Poll reveals that most minority U.S. voters are concerned about shortage of police in their communities


A recent Rasmussen Report poll found that a large majority of black Americans and other minority voters are concerned about a potential shortage of police officers in their communities. 

According to the survey, 84 percent of black likely U.S. voters expressed concern about a possible shortage of police officers, while 70 percent of other minorities, and 66 percent of whites shared the same concern. Most voters believe that there is a war on police in America today and want to make attacks on police officers punishable as a hate crime.

The poll focused on the beliefs that likely U.S. voters have about the recent violent attacks on law enforcement officers and concerns about the repercussions of those attacks. Of those who participated in the survey, 59 percent said they believe a war on police is happening in the United States, which is an increase from 43 percent who thought so two years ago.

With the recent violence across the country happening during a presidential election year, political affiliation was a factor that was considered in the survey. According to the survey, 80 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of unaffiliated voters said that there is a war on police.

Only 39 percent of Democrats think that there is a war on police happening.

Rasmussen Reports noted:

“Following the assassination attempt on two Los Angeles County police officers this past weekend, most whites, blacks, and other minority voters are in general agreement that there is a war on police in America today.”

The poll also found that 59 percent of likely voters support the enactment of a Blue Lives Matter law in their state, one that would label violence against police and first responders as a hate crime that would incur expanded penalties. According to the poll, only 25 percent of voters oppose such a Blue Lives Matter law in their state.

The poll found that 68 percent of voters are concerned that deadly attacks on the police will lead to a shortage of police officers and reduce public safety where they live, with 44 percent who are very concerned.

While 63 percent of whites are bigger supporters of Blue Lives Matter laws than blacks, 52 percent and other minority voters, 49 percent; blacks are largely more concerned (84%) than whites (66%) and other minorities (70%) about a potential shortage of police officers in their community. 

The survey shows very clearly that a large majority of voters are worried that attacks by violent protesters in America’s cities will lead to a shortage of police. Since Black Lives Matter anti-police protests began earlier in the summer, attacks on police have increased.

According to the survey, 66 percent of Americans oppose defunding the police in the community where they live. 61 percent believe violent crime is likely to go up in communities that defund the police. Of those surveyed, 79 percent of GOP voters and 55 percent of unaffiliated voters back Blue Lives Matter laws, while 45 percent of Democrats support them.

The Rasmussen Poll said:

“Sizable majorities in most demographic categories worry that deadly attacks on the police will lead to a shortage of cops and reduce public safety in their communities.”

The survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters was conducted September 15-16, 2020. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. 

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LET Unity

Here is another article from Law Enforcement Today on Blue Lives Matter:


New York City, NY– It is no secret that the Black Lives Matter movement has been in the forefront of the news as of late, shouting cries of injustice and calls for change among police departments everywhere. 

Many protests across the nation, both peaceful and violent, have broken out in light of the death of George Floyd. People from all across the country, of all races, joined together to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was one of the most outspoken on the issue. 

Mayor de Blasio has shown such bias support that he cancelled all gatherings in NYC through September, except of course, for Black Lives Matter Protests. 


To show his strong support for the cause, the mayor helped paint a Black Lives Matter mural on the street, in no other place then directly in front of Trump Tower. 


When asked to comment on the mural, he said:

“Our city isn’t just painting the words on Fifth Avenue. We’re committed to the meaning of the message,” 

The NYC mural was vandalized several days after it was created, and the mayor was quick to fix it. 

In light of this “commitment to the message,” Standing Up for NYC  co-founded by retired New York City Detective Jay Cohen and Tatiana Davidoff and the Blue Lives Matter movement, which was founded by Sgt. Joe Imperatrice, have joined forces and come forward asking for the mayor to join them in painting a Blue Lives Matter mural in front of 1 Police Plaza, NYC. 

In a letter dated July 15, the groups addressed de Blasio’s support for painting of a Black LIves Matter “mural” on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. 

The letter addresses murders of sworn police officers and the fact that the two organizations wish to raise awareness of those officers, and “honor the lives and memory of public servants whose heroic lives ended to soon.” 

They then ask for de Blasio’s support in painting a similar mural with “Blue Lives Matter” on Madison by Pearl Streets in the city adjacent to the headquarters of the New York City police department, One Police Plaza. The letter notes the groups would use their own funds and resources to paint the mural. 

As of this writing, de Blasio has not responded to the request. A copy of the letter is below:

Poll reveals that most minority U.S. voters are concerned about shortage of police in their communities
Letter to de Blasio Blue Lives Matter mural used with permission

Imperatrice is quoted as saying:

“On a daily basis, police officers are verbally and physically abused”

He then added: 

“This is absolutely about working together and not a push back.”

This should not be seen as an intent to instigate an already hostile situation, but rather a way to show our men and women in uniform every day that they are not alone despite the current climate. 

With the lack of respect and ill treatment police officers are currently facing, it is crucial now more than every to let them know they are appreciated and respected, and what better way to show that than a giant mural in front of a police station. 

I am sure almost every officer can agree that the current animosity between African Americans and Police Officers is something that needs to end. Having Mayor Bill de Blasio join officers in creating a mural for Blue Lives Matter, the way he did for Black Lives Matter, would be a way for the city to show its officers that they are supported, and they are not the enemy. 

With a war on cops waged, this will be a way for the Mayor to stand up and show support for the men and women of his city that protect and serve the community. As we can see from the disbanding of unites, which caused a surge in crime, police officers are essential, and always will be!

Imperatrice states:

“This could be a way to come together and do something positive instead of just seeing the violence and the negativity that comes with the counter-protests,”

Stand Up for NYC, while also unabashed supporters of our men and women in blue has a larger mission, that of standing up for the entire community of New York City and restoring it to its former glory. 

Their mission statement from their Facebook group says, in part:

“Our group members are concerned citizens from all races, creeds, ethnicities,  and cultures with a plethora of different ideologies and political viewpoints. There is no such thing as a perfect Utopian society; while we might not agree on everything, in the end we join forces to make our city great once again. United we stand in strength and solidarity.” 

That sounds like a mission all of us as Americans can get behind. 

The decision, and true display of where he stands, is now in the hands of Mayor Bill de Blasio. 


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