Society has fallen.

It’s been two days since a Staten Island man was fatally shot by police while wrestling over a gun.

And now he’s somehow being fondly remembered as a great person?

What about the fact that this guy had been arrested 16 times, was a convicted rapist and had literally just abused a woman who had tried to break up with him hours before pulling a gun on police?

Gregory Edwards was killed in a shooting while wrestling over a gun with police. (NYPD)


In a statement released by the Legal Aid Society, who represented the suspect on previous charges, said, “Our hearts ache for Mr. Edwards’ family and his community, who suffer these tragedies regularly and more than any community should endure. City Hall and the NYPD must work towards ways to de-escalate these situations that too often end in gunfire and loss of life.”

Not much more needs to be said in regards to just how far society has fallen. The audacity of the public defenders office to make a claim that the NYPD needs to do more to de-escalate, when the officers did everything humanly possible to do just that. The insensitivity to the officers involved in a volatile situation such as this shooting, to push their false narrative and further the divide between the neighborhood they serve and those who protect it.

An officer was hit in the hand by a discharged round during the struggle. (NYPD – Screenshot)


The Legal Aid statement goes on to say that the “NYPD has told its side of the story,” and now it’s time to release all the body camera footage and release the names of the officers involved. The Edwards family, the statement says, “is entitled to a full and objective account of this incident.” Statements made by the organization hint to the idea that the NYPD would most likely doctor the video. There is just no winning with this group.

Here is an angle for them to take a look at from the heart of a dedicated member of the NYPD, who is free of the chains that prevented me from making an unfiltered and public response. Edwards was an absolute savage, an animal who had just physically abused a woman. Edwards pulled a gun on a group of warriors who clearly had more heart than he did. Hopefully, for all the pain he had caused in life, he suffered in his final moments. He provided as much in life to this world as he will in death, absolutely nothing. He served a stint in prison for shooting two people in 2004. Since getting out of jail, he was accused of shooting up a house, accused of domestic violence, resisted arrest and shot at cops.

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Let’s not make this the moment when people speak of how he was “gonna be something” or had “turned his life around”. Let this not be the time we air his confirmation picture, grade school picture or a picture from his most recent court date where he wore that brand new shirt, complete with the package creases. No family members wearing shirts with images of his face on them.

Instead, let this be the day that people wake up and realize that these criminals and the organizations that empower them are destroying NYC and America. Focus on the reality of what happened and the fact that this fool took his own life by making the choices he did. A moment of clarity in crazy times, a chance to say out loud that people are responsible for their own actions. Perhaps a moment where a community comes together for a wounded officer, who was shot protecting its people. Let’s be a society that rallies behind the woman that Edwards victimized.

A new tag left in memory of Gregory Edwards. (Twitter)


Let’s make this a greater discussion about why parts of society embrace individuals like Edwards. A glance into a culture that respects and appreciates violence in such a fashion.


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