Report: Alleged hoax from 2010 used by former FBI director as precedent to prosecute Jan. 6 protester


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WASHINGTON, DC — The National File has reported that evidence it received suggests that the FBI under former director Robert Mueller staged a hoax in 2010 to falsely entrap a man on a rare gun charge.

Despite several questions and contradictory information, the 2010 case is now being used as a precedent to prosecute a protester who was at the Capitol building on Jan. 6 of this year.

According to National File’s Patrick Howley, the FBI staged a hoax in Madisonville, Tennessee in 2010 to falsely entrap a man on a rare gun charge. The man who was allegedly framed was Darren Wesley Huff.

Howley reported that evidence suggests that Mueller’s FBI completely invented the details of an alleged militia attempt to take over a courthouse in Tennessee that supposedly involved Huff.

Howley wrote:

“One of Mueller’s top deputies is alleged to have provided a false statement that contradicts numerous other sworn statements and evidence in the case.

“The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) opened an investigation into Mueller’s conduct, according to documented evidence presented below and in audio recordings obtained by NATIONAL FILE in which a witness in the case speaks to TBI investigators.

“Mueller’s FBI coordinated on the takedown of Huff with the left-wing ‘Fogbow’ activist organization led by a leftist named PJ Foggy, who wears a hammer and sickle hat, according to PJ Foggy’s admissions.”

In June, The Washington Post reported that a three-judge panel ruled, upholding the 2011 conviction at trial of Huff, who was found guilty of bringing an AK-47 rife, Colt .45-caliber handgun and 300 rounds of ammunition and trying to rally others to take over a Tennessee courthouse after a grand jury wouldn’t charge President Barack Obama with treason.

However, Howley provided copies of two affidavits. One stated that Huff left his weapons in his vehicle, and the other stated he never went to the courthouse.

Howley noted that The Washington Post wrote that the prosecution of Huff was now being used to prosecute Guy Reffitt, who attended this year’s Jan. 6 protest at the Capitol building and has been charged under the firearm provision of the rioting statute.

The Washington Post reported:

“U.S. prosecutors for the first time have charged a defendant in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach with violating a federal law that makes it a crime to transport a firearm or explosive for unlawful use in a riot.

“The rare weapons charge was handed up Wednesday in a five-count superseding indictment against Guy Wesley Reffitt, 48, who prosecutors say brought a rifle and semiautomatic handgun to Washington and recruited members to a right-wing Texas Three Percenters group claiming he had created a new security business to circumvent gun laws.”

The Washington Post also reported that prosecutors in court filings said Reffitt brought an AR-15 rifle and a Smith & Wesson on his trip and that he was recorded telling his family he carried them to the Capitol.

Reffitt’s attorney, William L. Welch, had argued in an unsuccessful hearing for bond on May 13 that his client harmed no one and that there were no government recordings or photographs showing he was armed at the Capitol.

Furthermore, the attorney pointed out that no police officers mentioned Reffitt having a weapon, and he had not been charged with weapons offenses.

Howley reported that there is a “big problem” with prosecutors using the Huff case as precedent in prosecuting Reffitt:

“It turns out, according to massive evidence including eyewitness sworn affidavits and photographic evidence provided to this outlet, Darren Wesley Huff never actually tried to take over the courthouse in Tennessee, and Robert Mueller’s FBI allegedly fabricated the case.”

Walter Fitzpatrick, a witness in the Huff case, told National File the case against Huff was fabricated and that this fabrication is now being used against Reffitt:

“The DOJ/FBI are using a DOJ/FBI manufactured domestic terrorist hoax gun charge conviction as precedent to target Mr. Guy Reffitt for prosecution on a gun charge regarding Mr. Reffitt’s attendance at the U.S. Capitol rally on 6 January 2021.

“The federal precedent results from the DOJ/FBI targeting Mr. Darren Wesley Huff in 2010 accusing Navy Veteran Huff of traveling from Georgia to Tennessee on 20 April 2010 to a trailer park courthouse in Madisonville, Tennessee.

