Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat who has routinely spoken out against law enforcement, said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump should be put in “solitary confinement” because “impeachment is not good enough.”

Then she took it a step further, saying that Trump is encouraging people to start a civil war and are riling them up to kill her.

“I mean, I can’t go to the grocery store anymore by myself. I have to pay for security all the time. I can’t move around the country without security,” Waters said. “He is setting some of us up to be killed. I have death threats constantly. There are a number of people who have been convicted for threatening to kill me.”

So, she has no problem being able to use armed security to protect herself and her family, but she is all for confiscating the weapons of law-abiding Americans, thus removing our ability to defend ourselves. I also find it ironic that the total number of those convictions (5) are equal to the total number of bills she has had pass (5). She is currently serving her 15thterm as a Congressional representative. For those of us keeping track, she has authored one bill that becomes law for every three terms she serves.


Maxine Waters blamed Chicago’s violent crime on police earlier this year. (Flickr)


For the record, we do condemn what these individuals did. Each of those convictions was earned. There is no place in our society to make those types of threats against another person. Those men were found guilty and deserve what they got.

Waters said Trump is “dog-whistling to the white supremacists, the KKK, and the dangerous people.”

“We have stories about many of those white supremacists who do nothing but practice how they are going to be involved in a civil war and fight against this government. And this president is irresponsible in so many ways, aside from making us a target of these white supremacists and those who would kill us in a civil war. Some of us would be the first to be killed,” she warned.

This statement coming after House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry against the president last week amid the mounting Ukraine ‘controversy.’

“I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies and using mob language implying they should be killed,” Waters said in a tweet.”Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative.”

Appearing on CNN Wednesday evening, Waters was asked if her tweet “hurts her cause.” Instead of answering the question, Waters went on the offensive, targeting the president.

“You know what? I think that it is very interesting how oftentimes, you know, it focused on what one of the members has to say,” Waters said. “This president has not only undermined and denounced the press constantly, and he’s dangerous. He is talking about starting and encouraging a civil war. Now, why aren’t we putting more time and effort into unveiling what the president is saying?”

Waters was not finished there.

“Most people who have watched me over the past two years know that I am a responsible person who has talked about the Constitution, who has talked about the fact that this president does not respect the fact that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is responsible for basically bugging our electoral system, hacking into the DNC. They know that I’ve been serious about this. I’ve had the courage to stand up when nobody else would stand with me,” Waters said. “So, people know that I’m responsible and that I’m serious and, like I said, that impeachment is the imperative. That’s how I ended the sentence, so that’s what should be focused on. And don’t forget: Focus on Trump and the fact that he’s talking about a civil war. Everybody should be frightened about that.”


According to CNN, Waters’ extreme rhetoric comes amid intense interest in a whistleblower complaint released this past week that alleged Trump abused his official powers “to solicit interference” from Ukraine in the 2020 election and that the White House took steps to cover it up. Trump has denied any wrongdoing and has since released the transcript of the call. In the conversation, Trump asks the Ukraine President to look into corruption regarding Joe Biden, his son Hunter and any connections they have to the Ukraine.

CNN claims that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe or Hunter Biden. Biden’s own comments suggest that he is guilty of doing exactly what Waters and other Democrats are accusing Trump of.

“The lies, cover ups, shaking down foreign countries and undermining our democracy will be recorded as one of the worst periods in the history of our country, all led by a dishonorable con man,” Waters continued. “Follow the facts, impeachment on the way.”

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You may recall that Waters spearheaded the efforts in calling on people to publicly harass the president and his administration.

“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them,” she said at the time. “And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”


Now she is upping the ante by claiming that President Trump is responsible for the death threats she receives. Several people have ben convicted of making threats against her. The congresswoman is quick to point out that they are white supremacists and Trump supporters. Where did she make this correlation? On her official website.

The press release starts by saying, “Two racist and potentially murderous men are the latest in a series of men – many of whom are white nationalists and/or supporters of Donald Trump – who have been convicted in federal courts for threatening to kill Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43).”

Waters issued the following comment:

“I am pleased by the identification, arrest, and conviction of the men who threatened me, my family, and my staff in support of their racist, white supremacist, and hate-filled agenda. Let these convictions be a lesson to all those who would threaten to kill or cause bodily harm to us: you will be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“Unfortunately, these types of violent threats – and other acts of hate – by ultra right-wing extremists and white nationalists are on the rise in this country and around the world. This disturbing trend is only made worse by the violent rhetoric and bullying tactics of the current President of the United States.

“Violence and all forms of hate have no place in our political discourse and our society. I applaud the efforts of the U.S. Capitol Police, FBI, Secret Service, federal prosecutors, and other law enforcement entities, as well as my colleagues in the U.S. Congress, who are united in the effort to identify and bring to justice all those responsible for violent threats and all acts of hate.”

Her comments came at the end of the release. In the middle, they actually post the alleged comments of the men convicted. The language of that section include 7 f-bombs, 3 uses of the n-word and 3 times she was referred to as a b—-.

All of this is posted in a government domain with public access. The statement can be seen in its entirety here.


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