Some Reflections Approaching Police Week

Its getting to be that time of year again when we pay tribute to our police officers during Police Week in Washington DC (beginning May 13, 2018). There will be many ceremonies and tributes honoring those officers who served and lost their lives in the line of duty. All these ceremonies are solemn reflecting on the sacrifices made by those officers.

Curious as to the origins of Police Week and how it started, I found the presidential proclamation originally signed by President John F. Kennedy denoting the week of remembrance. In that proclamation signed by him and continued throughout each presidency since, the proclamation states, “In remembrance of those officers killed or disabled in the line of duty.”


What struck me about that line is I simply don’t remember any remembrance, roll call or ceremony for those disabled in the line of duty.


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I understand how cumbersome the event has become. The logistics are a nightmare with tens of thousands of officers and their families all converging on Washington at one time. I get that. But in the whirlwind of preparing for these events and planning them, my hope is somewhere at some time we haven’t forgotten those wounded in the line of duty. Even if the memorial committee simply cannot address this as they do those killed, my hope is that we each, in our own hearts, remember those wounded while serving our country and their department.

In the spirit of the proclamation signed by President Kennedy, let us remember all those who made the sacrifice serving, all those who died in the line of duty and all those wounded.

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Captain Robert Cubby served for 38-year years with the Jersey City (NJ) Police Department, now retired.  A PTSD survivor, he has been involved in PTSD issues with the CISM team.  A prolific author, Captain Cubby focuses on writing about his experiences and solving police problems. He is a National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) instructor about police matters and a frequent conference speaker.

reflections approaching police week

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