Everyone is talking in ALL CAPS…

The noise makes me grow weary at times.

You really cannot get away from it.  Noise from the news. Noise from people. Noise from the net.  

We are raising a nation of deviants.

Mass shootings. Kids bringing guns to school. Numerous sexual assaults. Violent solutions to emotional injury. Aggression. Police officers murdered. Tragic incidents. Bullying. Thievery. Hate. Racial unrest. Unspeakable acts against humanity. Animal abuse. Physical protesting. Civil unrest. Political correct vigilantes. The list drones on and on.

It all bleeds into rule breaking or acts of violence which becomes law enforcement’s problem to rectify. The role of a police officer has drastically changed over time from a peace keeper and enforcer to a person of many hats:  pseudo parent, psychoanalyst, urban planner, arbitrator, computer guru, social worker, community specialist, negotiator, good works Samaritan. 

Sign of the fallen times.

When I was a kid, we celebrated life by simple things some might think boring. 

Spending time with relatives, riding bicycles, exploring, making forts, making friends, and riding horses kept us busy. Or swimming in the nearest water we could find, rallying together in support of one another whether at a school function or some good ol’ barnyard basketball.

All without a leash or being tethered to the latest electronics.

Sure, we had bullies, disagreements, even a few fights.

But we had forgiveness.

In the end, kids often shook hands and were friends. After being dusted off by the recess teacher and forced to get along, of course.

We developed coping skills before adulthood.

Family and community support were the norm instead of the exception. Outdoor physical activity did not have to be forced upon us, being forced indoors was almost a punishment at times.

I really think staying inside makes you a caged rat. It must degrade the psyche.

People might not even realize it, but there is something about physical activity and the outdoors which brings balance.

Fresh air whisks out the brain. I’m not just saying that because I am blonde and the wind whistles through my ears often. I really mean it.

Environment is not everything, but it makes up a large piece of the mental wellness equation.

Family structures have crumbled.

Divorces once upon a time were taboo. Marriages lasting over 20 years are rare.

Commonplace is marital deception or adultery. It used to be flipped. “Facebook” and other social media create more arguments, bullying, fights, scandals, rumors, mistaken intentions or “hookups” than a night at a bar or pub could ever compete with.  

When we get wrapped up in our self-absorbed pity party, we fail to realize how impactful these social disturbances are on children. A divorce is like a death, only it is a wound which festers.

Of course, there are times it is best for a separation. In fact, there are many scary homes disguised as outwardly happy homes.

Dark Dwellers

How many people live in multi-family households?

Too many are living in mommy’s basements or mommy is taking care of everyone’s babies due to lack of parenting her own children. Living off and/or with your parents seems to be an in vogue thing to do now.

Can no one make it in the world on their own? Where did parenting fail?

And yes, there are exceptions and tragedies which explain a few of these, and I applaud the few that are being responsible outstanding examples in these cases.

Mommy’s basement used to be resorted to serial killers.

Schools have lost a lot of social structure and power, but institutions still remain a solid part of a child’s foundation. It just is not at the same strength-more like the watered down version.

Do not forget about the ever advancing technologies.

The more we plug in, the more unplugged we become. Artificial intelligence, so to speak. “Unwired.” Disconnected. It really is the opposite of digital intentions.

Yet, here we are: reaching out through digital media. Here you are: reading something on the net.

In The Red: disconnected killers.

Have you ever looked at the abundance of deviant behavior we have created and the age group affected? There are morality deficits in every age group, but the really detached are the young..

Why aren’t we doing anything to reverse the disconnection?

Really, as a society,  we are not doing a damn thing.

It’s been years since the Columbine incident, almost 20 to be exact. What has changed? Well, we have more of them. The nation has raised a herd of deviants: disconnected killers.

Can backtracking our journey tell us where the mistakes were made?

Family? School? Spoilage? Lack of work ethic? No structure and discipline? Drugs? No pride? No church? Too much digital games and social media? Did parents give in to the tantrums?

Over time, each component of the village system folded into pressure. We coddled and spoiled. We let things slide. Boundaries were lifted. We were too busy.

As a result,  ironically, our country has created the desensitizing of our youth and the over-sensitivity of our adult population.

The police saw these problems years ago. No one listened to us and in some cases our articulations were dismissed. What do a bunch of cops know, right?

A country divided.

The historical statues are not the only thing we are dismantling as a country. We have dismantled morals, moved the lines of right and wrong, and argued over every topic not because of good ideas, but to prove one side right.

