Remembering 2017 Line of Duty Deaths


(Graphics courtesy Rose Borisow GrafX)

Remembering 2017 Line of Duty Deaths

Almost 200 heroes are represented in this graphic encompassing all of the law enforcement officers I made tributes for in 2017!

Every square represents a life lived honorably . . . a sacrifice made in one way or another . . . either suddenly or over a lifetime in the service of others.

Every life represents survivors left behind to deal with the terrible loss . . . but we will ALWAYS REMEMBER. Each person chose to live life on the Thin Blue Line and we are proud of them for that choice.

remembering 2017

We will never forget their sacrifice!

– Rose Borisow

Editor’s note: Law Enforcement Today would like to thank Rose for these tributes. She donates her time and effort to create graphics used for every line of duty death. She is amazing!


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Rose Borisow

I began creating black and white drawings of wildlife subjects in my teenage years. After spending over twenty years as a police officer working the street, I have now turned my focus toward honoring my profession and especially those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice ... with their lives. My hope is to create prints that officers and their loved ones can enjoy while honoring both those who have died in the line of duty and those who have survived the profession. As my fellow Brothers and Sisters and I know, being a police officer is not just a job for most of us. It is a part of our inner fabric. A passion that most cannot understand. Why would anyone choose to run toward a violent offender when most everyone else is running away?

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