Lives Worth Celebrating


Oh 2016, you claimed MANY important lives such as celebrities, icons, and ordinary people. Predictably, the country came together and mourned every time a famous person was taken from this earth, either by their choices or natural causes.

It’s sad that many celebrity deaths were due to life choices, and the abuse of those decisions. But I never heard the country mourn the death of an officer as loud as they did a celebrity. You know, those in blue that swore to protect and serve others, even as they exchanged their life for another.

Some of those officers actually arrested a few of the beloved celebrities to keep them from themselves and drugs.

It’s sad that we live in a world that mourns, literally grieves the death of a celebrity that has never done a thing for them, while our officers are being brutally murdered in the streets of a silent America.

Sure, these celebrities did great things and donated a lot of money to charities, but they were never HEREOS; they never had to put on a bullet proof vest and watch their backs just to make sure they returned home to their loved ones. They didn’t lose countless hours of sleep; miss their children’s birthdays and holidays just so others could celebrate SAFELY.

Please, don’t get me wrong … I thought many of the celebrities that passed away this year were truly amazing. Their talents will be greatly missed, but we’ve got to wake up as a country. Our REAL CELEBRITIES are out there patrolling as I write this in the comfort of a safe environment (thanks to them). They need our support. When one officer dies, the entire Thin Blue Line community hurts. The pain feels unbearable at times, just as it does for each family of a celebrity that dies. We all mourn, we all matter, we all bleed the same.

Those hometown heroes, celebrated men and women in BLUE, need America. They need us to have their six (back), to pray for them, and pray for wisdom to make split second decisions. Most importantly they need a compliant public so everyone can return home safely.

Rest in Peace brothers and sisters of The Thin Blue Line. I’m sorry that evil was so rampant that your wife or husband will never kiss you again, and your children will never experience the security of your hugs in the future. Patrol the streets of heaven for us, one day we’ll see you again.

– Mariah Zuniga

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