Veteran: Liberal judges keep releasing violent, repeat offenders who keep going on to attack and kill more people


The editorial comments in this article are brought to you by a U.S. veteran and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

HOUSTON, TX – Josh Hill is the 232nd Criminal Court judge in Harris County. He is just one of many judges in the county that have no problem making the counties 4.8 million residence less safe.

According to a report, 174 Harris County residents have been killed at the hands of violent repeat offenders who were out of jail on multiple bonds.

Fox 26 Houston ran a segment entitles Breaking Bond, which highlighted the suspects and judges in two such cases. Judge Hill was one of those judges.

Veteran: Liberal judges keep releasing violent, repeat offenders who keep going on to attack and kill more people
Photo courtesy of Harris County District Court

In October of 2021, Delvin Clemons appeared before Hill on weapons charge. Keep in mind, this wasn’t his first time in front of a judge. According to Fox 26, Clemons has seventeen felony convictions. Law Enforcement Today was able to confirm those felonies, along with 9 misdemeanors.

Clemons appeared in front of Hill on charges of a felon in possession of a weapon and was released on $15,000 bond. He posted the $1,500 and walked out freely.

A month later, he was arrested, again.

Can you guess what the charge was?

Yup. Felon in possession of a weapon.

Houston Crime Stoppers’ Andy Kahan said:

“A month later, he gets charged again for felon in possession of a weapon. You would have thought that would have been the end of the story, [but] he gets out on bond again.”

His bond on the second appearance was set at $20,000. He again posted the necessary $2,000.

So, for those taking notes, Clemons has 17 felony convictions. He was arrested, once in October and again in November, for being in possession of a weapon.

Each time, the 232nd Criminal Court judge granted him a low bond and he walked away.

The 44-year-old was subsequently arrested on April 26, 2022.

This time he is charged with murder in the shooting death of 46-year-old Keishan Betts.

According to a press release from the Houston Police Department, officers were responding to an assault-in-progress at a Clear Lake-area apartment complex.

“HPD patrol officers responded to an assault-in-progress call in an apartment at [270 El Dorado Boulevard]. When officers arrived, Delvin Clemons walked out of the apartment and told them Ms. Keishan Betts was deceased in the bathroom. Officers found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound. Houston Fire Department paramedics transported Betts to an area hospital in critical condition with life-threatening wounds.” 

Betts died of her injuries 8 days later.

Prior to allegedly murdering Betts, he had 3 other violent crime convictions and numerous felon in possession convictions.

Ironically, he had two other convictions that he had bonds set at totaling $210,000. One of those was for $150,000 for burglary of a vehicle with two or more convictions. The other was for $60,000 over his arrest for theft under $1,500 with two convictions for the same offense.

But why worry about a few measly weapons charges?

Clemons is now assigned to the 232nd Criminal Court under Judge Josh Hill.

Wait. Isn’t that the same judge that had already cut him loose twice on weapons possession charges?

Yes. Yes, it is.

But Hill isn’t the only one.

Raymond Young is a registered sex offender with at least twelve convictions, five of which were felonies, including at least one for felon in possession of a weapon.

On May 7, 2022, Young appeared in the 180th Criminal District Court with Judge DaSean Jones.

Veteran: Liberal judges keep releasing violent, repeat offenders who keep going on to attack and kill more people
Photo courtesy of the Harris County District Courts

He was arrested and charged with assault of a family member.

Jones set his bond at $10,000. He posted his $1,000, and like Clemons, he walked back out on the street.

Police that the 44-year-old shot and killed 17-year-old John Smith just 2 weeks after he was freed on a low bond.

Young managed to evade police for almost 10 days before being apprehended.

Young is assigned back to the 180th and Judge Jones, where he is next scheduled to appear on June 22.

Like Clemons, Young had other charges across his rap sheet that carried much greater bonds.

His history includes three gun charges and 4 assault convictions, with two of those causing bodily injury.

Did we mention that he is a registered sex offender with two felony convictions of indecent exposure with a child?

As Fox reported, there was a time when judges were slow to allow felons to bond out on weapons charges.

Ray Hunt, Executive Director of the Houston Police Union supported that statement.

“That’s absolutely true. I talked to the District Attorney in Montgomery County. He says he remembers one time when something like that happened. When you’ve got people who are felons in possession of a firearm out on multiple bonds, getting arrested again, that person should get a no bond or at least a million dollar bond,” Hunt said.”

But for some reason, judges in Harris County seem to prefer allowing them to bond out.

“Very low bonds, where it’s only going to take maybe $1,000 to get out,” said Kahan.

As Fox 26 captioned in their coverage, this “alarming trend is costing lives.”

Veteran: Liberal judges keep releasing violent, repeat offenders who keep going on to attack and kill more people

Councilman explodes on judges for allowing criminals out of jail – who go on to quickly reoffend

HOUSTON, TX – A Houston City Councilman has apparently had enough with seeing repeat offenders get released from jail only to reoffend. Un a recent interview with Fox and Friends, he has said that he will no longer “sit silent”.

Michael Kubosh, a former bondsman, is speaking out now that he is an elected official with the city of Houston and has gained a new perception of releasing criminals back out onto the streets.

Kubosh, fed up with seeing the same people reoffend, said that he will be filing grievances against the judges who release those with violent histories.

He said:

“Well, because I was a bondsman, and now I’m an elected official, this gives me a unique perspective of what’s going on. I get to see it and I understand it.

