Release the Memo

During the past few weeks, the American public has begun to learn about corruption and conspiracy in the FBI at the highest level. Week after week, bombshell news comes out and yesterday was no different when it was announced that Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe was removed from his position on a “terminal leave.” This comes only weeks after, information found in text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have pointed to a conspiracy to prevent Trump from taking office, and if that failed to be able to remove him from office. Mentioned in one of the revealed text messages was an “insurance policy” plan against a Trump presidency that Lisa Page discussed in “Andy’s office.” Of course “Andy” is none other than Andrew McCabe.

Monday evening, the news was also released that the House Intelligence Committee had voted to release the highly anticipated Republican Nunes Memo. This memo, which has been trending on social media being referenced as #ReleaseTheMemo, has been reported by Republican Congress members who have read the memo to contain information that reveals a conspiracy of a coup d’état against President Trump orchestrated by top ranking FBI officials and the Obama administration. The memo is supposed to name names and reveal how the Fusion GPS/Christopher Steele Trump Russian Dossier, which was paid for by the Clinton Campaign, was used to obtain FISA warrants in order to spy on an elected President of the United States and others. The Strzok/Page text messages have been of high interest along with the Memo that is now set to be released, once signed by President Trump, whom has already received the memo to sign it’s release. Trump stated last week that he would like to see the memo released to the American public, so it is only a matter of time before it is released.

There has been a very interesting series of events over the course of last week. When public interest heightened in the Republican Nunes Memo, the Democrats reacted by announcing that they too have written their own memo. The Democrats have also come out against the Republican memo saying that it only takes away from the Robert Mueller led investigation into Russian Collusion in the 2016 presidential election. Then on Sunday, FBI Director Christopher Wray went on to read the Republican Nunes Memo. Literally, the next day on Monday, Wray removed McCabe from his position as Deputy Director of the FBI. McCabe had already announced his plans to retire in March, but this sudden removal or firing shows there is much trouble yet to be revealed. The question is what did FBI Director Wray read in the Republican Nunes Memo on Sunday that led to McCabe’s firing on Monday?

Also, not being widely reported but of interest is that the FBI has refused to turn over Andrew McCabe’s text messages to Judicial Watch. Over the weekend, Tom Fitton president of Judicial Watch, told Judge Jeanine Pirro how the FBI has refused to hand over any of McCabe’s text messages in response to a 2017 Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed on behalf of Jeffrey A Danik, a 30 year veteran and retired FBI supervisory special agent against the Department of Justice for records relating to McCabe. From a statement by Judicial Watch:

It is concerning that Mr. McCabe was allowed to remain in the FBI as long as he did. Did Director Wray only force out McCabe because of the pending disclosures in the House dossier memo? The FBI is not above the law and the American people expect full accountability. We still want the text messages and we want a full investigation of the numerous anti-Trump and other outrageous FBI abuses under Obama and McCabe’s mentor, James Comey.

Judicial Watch recently uncovered that McCabe, despite massive contributions from Clinton ally Terence McAuliffe to his wife’s 2015 political campaign, did not recuse himself from the Clinton email investigation until just a week before the 2016 presidential election. Judicial Watch also forced out documents that show that McCabe used FBI resources for his wife’s campaign.

The FBI refusing to release McCabe’s text messages shows more stonewalling from the FBI, as they recently had claimed that the Strzok/Page text messages had been deleted and they could not hand them over to the DOJ. It was very interesting however that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Inspector General Michael Horowitz were able to recover the missing text messages almost immediately after the FBI claimed they had been lost. Over the course of the investigation, McCabe’s text messages will be highly sought after. It is presumable that once the Republican Nunes Memo is released that there will be other people’s names revealed whose text messages will be reviewed as well, that is if the FBI doesn’t “lose” them. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is one name is question.

The unfortunate part of this entire story is the fact that the small amount of people, who are corrupted and participated in this conspiracy against the President of the United States, are tainting the reputation of the FBI. The FBI is filled with good law enforcement agents. It is the good work of those dedicated officers that should be shining in the public eye.

There is still much to be revealed in this scandal of corruption at the highest level in our nations premier law enforcement organization. For the American people, they want the truth to be revealed. For the good law enforcement personnel at the FBI, they want the bad seeds out.