Nothing like some TLC: Reality TV cast member makes Most Wanted list over murder charges


CARLISLE, PA – A barber featured on Seasons 4 and 6 of the TLC reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé is back in the spotlight.

He is wanted for multiple felonies which include murder and attempted murder. And he is on the run. The threat he poses to the public has landed him on the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted List.

“Michael Baltimore poses a serious threat to the community,” U.S. Marshals Service Director Ronald Davis said in a statement.

“By placing him on the 15 Most Wanted list, we have made his capture a top priority of the U.S. Marshals Service.”

His other charges are for aggravated assault and possession of a firearm. He is further wanted by the state of Pennsylvania on charges of aggravated assault, strangulation, fleeing and eluding, and parole violations for an aggravated assault conviction.

On May 22, 2021, the 39-year-old Baltimore is alleged to have entered the GQ Barbershop in Carlisle, where he was employed until 2019, and shot the owner, Kendall Jerome Cook and another barber.

Cook died in that shooting; the second man survived his injuries.

According to WGAL, police said the shooting was motivated by a “personal issue” between the suspect and his victim. The shop owner had also been receiving death threats in the months prior to the fatal shooting.

Baltimore’s other victim, 41-year-old Anthony White, told police that the gunman burst through the door in a camouflage “get-up,” but he knew it was Baltimore. Another witness inside the shop also identified Baltimore as the shooter.

Several men who worked in the barbershop had befriended Jay Smith, who was married to a 90 Day Fiancé contestant named Ashley Martson. Baltimore and Cook had outed Smith to his wife for cheating on her in the shop’s bathroom.

Baltimore has been able to elude authorities for more than a year, thanks in part to his ties in multiple parts of the country, which include Los Angeles, Miami, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Va., the greater Atlanta area, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

The Marshals service has said that he has an extensive criminal history, is known to be violent and his presumed to be armed and dangerous and is not to be approached.

The Marshals $25,000 reward for his arrest was coupled with rewards from the ATF, Cumberland County Crime Stoppers and the Cumberland Couty DA’s Office. In total, they are offering $39,000 for information leading to the fugitive’s apprehension.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is encouraged to call the Marshals tip line at 877-WANTED2 (926-8332).

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Reality TV contestant, girlfriend, face more charges of rape

Originally published in September 2018.

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Three more people have stepped forward claiming to be victims of a former Bravo reality TV contestant and his girlfriend who were charged this week with drugging and sexually assaulting two women, officials said Wednesday.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said the three additional accusers were identified just a day after charges were announced for Grant William Robicheaux, 38, and Cerissa Laura Riley, 31.

Robicheaux and Riley were charged with rape by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, and assault with intent to commit sexual offenses.

KABC reported as many as six women coming forward in all, at least one from New York, one from Nevada and one from Southern California.

Reality TV contestant
Grant William Robicheaux, 38, and Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, were charged Tuesday with sexually assaulting two women by use of drugs, officials said. (Orange County District Attorney’s Office)

Robicheaux and Riley were charged with rape by use of drugs, oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance, and assault with intent to commit sexual offense for crimes related to two separate instances in 2016 involving two women.

The duo are accused of teaming up to prey on women by meeting them at bars, drugging them—or coercing them with a large volume of alcohol—and then bringing them back to the man’s apartment to sexually assault or rape them.

Robicheaux is a well-known surgeon in Orange County and has treated sponsored athletes.

District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said that investigators also were examining thousands of videos and images on Robicheaux’s phone which showed some women who “appear to be highly intoxicated beyond the ability to consent or resist, and they’re barely responsive to the defendant’s sexual advances.”

Robicheaux is a well-known surgeon in Orange County and has treated sponsored athletes. He was also once featured on the Bravo show “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male,” four years ago.

Bravo said in a statement that the show is no longer in production and there are no plans to bring it back. It aired for one season.

Robicheaux and Riley have denied all accusations.

“All allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Grant Robicheaux and his girlfriend Cerissa Riley,” attorneys Philip Cohen and Scott Borthwick said in a statement.

The doctor and Riley are free on $100,000 bail.

If you believe you have been a victim or have information related to the crime and defendants, call Supervising Investigator Eric Wiseman at (714) 347-8794.

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Originally published in November 2019

Reality TV star found naked, tied to bed and brutally murdered. Police blame young teen.

A 14-year-old girl has surrendered herself to police in Philadelphia after an alert was released that she may be armed and dangerous. Her crime… beating a 59-year-old animal rescue worker to death in his bed with a nail studded wood plank.

Animal Rescue reality tv star found brutally murdered. Police blame 14-year-old.

According to Metro’s Jimmy McClosky, neighbors called police after hearing screams coming from the residence of Al Chernoff, a well-known animal rescue worker who had previously appeared on reality tv.

Al Chernoff with a cat at Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team shelter.

A neighbor entered the residence to check on Chernoff and found him nude and tied to a bed with a massive head wound and lacerations to the chest. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Robert Moran reports that when medics arrived around 3 a.m., Chernoff was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chernoff, an Army veteran, had home security cameras which revealed a teen girl had been in his home the night of the murder.

The 14-year-old is a suspected prostitute, according to McClosky. Police have released footage which showed that the teen seemed to comfortably stroll through the house. She went to wash her hands at one point and even peruse the contents of the refrigerator before leaving.

Animal Rescue reality tv star found brutally murdered. Police blame 14-year-old.

Early reports indicated it may have been a robbery gone awry. However, FOX 6 Now reports that it may now believe it to be more complicated. Attorney Howard Taylor, representing the girl, made a statement to CNN indicating that she is currently in juvenile detention. He further commented:

“It’s a very sad situation. Troubled girl. There’s a reason police aren’t saying much. There’s a lot more to it.”

Reporters inquired of Taylor if the girl was a victim to which he responded “wouldn’t put it to that extent,” but also commented that “he [Chernoff] wasn’t totally innocent, either.”

Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter said in a statement to CBS:

“It’s extremely troubling, it was a brutal murder and to think that there was anybody doing this but a child, but then you have to look to why did this happen and that’s what the investigators are going to try to find out.”

Chernoff, who went by the nickname “Alley Cat”, had no criminal history and worked at Philadelphia National Airport. His true calling, though, was his work in feline rescue. He had been featured on NATGeoTV’s reality show Rescue Ink, Moran reports.

Chernoff, along with other bikers, worked to fight animal abuse. As an airport employee, he regularly helped in caring for rescue animals that were flown in and out of the airport. In a statement on Facebook, rescue group The Cat Rescuers wrote:

“The world is just a little bit colder today without this wonderful human being. Please take a moment to tell the cat rescuers in your life what they mean to you. We will never forget you, Al… We lost a gracious soul.”

Angel Ruffo, a friend of Al Chernoff’s reflected:

“Al was amazing. Anything you needed; he would do. He was known for building shelters for all the feral and stray cats in the city. He was a good man. He was always there when you needed him.”

The relationship between Chernoff and the teen is not yet clear. The girl, who voluntarily surrendered herself to police while being escorted by her mother and two attorneys, has been charged with obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, possession of an instrument used in a crime and murder. She is set to appear in court in late November.

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