Reinstatement of St. Anthony Officer Jeronimo Yanez last week triggered protests which made the City of St. Anthony to put him back on administrative leave. Yanez was the officer who fatally shot Philando Castile.

As stated by MPRnews, there were about two dozen demonstrators who gathered last Friday outside the St. Anthony Police Department to protest the return to duty of Yanez. Protesters were holding signs written with: “Put Yanez behind bars not a desk”, “Fire Yanez”, Skin doesn’t come off, uniforms do”

A statement from St. Anthony Village came out which says:The City of St. Anthony has changed Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s status with the city’s police department.  He will now return to administrative leave.  The decision to change Officer Yanez’s status was made after reviewing concerns and other feedback from the community.  Out of respect to the sensitive nature of the tragic incident and the concerns from the community, the Mayor, City Council and City Manager have decided to make this change.  Officer Yanez’s status with the department will be reviewed when the investigation process related to the incident is complete”.

Castile’s girlfriend who was with him during the incident was able to capture the aftermath and streamed it live on Facebook. The shooting occurred on July 6 in Falcon Heights during a traffic stop according to Star Tribune.

MPRnews had published a transcript of the video where statements of Diamond Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend, can be read. She said that her boyfriend is licensed and he’s just reaching for his ID and wallet out of his pocket when the officer just shot him in his arm. Reynold’s daughter was also  in the vehicle when the incident happened.

The investigation is still ongoing under Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension which has not set a date for the transfer of the case to Ramsey County Attorney John Choi. Star Tribune stated that the said attorney still has to decide whether he will determine if Yanez should be charged with a crime, or whether he will turn the case over to a grand jury to decide.

Photo by Eugene Zemlyanskiy