Report: 17 Christians per day ‘hacked to death’ by Islamists, sympathizers in Nigeria – more than 3,000 killed so far this year


NIGERIA – According to a chilling new study released by a Nigerian nonprofit, nearly 3,500 Christians have been killed in Nigeria by Islamists and their sympathizers since the beginning of 2021.

The International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law (Intersociety) describes itself as an “independent and not-for-profit human rights, democracy, rule of law and security and safety advocacy group advocating for and defending the rights of the people within and beyond the shores of Nigeria.”

This organization states that it tracks and studies religious persecution “through the use of direct contacts with the victims, eyewitnesses, media tracking, review of credible local and international reports, interviews and closed sources.”

On July 18, 2021, Intersociety released a report describing the attacks on Christians and churches in Nigeria by Islamists and Islamist sympathizers.

According to this report, in the first 200 days of 2021, or between January 1 and July 18, 3,462 Christians were killed by “Nigeria’s Islamic Jihadists and their collaborators in the security forces.”  This number amounts to 17 Christians killed per day.

Intersociety also notes that these Christians were “defenseless” and were “hacked to death.”

In a disconcerting comparison with Christian deaths in 2020, the report adds that 3,462 Christian deaths are only 68 deaths fewer than the total deaths of Christians killed last year in Nigeria.

By way of further comparison, Intersociety’s report notes that those deaths are, at this point, second to the highest number of Christians killed in Nigeria in a year.  Taking first place was 2014, when over 5000 Christians were killed by Boko Haram and Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen.

The report also indicates that since the first of January, 3000 Christians have been abducted, and that “at least three out of every abducted thirty Christians were most likely to have died in captivity.”

Furthermore, the report adds:

“The number of Churches threatened or attacked and closed or destroyed or burnt since January 2021 is also estimated to be around 300 with at least ten priests or pastors abducted or killed by the jihadists.”

According to the report, Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen have done the most killing, and are responsible for at least 1,909 deaths of Christians.  Those Herdsmen cover the most area in Nigeria as well.  Next in the ranks of killers are Boko Haram, ISWAP and Muslim Fulani Bandits.

Also accounting for 490 deaths of Christians this year so far are the “Nigerian Army, joined by the Nigeria Police Force and other branches of the Armed Forces.”

In addition to direct killing of Christians by government forces, the report also laments the “Impunity And Complicity Of Nigerian Security Forces” in the deaths of the slaughtered Christians, as well as the apparent contributions of the Nigerian government to the ongoing killing.

Stating that the “Nigerian Government has continued to face sharp criticisms and strong accusations of culpability and complicity in the killings and supervision of same,” the report adds:

“It is deeply saddening that till date those responsible for the anti Christian butcheries in the country have continued to evade justice and remained unchecked, untracked, uninvestigated and untried; leading to impunity and repeat-atrocities. 

“The surviving victims and families of the dead victims are also totally abandoned by the Government of Nigeria.”

Intersociety adds some rather chilling observations on the activity of Nigerian security forces, indicating that the forces do not protect the Christians, but instead target them for arrest.

The report states:

“The country’s security forces have so fumbled and compromised that they hardly intervene when the vulnerable Christians are in danger of threats or attacks, but only emerge after such attacks to arrest and frame up the same population threatened or attacked.”

Noting further observations of the complicity of the Nigerian security forces with the Islamist attackers, as well as targeting of Christians, the report goes on to state:

“In the North, the jihadists operate freely under the cover and protection of the security forces; abducting, killing, looting, destroying or burning and forcefully converting their captive and unprotected Christians and their homes and sacred places of worship and learning.

“But the same security forces hatefully and brutally respond with utter ferocity against Southern and Northern Christians accused of infraction or offending the law.

According to a previous report by Intersociety, released May 11, 2021, the Nigerian government has refused even to acknowledge the motives behind the killings, and has actively been involved in covering them up.

That report states:

“the Nigerian Government and Governments of the affected States have made several deliberate attempts to cover the egregious and grisly massacre of Christians in Nigeria by falsely labeling them as ‘herders-farmers clashes’, or attacks by “bandits”, or ‘killings that cut across Muslims and Christians”, etc.”

With no help from, and even violent treatment by, government officials, Nigerian Christians sadly appear destined to continue to suffer gruesome deaths at the hands of local Jihadists and their sympathizers.

