Editor caution: This article contains the description of lyrics that may be offensive to some readers. 

“But guns are the problem,” they say.

Meet Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable.  He’s a Nigerian-born rape artist.  And he wants his fans to go to war – quite literally.

He’s urging his follows to “shoot” white people and pushing them to “Take them as slaves and treat them even worse.”

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a fantastic role model for kids.

He made his comments in a rant posted on a closed Instagram group called Barasvarta (“Blacks only”), according to news outlet Samhällsnytt.

“We, blacks” will “become number one and take over these whites,” said Conable, adding, “Like these whites took us as slaves we should take them as slaves and treat them even worse.”

For those who try and argue it’s simply “historical” commentary, here’s more of what he said.

“We’ll take their bitches and we’ll take their money,” he continued. “To be perfectly honest, we will be the best race ever. We are African warriors, they are not on our level. This is just the beginning, black power.”

He then went on to make the shape of a gun with his hand.  He said:

“If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk shit about you, shoot them! If they talk shit about your family, shoot them!”

He said that he believes unless you’re white, you’re not bigoted.  He posted a meme that reads:

“You cannot be racist if you are not white.”

Someone shared his comments with the media.  Conable’s response?

He announced he would ‘delete’ the “snitch” who leaked them.

It’s not like his words are falling on deaf ears.  Conable has a combined total of 280,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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It’s the second such rapper this year to hit the media for calling for violence based on race.

Nick Conrad, a French rapper, released a song where he sings, “I fuck France, I burn France.” In the video, as he sings, he’s portrayed strangling a white woman meant to symbolically represent France.

Previously, Conrad had been found guilty of incitement to violence after releasing a song in which he advocated killing white babies.  He was found guilty and fined 5,000 euros.  He appealed it, saying the track “was a comment on racism”.

Obviously those legal troubles didn’t stop him from trying again.


He’s new song was called Doux pays (sweet country).  That’s the video where he portrays France as a white woman whom he eventually strangles to death.

“I fuck France, I burn France, until she reaches agony” Conrad repeats in each chorus.

At another point in the song, he gets even more disturbing, insinuating sexual assault.  He raps:

“Cock in France’s mouth, I cum like a pig” and “this country has never been sweet”.

He does so while complaining about racism and saying the press accused him trying to “stir up violent civil war”.

Conrad is clearly desperate for attention for his work, which is self-produced.  He seems to believe that by creating the most offensive work possible, he’ll be able to make album sales.

It’s worth pointing out that while certain social media platforms ban “dangerous people” who spread “hate,” not a single one of the social network giants have taken action against Conrad.

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