and total breakdown of policies compared to past years.

“After witnessing this disaster over the past year and listening to the continued rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty from Vice President Harris, the Western Sheriffs’ Association, and its membership must emphatically state our position of having NO confidence in the ability of Vice President Kamala Harris and her leadership.

“America’s sheriffs have watched in disbelief as the southern border has turned into an invisible line in the sand.”

Report: Arizona follows Texas lead and starts busing illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.

In rare act of journalism, NBC’s Lester Holt presses Kamala Harris on failure to visit the border

June 10, 2022


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

GUATEMALA- In a rare act of journalism—well kind of—NBC’s Lester Holt pressed Kamala Harris on her claim that the Biden administration has indeed visited the border in order to determine how best to solve the border crisis which has been going on for nearly five months.

In an interview that aired on NBC’s “Today” program on Tuesday, Harris claimed she is working to “identify the problem” occurring at the U.S-Mexico border to solve it.

Harris, who was put in charge of the border crisis by Joe Biden over two months ago was asked by Holt about her plans to visit the southern border.

With a straight face (well as straight as the cackling, obnoxious Harris can get), she said that the administration had indeed been to the border, while Holt pushed back that she has not.

“[T]he question that has come up, and you heard it here, and you’ll hear it again, I’m sure, is, ‘Why not visit the border? Why not see what Americans are seeing in this crisis?’” Holt asked her.

“Well, we are going to the border. We have to deal with what’s happening at the border. There’s no question about that. That’s not a debatable point. But we have to understand that there’s a reason people are arriving at our border and ask what is that reason, and then identify that problem so we can fix it,” Harris replied.

A short time later, Holt got around to pressing Harris on whether she planned on going to the border.

“Do you have plans to visit the border?” he asked Harris.

“At some point, you know, we’re going to the border. We’ve been to the border. So, this whole…thing about the border. We’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border,” Harris, clearly flustered answered. So, what is it? You’re “going to the border” or you’ve “been to the border?”

Holt pushed back, “You haven’t been to the border.”

Engage cackling, uncomfortable laugh.

“And I haven’t been to Europe,” Harris cackled in her cackly best. “And I mean, I don’t understand the point you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.”

Dear Kamala…we don’t have a border crisis with Europe! The point Holt was making (which he refused to continue to press Harris on) was the fact that SHE was put in charge of the administration’s response to the crisis at the border and SHE has not been within 1,000 miles of the border since.

“I care about what’s happening at the border,” she added. “I’m in Guatemala because my focus is dealing with the root causes of migration. There may be some who think that that is not important, but it is my firm belief that if we care what’s happening at the border, we better care about the root causes and address them. And so, that’s what I’m doing.”

To Harris’ credit, she did go to the southern U.S. border…at 37,000 feet in Air Force Two as she flew OVER it.

Jesse Watters of Fox News had a great analogy for Harris’ ridiculous flippant statement about “root causes.”

He related what would happen if his wife came home and found there were bees in the house because he had left the door open.

“She says ‘Jesse, there’s bees in the house, do something.’ And I say, ‘I’ll take care of this. I am going to deal with root causes,’” he continued, saying he would leave the house, leaving the door open to go over to a neighbor’s house and talk to him about his beehive.

“That’s what Kamala Harris is doing. She’s wasting time at the neighbor’s house talking about a beehive. All we wanted her to do was to go to the door and close the door,” Watters continued.

Meanwhile, Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Harris of “bribing” Central Americans to stay in their home countries, the Daily Mail reported.

“Harris flew to Guatemala to unveil her policy to address the crisis. What is it? In a word, the plan is bribery. The administration plans to spend billions of dollars to pay Latin America’s poor not to move to the United States. CNN loves the idea of course. It blames America.”

Carlson then went on to slam Harris’ blaming of everything but the real reason for the border surge—the Biden administration’s open borders rhetoric.

“Kamala Harris is no genius, but…she knows more bribes won’t work. So instead of defending her plan on the specifics, she’s taking the easier and far more familiar road…more babbling about racism, and sexism, and of course, climate change.”

He then played a clip of the feckless vice president blaming “violence against women, indigenous people, LGBTQ people, and Afro-descendants” for the influx of illegal migration to the southern border. Which is of course absurd.

She probably can’t laugh her way out of this one.




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