“The federal accusation accuses of traveling across state lines with guns with intent to riot. It’s all an FBI manufactured hoax.

“Mr. Huff was never at the courthouse. The 12 or so other men Van Balen talks about are ghosts. No one at the courthouse on 20 April 2010 was armed, saving for law enforcement officials.”

Howley reported that at the time, Fitzpatrick was calling for then-President Barack Obama to be investigated.

Fitzpatrick was accused of attempting to make citizens arrests of local officials who refused to investigate Obama, prompting Huff and others to come to his defense in Madisonville.

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Huff was ultimately convicted of one count and acquitted of another, though the jury initially came back hung.

Fitzpatrick told National File:

“The FBI under Mueller declared his anticipated activity on 20 April 2010 a federal police emergency. Their law enforcement presence is the stuff of legend around East Tennessee.

“Hundreds of officers, many in camo, snipers on roofs and in windows, roadblocks into and out of Madisonville, helos (plural) airborne, pixelated pole cameras.”

Howley included footage of a traffic stop of Huff on April 20, 2010, who he said “never actually went to the courthouse.” The footage was allegedly taken by Carl Swenson. The video includes commentary by Huff, who says he was pulled over for failing to stop completely at a stop sign.

In the video, Huff says guns were drawn on him. Five police vehicles are seen in the video. Huff also says various police agencies, including SWAT personnel, state troopers and sheriff’s deputies, were at the traffic stop.

Huff said police disarmed him and then asked permission to search his pickup truck for explosives, but he did not consent.

Huff also said an officer had requested to hold his weapon until the event in Madisonville was done, but he did not consent to this request either and was later released from the traffic stop with a warning ticket regarding his failure to come to a complete stop.

Howley included a photograph of attendees at the courthouse protest and wrote:

“No one was arrested on the date in question. Huff was arrested 10 days later on April 30 after he was pulled over on Interstate 35 based on a warrant stemming from a federal affidavit from Mueller henchman Mark Van Balen that witnesses claim is fabricated.

“Van Balen’s affidavit is dated April 26, six days after the protest.

“A photo of the crowd of protesters outside the courthouse that day shows women and children, and clearly shows that Huff did not lead a band of 12 armed men to take over the courthouse.

“Huff is not in the photograph because he was not at the courthouse. In fact, Darren Wesley Huff was at a restaurant during the peaceful protest.”

Van Balen claimed in his affidavit:

“HUFF had traveled interstate with one or more weapons to accomplish his planned takeover of a courthouse and/or arrests of persons together with more than three persons.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation opened an “investigative case file” on Mueller’s conduct, according to a 2018 document that Howley provided in his article.

Fitzpatrick had talked with TBI investigators about the case, as documented on audio recordings, according to Howley.

Howley also provided a copy of a 2013 sworn affidavit by Huff’s companion, William R. Looman, who stated that neither he nor Huff “were ever located at the R. Beecher Witt Government/Judicial Building, 405 Tellico Street, Madisonville, Tennessee at any time on Tuesday, April 20, 2010.”

In another sworn affidavit from 2013, John Ivens attested he saw no one other than law enforcement with weapons in the vicinity of the courthouse and “heard no derogatory comments about the government or anyone involved in this situation that would have caused alarm in anyone.”

At the conclusion of his article, Howley includes a copy of blogger PJ Foggy allegedly admitting in writing his involvement in getting a huge police presence to come to Madisonville.

Foggy allegedly wrote:

“We’re the ones who got more than 100 cops ready for Cdr. Walt Fitzpatrick, when he showed up on April 20 with a group of armed men who thought they’d take over the Monroe County courthouse.”

Howley points out that since Van Balen’s affidavit contradicts other sworn affidavits and evidence that National File received regarding Huff, the 2010 case should not be used as precedent to go after another U.S. citizen in 2021 due to the contradictions and questions it brings up.

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