Two men shot and killed during filming of rap video – shooter escapes and witnesses won’t come forward.


BATON ROUGE, LA – On Wednesday, July 22, at around 7:30pm,  there was a double shooting where two were critically injured. The shooting occurred on Dalton Street near N. 38th Street.

The two victims were identified as D’Andre Mills, aged 25, and Landon Johnson, aged 31. CPR was performed on one of the victims when paramedics arrived. Both died on scene but were still transported to the hospital for the gunshot wounds in hopes that they could be revived.

Unfortunately, they did not survive.

Police do not know if the two victim were participating in making the video or associated with any group. It is suspected that a few people filming the video may be involved in the shooting.

Neighbors in the area gathered to watch the filming of a rap music video. However, they dispersed quickly when a shooting occurred.

Sergeant L’Jean McKneely, Jr., spokesman for Baton Rouge Police Department, said:

“The sad thing is nobody stayed on the scene. Zero witnesses.”

In a statement, McKneely also said that there are no shooting suspects at this time and no motive.

Only a small amount of information was released. Police made a statement Wednesday that there was a rap video being filmed on Dalton Street when the shooting happened. McKneely did not comment on whether the shooting stems from Baton Rouge rap feuds.


In recent years, only two main groups have been accused of these bloody shootings, and police have been reportedly “cracking down” on these groups.

These shootings have been labeled as a feud where gun violence acts are traded in retaliation. Last summer, police were able to make arrests after a deadly shooting occurred in Miami where at least one Baton Rouge rapper was involved. The police were successful in making arrests because they cracked down on this type of gun violence.

The Mills family has been victimized by gun violence prior to Wednesday. Back in 2018, D’Andre Mills’ mother was shot and killed in a case that has gone unsolved.

In this act of gun violence, Alfreda Mills aged 40, was discovered dead while seated in the driver’s seat of her vehicle.

Her car was parked in the 1300 block of South Boulevard in January 2018. Alfreda Mills’ boyfriend, who was at home recovering from a gunshot wound himself, made a statement to the The Advocate that Alfreda was driving from the Belle of Baton Rouge casino to her home when the shooting took place.

The Mills family could not be reached for comment and the Johnson’s family did not want to comment on the incident.  

Baton Rouge Police request that anyone with information contact BRPD at 225-389-4869 or call Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867. The investigation is ongoing.

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Last week, Law Enforcement Today brought you a different story out of Louisiana. Here’s that story again in case you missed it.

An arrest that took place in Baton Rouge back on July 6th managed to conjure up protests outside of the Baton Rouge Police Headquarters on July 15th.

What was said to have stirred up said protests was that during the arrest, police body cam footage showed an officer briefly apply his knee to a suspect’s back while handcuffing them.

Sources say that nearly 100 people had gathered to protest the tactics used on a suspect during an arrest of a 17-year-old male following a police-chase earlier in July. Ever since George Floyd’s death back in May, anything that comes close to resembling the knee-to-the-neck tactic seems create outrage and protests.

One of the protesters, Domonique Davis, confirmed the notion that the viral video of Floyd inspired the protest after the BRPD released the body cam footage from the July 6th arrest:

“After everybody watched that long video of what happened to George Floyd and just seeing that it’s like you don’t want that anymore.”

One notable difference between Floyd’s detainment and that of the suspect showcased on the BRPD body cam footage is of course, where the knee is placed. Davis acknowledged that aspect, and stated the following:

“Whether it was on his back or his neck, you don’t want it there anymore because you have seen what has happened coming from it.”

Nearly a dozen people were arrested during the demonstration that were calling for the likes to defund the BRPD, as reports say that protesters were refusing lawful orders to remove themselves from police headquarter property.

However, according to Mayor Sharon Broome, all of those arrested during the protest were released without charges:

“Through working from a place of understanding, tonight’s situation at police headquarters was deescalated and dialogue to reinforce the desire for better community-police relationships occurred with Chief Murphy Paul. The protesters that were detained, were released and personally walked out by Chief Paul without any summons or charges.”

However, while many are upset about the knee-to-the-back seemingly seen on the viral footage of the suspects arrest on July 6th, many are failing to acknowledge how long the officer applied said hold.

In total, it was about 18-20 seconds – just long enough to properly apply the handcuffs to the suspect and then the detainee was hoisted up to his feet without incident.

This aspect is evidenced by the body cam footage of the police-chase and arrest, which can be viewed below.

Police say that the nearly hour-long chase was started when an officer was simply trying to enact a stop for a seatbelt violation. During said chase, the driver of the vehicle was said to have crashed into another car while fleeing from police.

The driver, 22-year-old Kimani Jhonte Smith, was charged with aggravated flight from an officer, aggravated criminal damage to property, possession of drugs, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and a seatbelt violation.

As for the unnamed juvenile arrested, he was charged with possession of drugs, aggravated criminal damage, a seatbelt violation, and principal to aggravated flight.

Police Chief Murphy Paul held a press conference on July 13th, prior to the protests that took place outside of the station, making note of a few important aspects related to the controversy of the arrest.

The first thing the chief noted was that the employed technique of the knee to the back is an approved arrest technique.

The second aspect that Chief Paul made clear is that if there is any wrongdoing found during the course of the investigation into how the suspect was arrested, then he will take appropriate action:

“If there is an officer who cannot effectively be a Baton Rouge police officer, I will be the first to terminate that officer.”


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