I’m baffled and confused. I don’t understand modern day politics. When I was growing up, if a politician ran for election on a pro-criminal/anti-police agenda only their mother would vote for them. Today, politicians running for elected office propose all manner of programs aimed to limit the police and empower the criminals in our society.

How can elected officials spout ideas that actively decriminalize serious offenses? Local sheriffs, state’s attorneys, mayors, and governors have taken it upon themselves to decide not to prosecute some laws. These are laws that our legislative and executive bodies have made law. They spelled out the crime, classified it as either a quasi-criminal, misdemeanor, felony. In many cases they specified penalties.

These days, you have people who have sworn to uphold and support the laws of the state and the federal government, and yet actively work to bypass laws they don’t like. I don’t remember it being an option, do you? As a matter of fact, that should be grounds to remove them from office.

I recall from grade school that when there are laws you don’t like the proper procedure is to work with the legislature to change them. If a burglar is caught, he should be charged with a felony. The state’s attorney shouldn’t have decided that they won’t prosecute burglars forcing a reduction of charges to misdemeanor theft. Prosecute and let the judge sentence. Do your job.

The New Jersey attorney general has instructed local police to not help ICE and instead help illegal aliens flee. Not only is that choosing not to enforce a law but it also violates the oath of office not to mention actually breaking the law.

A candidate for mayor in the Chicago race plans to have the police eliminate their gang database. She says this database is biased against minorities. Duh, yes, it is, but not because anyone set out to make it so, it’s because the gangs in Chicago are primarily composed of minorities. This is a tool used by the police to identify gang members and eliminate crime. To get rid of it only benefits the gangbangers, not the citizens of the city or the members of law enforcement.

Even if they aren’t circumventing the laws, they are proposing procedures that will only hamper law enforcement and handcuff police. Do they ever look down the road and see the long-term effects?

There was a time when the officer had only a loaded revolver with six extra rounds in a pouch and a wooden baton. Eventually, politicians who listen closely to the criminal elements decided we needed to stop shooting murderers and robbers, so they said carry tasers. Sadly, for some those can prove to be fatal too. So next they said, “Stop using batons and use pepper spray.” In too many cases the spray only made things worse and escalated tempers. We ended up injured or shooting the offender.

Some brilliant politician said, “Let’s put a video camera on every dashboard. That ought to slow those bad police down and help the poor criminals.” It’s didn’t. In most cases, it showed how the criminal was breaking the law and how the officers properly responded. Okay, let’s try body cams. That really should stop those bad police, right?

Turns out those body cams have supported the police officers in almost every case. Now they are talking about wiring the squad cars for sound. Recording everything the officers say in the vehicle. I see some privacy issues there and possibly the need for court orders to record the conversations. Oh, and heaven forbid the audio picks up two offenders in custody talking about their crime while the officers aren’t in the vehicle. I recall that not being allowed.

Many counter with, “The crime rate is down.” Well, of course it is, dummy. You aren’t charging people with crimes anymore. If you don’t enforce a crime it’s no longer a crime.

So, who votes for these pro-criminal politicians? Criminals obviously, but there are more than that. Thanks to the messages from the pulpit, politicians, and media the members of law enforcement are considered racists. They are worse than the criminals they deal with.

A police shooting is reported as “Police kill another black man,” by the media. They forget to mention that man had just driven past a street corner and fired multiple shots or robbed a convenience store and then pointed their gun at officers. Little things like that aren’t important to sell ad space.

It amazes me when aldermen actively work against the wellbeing of their constituents and find support at the polls from those same people. Worse yet they blatantly disregard the glaring and obvious truth, stepping over facts and data proving them wrong.

Heaven forbid an officer swear at a bad guy. He’ll be brought up on charges.

I am reminded of the movie Demolition Man from 1993. While it was not one of cinema’s great movies it does show how our society is headed if we continue down this path.

So, tell me, am I the lone dinosaur sitting on my front porch yelling at the neighbor’s kids to get off my lawn? When did this happen or better yet, how did people let this happen? I know there are good police officers out there who will serve and protect no matter what these inept politicians propose. There will always be some people willing to risk their own safety and well being to see others are safe in their homes. How many sheepdogs will be wasted protecting the flock?

Perhaps these are nothing more than the rantings of a crazy ole retired guy yelling at everyone to get off my lawn. Well, when the weather gets warmer outside, stop on by, and we can both sit out there yelling at the kids.

Until then, stay safe, run low and zigzag.

– Robert Weisskopf (ret. Lt.)