According to Open Doors Christian ministry, which has boots on the ground in areas of religious persecution throughout the world:

“More Christians are murdered for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country.”

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‘Squad member’ Rep. Omar outspoken on ‘police brutality’ in Nigeria, silent on slaves under Islamic jihad in same country

April 12, 2021

MINNESOTA – Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) openly joined in decrying police brutality in Nigeria last year, but she has apparently said nothing about Nigerians enslaved by Islamists.

In October of 2020, Omar lent her voice to those speaking out against Nigeria’s SARS, or Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigerian Police Force.

Nigeria’s #EndSARS campaign emerged shortly after video allegedly showed police officers killing a man.

Reportedly, Amnesty International had “documented 82 cases of torture, abuse, and extrajudicial executions conducted by SARS officers.”

Widespread protests ensued across the country in response to the video.

Omar demonstrated support for the Nigerian people against police brutality, and faulted the government for merely trying to rename the police unit.

She tweeted:

“I stand in solidarity with the protesters in Nigeria’s #EndSARS campaign. 

“The Nigerian government must allow peaceful assembly and free expression, and should not be satisfied by simply renaming the old police.”

However, when it came to lending her voice to protests against terrorism and slavery by Islamists in Nigeria, Omar has apparently said not a word, even in spite of direct entreaties for her help.

A press release from the Ad Hoc Committee to Free the Slaves of Nigeria (CFSN) reports:

“Since 2001, Boko Haram terrorists, Fulani militants, and other extremist groups tied to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, have raided Nigerian villages, killed tens of thousands, and enslaved an untold number of women and children.”

The release goes on to say:

“In 2021 alone, hundreds of schoolchildren in Nigeria have been kidnapped. 

“Parents fear sending their children to school. School-aged children are terrorized. 

“Most of the individuals captured by Boko Haram jihadists are young women and girls taken by force and trafficked as slave concubines. They endure horrendous abuse and mistreatment.”

The press release also requested assistance from Ilhan Omar, with CFSN member and president of the International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) Stephen Enada saying:

“As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and an individual who is outspoken on the importance of standing against the mistreatment of blacks, Representative Omar holds a unique position to promote real change regarding modern-day slavery in Nigeria.”

Enada continued:

“We believe her position as Vice-Chair of the U.S. Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa and Human Rights gives her an audience of real change makers which we at ICON cannot reach on our own. 

“With her help, we could one day see victims of enslavement returned to their desperate families.”

The press release also referred to an educational site called Free Nigerian Slaves, which presents an open letter to Omar, along with an opportunity for site visitors to sign a petition asking Omar to help with the cause of freeing Nigerian slaves from Islamist oppression.

The letter asks Omar “to help free our brothers and sisters currently enslaved in Nigeria.”

It goes on to state that in Nigeria, “terrorists are abducting, enslaving, and trafficking their fellow Nigerians,” both Christian and Muslim, with a large number being “young women and girls taken and trafficked as slave concubines.”

The letter and petition continue with a message to Omar:

“We appeal to your commitment to fight for human rights for all peoples. We appeal to you because these girls are living in Nigeria as slaves to Boko Haram jihadists.

“We believe that adding your voice to ours can help free those of our people who are in bondage and in fear for their lives.”

The site and petition then request of Omar:

  1. “Issue a public statement decrying the capture and enslavement of black Africans, whether Muslim or Christian, by Boko Haram jihadists in Nigeria.
  2. “Discuss with us plans to employ the power of the United States — by force or diplomacy — to emancipate these slaves.
  3. “Help us educate the American public about the plight of Nigerians, both Muslim and Christian, who are being slaughtered, enslaved, and trafficked by religious supremacists.”

In addition to the website request and petition, on Thursday, April 8, the Ad Hoc Committee to Free the Slaves of Nigeria held a protest against “enslavement of Nigerians by jihadists.”

The protest reportedly marched in Minneapolis, starting at a billboard publicizing the plight of the enslaved Nigerians, and ending at the offices of Rep. Omar to ask for her help.

According to The Washington Standard, Omar did not appear at the event, nor did she return calls on the subject from the press.  At this writing, there appears to be no recent public statement by Omar about the enslavement and torture of Nigerians by Islamists.

Perhaps someone should ask Omar if she believes that the Islamic slavers and terrorists in Nigeria are merely “some people [who] did something.”


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