Rep. Andy Biggs: Pelosi just quietly accomplished the unthinkable – seized more power


WASHINGTON, D.C.- The United States is a representative republic. Citizens elect representatives who are supposed to go to either Washington or their respective state capitals to legislate. The definition of legislate is to “make or enact laws.”

Proposed bills are to be presented, discussed, compromised and presented to the entire legislature to vote upon. Bills are then forwarded to the executive branch for approval or veto.

Governors across the country, however, are circumventing the legislative process through ruling by executive order during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Republican Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona says that, thanks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in the House of Representatives representative government has gone by the wayside. 

Biggs made that claim in an opinion piece in the Daily Caller, saying that Pelosi has, in effect, accomplished the unthinkable. Biggs noted that a rule change put in place by the House “prevents members from debating or even asking questions about any legislation.”

In other words, Bigg says, Pelosi has total and complete control.

Aside from that, the House is now allowing “proxy” voting. This will allow for a member to cast votes for up to ten other Congressmen who do not show up to vote themselves. The current rules require a majority of 218 members to make up a quorum for the purposes of conducting House business. No longer.

Now, according to Biggs, all it takes is 22 members with proxies to show up. That will now constitute a quorum.

Biggs noted that under these new rules, it will be up to non-elected House employees to decide whether or not Congressmen have to come to work—the Sergeant at Arms and the House Physician.

The behemoth $3 trillion, 1,800 page “HEROES Act” was put forth by Pelosi and voted upon with no debate and no input from Republicans.

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Biggs noted that while janitors were expected to come to work at the Capitol, Pelosi had deemed the House of Representatives as “nonessential,” while the Republican-controlled Senate has had no problem showing up in Washington to do what they were elected to do.

Pelosi’s new rules, Biggs said will result in:

“…preventing debate, prohibiting amending legislation, and keeping people out of the Capitol.” In so doing, he says that she has cut the basis of U.S. governance, that of representation of voters, out of the equation. In essence, he says, “the rule changes vest all power in the Chair, which means Nancy Pelosi will rule.”

Biggs said that “Pelosi’s dreams of dictatorial control are realized with the new rule.”

Biggs said that he views the move by Pelosi a “power grab.” While Biggs said that he had remained hopeful that the power grab would have been rejected in bipartisan fashion, Democrats appeared to be on board with transferring all power to Pelosi.

Biggs attributed this to Democrats being okay “with authoritarianism by pushing bills that consolidate congressional power in her, while pushing her massive spending bill.” He noted that it vests all power in Washington, D.C. and away from the citizens.

Among items in the $3.2 trillion bill Pelosi pushed through Congress is amnesty to illegal aliens and pays them for being in the country illegally. Convicted felons, including those in prison for crimes such as rape, murder and more will be released from prison once they are over the age of fifty. All elections would be nationalize, which is a violation of the Constitution.

Other items in the bill would hammer already suffering businesses by extending family medical leave, while also seeming to deincentivize people from returning to work, by paying bonus unemployment benefits. Biggs believes that people would be less inclined to return to work if they get paid more by being out of work.

The new rules put in place by Pelosi and the Democrats will apparently remove the word “representative” from “representative Republic.”

All power will be vested in one person, instead of duly elected representatives. Elected members will be unable to debate or raise questions.

As Biggs said, they will be “Unable to speak at all.”

Biggs noted that all of this is being done at the same time that Congress is “creating the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world.”

In closing, Biggs said: “It’s been a pretty busy week for the Speaker as she has remade Congress by shattering the great institution of constitutional representation, Congress while enslaving generations of future Americans. And as an autocrat now runs the United States House of Representatives we can bid a mournful farewell to our constitutional republic.”

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