“What’s going on is the judges aren’t taking into consideration the violent criminal history of these offenders, and they are releasing them back into the community on an extremely low bond or a taxpayer-funded free bond without any supervision.”

Kubosh feels that he needs to do something to curb the sharp uptick in violent crime in the Houston area. He said that since he has been in office for the last eight years, he can no longer sit by. Kubosh said:

“This all happened while I have been on council the last eight years. And I’m not going to sit silent. It’s easy to just sit and do nothing.

“But I have got courage, I’m going to stand up to these people. And I’m going to call them out. Why? Because our people are dying on the streets. And they are letting these criminals back out.”

Kubosh’s comments come after victim advocates have announced that people who have been released on multiple felony bonds in Houston have been responsible for killing 156 people since 2018.

Ranis Mankarious, the CEO of Crime Stoppers of Houston, claimed an even more alarming number for Harris County, 113 defendants charged with capital murder are currently free on the streets after being granted bond. Mankarious said:

“We were seeing really violent, violent habitual offenders being released on either no bond or ridiculously low bonds, and we said, ‘This is going to wreak havoc.’ It’s the epicenter for bail reform run amok.”

And he may have a point, at least to Adrian Medina, the son of a woman who was killed during a robbery. His mother, Martha Medina, was outside of a McDonalds in Houston in September of 2021 when Andrew Williams allegedly stole her purse.

As he was fleeing, he struck her with his getaway car, killing her.

Harris had been free on bond after having been charged in 2019 for a capital murder and aggravated assault charges at the time he allegedly struck Martha with his car. Adrian said:

“If one capital murder case isn’t enough to keep somebody behind bars, then what is? You left a wolf back out and a wolf is going to do what a wolf does and that’s not OK.”

Another example is the death of Jeffrey Johnson on June 11th who was allegedly shot and killed by Devan Jordon during a robbery. Jordon had been out on bond for numerous charges, including capital murder.

And yet another example happened in 2020 when 80-year-old Rosalie Cook decided to go to a Walgreens in Houston to purchase a birthday card.

When she exited, Randy Lewis tried to carjack her and ended up stabbing her to death multiple times. Police arrived and were forced to use deadly force against Lewis as he came at them with the bloody knife. He died at the scene.

Lewis had been arrested a grand whopping total of 67 times and was currently out on two different personal recognizance bonds at the time he stabbed Cook to death.

‘Catch and release’ killers: 150 victims killed by suspects released on bond in Houston area

HOUSTON, TX – “Catch and release” Judges presently on the bench in Harris County have released more than 113 defendants charged with capital murder back onto Houston streets on bond, and more than 150 people have been murdered by accused criminals released on bond.

FOX26 reported that liberal judges have allowed more than 50,000 accused felons out of prison under liberal reforms.

The local news outlet pointed out that capital murder is the most “egregious” offense in the Texas criminal code, which has a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment or the death penalty. The news outlet wrote:

“In all, more than 50,000 accused felons have benefited from the ‘catch and release’ philosophy of “criminal justice,” perpetrated by the current crop of democratic ‘reform’ judges.”

FOX26 continued:

“According to Crime Stoppers Houston – 155 people have lost their lives at the hands of accused criminals – cut-loose from custody – only to kill while on bond.

“If it weren’t our absolute reality – I’d call it a frightening parallel universe.”


Another local news agency, KHOU, analyzed 407 capital murder charges filed in Harris County between September 2016 and September 2021.

They found that records show 113 suspects charged with capital murder were bonded out of jail. That indicates that 28% of those charged with capital murder in the Houston area are released to the streets on bail.

Of those suspects released on bond, 30 were arrested again for another crime. That indicates that 27% of those released reoffend while awaiting trial.

71-year-old Martha Medina was murdered by one such bonded criminal. According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Martha was outside the McDonald’s in September when Andrew Williams snatched her purse and then ran over her with their car and killed her.

After Williams’ arrest for the murder, a court official told the court in a hearing that he should be held without bond “because he represents a significant danger to the community.”

Her daughter wants to know why Judge Hilary Unger released Williams in another capital murder case in 2019 before the murder of her mother.

Lourdes Medina asked:

“Why? It just doesn’t make sense in my head…

““I’m very angry, I’m frustrated at the decisions you’re making as a judge.”

During his court appearance in October for Martha’s murder, her family gathered outside the courthouse. Lourdes said:

“I’m here to ask the judges to please do their job.

“”Because I know that ever since that day, I don’t feel safe anymore. I don’t feel safe going to do my errands, groceries, anything because I’m always looking over my shoulder and I shouldn’t be living this way.”


She said she will be present at future court hearings with a message to Harris County judges:

“Do what you’re supposed to be doing in office, that’s what you were elected for. All of us have placed our trust in you and what are you doing?”

KHOU found that during the five years analyzed, court records show that seven capital murder suspects were charged with robbery, another eight with assault, and three with another murder all while out on bond.

Other crimes include drug and weapons charges, evading arrest and possession of child pornography.


Houston Police Sergeant Larry Gibson, who is assigned to the City’s violent crimes task force, said criminals released while facing capital murder trials are more dangerous because they have nothing to lose:

“It’s very concerning, it’s concerning for everybody involved. Guys out on capital murder bonds, they just don’t have the fear.

“So, they’re like, ‘I’m out on this. If I get caught, well, I’m already on bond for murder, what do I have to lose?’”

Lourdes Medina said she is angry that a suspect in a capital murder case could be permitted to walk the streets to kill again:

“It frustrates me and angers me. This could have been prevented, had the right decisions been taken it totally could have been prevented.”

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