Consequently, American society has been in decline for decades. We cannot blame it all on drugs. Some of our most deviant kids are sober.

So what fell apart? It was a slow deterioration of many elements. Here are just a few:

  • Households became dependent upon two incomes. Parents fell victim to the rush of a busy schedule.
  • Keeping up with the Joneses took over.  
  • Technology converted us to favoring convenience and worked its way into a crutch.
  • Television allowed more graphic images and violence. After the initial shock wore off, we all became insensitive action and gore junkies and wanted more.
  • Family meals at the dinner table started to transform into divided dining and take out.
  • We advertise as a sick nation. Medications became an easy fix. There is a pill for everything.
  • Since ancient times, people have fought over religious conflicts. It still goes on today. We have not really strayed far from the Salem witch trial days.
  • Standards are not clear.
  • Rules are guidelines.
  • Our media outlets are so skewed and our politicians have drifted from proper purpose. Our youth are going to believe it is acceptable to lie and manipulate to get your agenda through.
  • Self-righteousness. Me first. The cops aren’t really the pigs after all.

Offense is the best defense.

Ideologies have defined friendships. One side calls the other side a bunch of “crybabies” and vice versa. Moreover,  labels usually get tossed by way of the issue and who feels they won the argument at the time.

Do you realize how much an officer’s ears bleed? They have become social workers and ultimate problem solvers of all things because people forgot how to communicate and use interpersonal skills.

Law enforcement take a lot of social lumps.  

Complaints of their “rudeness” or brazen authority are abundant. The police are too rough and insensitive. The police reformists push for ridiculous changes which align with some emotion rather than practical sense:

  • Cops can knock guns out of hands with less lethal measures.
  • They use offensive tactics and appearances.
  • Why do law enforcement need pay raises and new equipment?
  • We should not have guns just like other countries.
  • The police should listen and talk more because the suspect did not shoot first, he just aimed a gun.

Incidentally, those points are a bunch of hogwash (pun intended) and often get spewed from uninformed persons. But, it is a trend. In fact, deconstructing the police and other authority figures seems to be an agenda.

The schools are too mean, so we took their power away to control the classrooms. The students must have open lunch times to leave campus because students must have their freedoms. 

Extracurricular activities have become subsidized by booster clubs, donor funded, or paid by parents.

But, we squawk at lifting a finger to buy school supplies for academic purposes.

How much do the parents who could be making their kid(s) ride the bus spend annually? But it isn’t about the money, it’s about Junior not thinking he is above riding the bus or Junior cannot get up in time for the bus.

Since the parents, police, and school officials were too brazen with authority and structure, we had to calm down. So, we allowed expressions, loose or no structure, and freedoms our parents never afforded us.

We started to tolerate everything. We coddled. And made excuses for the rest.

Playing a Game of Pick Up Sticks.

There are now few lines between what is wrong and what is an expression.

Society minimizes crime or we just justify it by saying that individual is acting out. It isn’t their fault. It was the drugs or their parents or abuse.

Sure, those all can be compounding factors. Yet, the actor is still responsible. The responsibility and accountability must fall on the evil doer.

You can blame someone for hurting you, but when you hurt someone else as a return to society-that’s on you. Why give a perpetrator that power? The bad guy does not define you.

Because someone’s bad behavior was molded from abuse or their upbringing does not make it right or acceptable. Additionally, a mental disorder, substance abuse problem, or traumatic event does not mean we can ignore their aggression.

First, you need to notice and care about another person’s well-being. Put down the phone. Communicate with your face. Take action.

Furthermore, people need to be held accountable. Stop being so dramatic. Once accountability and support comes into play, individuals might have some buy-in to address their problems. 

That theory might make me an insensitive witch.

I guess it just depends if you want the police over to intrude on your family dinner. It’s the uniform attraction thing, isn’t it? I knew it.

Going down the same path is obviously not working.

One change is not enough to reverse our societal problems.  Not by a long shot. Certainly, doing the same thing expecting different results is ineffective.

Here we are 20 years later and we still haven’t fixed Columbine. Our country mass produced it.

Civil dissonance is high.

Our children have delayed cognitive development and no coping skills. Physical aggression in response to an emotional trigger or otherwise is a typical toddler’s reaction. Parenting 101. Think about it.  

The police keep order. Law enforcement cannot fix the social problems, the deviance, or the disconnection. They can only respond.

Oh, you expect the cops to fix it? Well, they really can’t. What do a bunch of cops know anyway?

It’s all up to you.