Radical “climate change” zealots promote lie that electric cars are “zero-emission”. The truth is they’re not even close.


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SACRAMENTO, CA- As America continues its march down the Marxist highway, liberal environmental wackos imply that we need to move away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles toward “environmentally friendly” electric vehicles, selling people on the notion that electric cars are “zero-emission vehicles,” and therefore will stop the “scourge of global climate change.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently virtue signaled a scheme by California to ban the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles completely by 2035, in the meantime exponentially reducing the numbers of such vehicles sold.

The scheme being pushed in California will also be adopted by a number of other states, all blue which account for about 40% of the U.S. population. Those states include a number in the northeast, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

In announcing the initiative, Newsom claimed that the state will require that “100% of new car sales in California to be zero-emission vehicles” such as “electric cars.”

That of course is a lie yet people who are enrolled in the cult of environmental extremism buy it, hook, line and sinker. Those pushing this will never have to suffer the ill effects of such a policy because they will still be able to fly around in their carbon-footprint exploding private jets.

According to JustTheFactsDaily.com, environmentalists pushing electric vehicles only speak to pollutants which exit the tail pipe of gasoline or diesel powered vehicles.

However they ignore the fact that there is a plethora of pollution that is actually worse than carbon monoxide emitted from cars powered by fossil fuels. That is the dirty little secret they keep to themselves (if they actually are even aware of it).

In order to accurately and honestly measure the environmental impact of energy technology, it is required to measure “all forms of pollution they emit over their entire lives, not a narrow slice of them.” This is accomplished via “life cycle assessments,” or LCAs. The Environmental Protection Agency explains LCAs as allowing for:

…the estimation of the cumulative environmental impacts resulting from all stages in the product life cycle, often including impacts not considered in more traditional analyses (e.g. raw material extraction, material transportation, ultimate product disposal, etc.). By including the impacts throughout the product life cycle, LCA provides a comprehensive view of the environmental aspects of the product or process and a more accurate picture of the true environmental trade-offs in product and process selection.

LCAs are not 100% accurate and as the outlet reported, “subject to multiple levels of uncertainty.” However, an assessment published by the Journal of Cleaner Production last year debunks many claims made by the radical environmental left, that being that electric vehicles are “cleaner” than conventional ones.

The LCA took into account manufacturing, charging, operating and disposing of electric vehicles in fact produces more of every major category of pollutants than conventional cars. Those include:

…an increase in fine particulate matter formation (26%), human carcinogenic (20%), and non-carcinogenic toxicity (61%), terrestrial ecotoxicity (31%), freshwater ecotoxicity (39%) and marine ecotoxicity (41%) relative to petrol vehicles.

Have you seen a mine used to explore for lithium used in batteries for electric vehicles? A 2021 paper in the Journal of Cleaner Production showed that when that factor is also taken into account, electric cars produce much more toxic pollution than gas-powered cars. That matters not to the power-hungry politicians who are jamming the electric car agenda down the throats of the American people.

Moreover a 2018 report by the European Environment Agency cautioned that current studies on the “human toxicity impacts” of electric vehicles were “limited” and therefore concluded that electric cars “could be responsible for greater negative impacts” than conventional vehicles.

In addition, a 2018 article in a journal called Environmental Research Letters wrote:

…that by failing to account for the “environmental implications” of mining lithium to make batteries for electric cars, it “would directly counter the intent” of “incentivizing electric vehicle adoption” and “needs to be urgently addressed.”

That was before the 2021 research report confirming it, where they confirmed that electric cars emit more toxic pollution than gasoline powered cars. Despite all of that, American Marxists looking to take control of the American economy ignored it and continued their quest for electric vehicles, despite the significant shortcomings in the American electric grid.


In the short term and on a local basis, electric vehicles offer some benefits due to the fact that manufacture of batteries, charging and disposal typically takes place away from densely populated areas.

That in effect has a net negative effect on poor countries where raw materials for lithium batteries are mined, components are manufactured and communities where power plants and disposal sites are located. In other words, Gavin Newsom from his perch in Sacramento has nothing to worry about.

The Journal of Cleaner Production addressed the issue, writing that the “transfer of environmental burdens” causes “workers and ecosystems in third countries” to be “exposed higher rates of toxic substances.”

One of the leading countries in the world for the manufacture of green energy components is China, which enjoys a cheap labor market, in addition to lax environmental standards with no concern for any environmental impacts these products cause.

Currently, China supplies 78% of the world’s solar cells, 80% of the world’s lithium-ion battery chemicals, and 73% of the world’s finished battery cells. No wonder Democrats are sucking up to China.

In a study earlier this year from the Brookings Institute, where “China’s role in supplying critical minerals for the global energy transition” was discussed, it found that “continued reliance on China” will “increase the risk that sourcing of critical minerals will cause or contribute to serious social or environmental harms.”

The study also noted that neither the United States or any other wealthy nations have been willing to accept these risks in their own countries.

Getting back to the myth of electric cars being  “zero-emission” vehicles, the Greenies don’t take into account pollutants caused by road, tire and break wear, with those forms of pollution being far worse in electric cars than gasoline-powered ones.

A 2016 paper in the journal Atmospheric Environment said that, “Electric vehicles are 24% heavier than their conventional counterparts,” which leads to more “non-exhaust emissions” such as “tire wear, brake wear, road surface wear, and resuspension of road dust.”

Sounds yummy.

While it is notable that the Journal of Cleaner Production found electric cars emitting 48% less CO2 than gas-powered ones, this still does not constitute “zero-emission.” Carbon dioxide is the leading greenhouse gas emitted by humans.

A 2019 study published by the Ifo Institute in Germany found a Tesla Model 3 emits 11% to 28% more CO2 over its lifetime than a diesel Mercedes C220D. Once again, LCAs do maintain some level of uncertainty, and one study does not necessarily mean everything, however it proves the statement that electric vehicles are emission free is a fallacy.

What this all means is that when Gavin Newsom bloviates about California having a “groundbreaking, world-leading plan to achieve 100% zero-emission vehicle sales” that will “help solve this climate crisis,” he is lying. Period.

For Democrats, everything is a “crisis.” Climate crisis, women’s right to choose crisis, COVID crisis, white supremacy crisis, etc., etc., etc. Mostly it’s nothing more than a bunch of alarmist bloviating. The real crises—attacks on our liberty, skyrocketing crime, wide open borders, and runaway inflation—are ignored by leftists such as Gavin Newsom.

For well over 30 years, climate alarmists have warned that we are headed for the end times of civilization if we don’t do something about the climate. According to Al Gore, Barack Obama’s beachfront home at Martha’s Vineyard should be under water by now. That didn’t stop Obama from locating there, and he was one of the biggest climate change alarmists going.

Despite all the bellyaching from the left, key environmental matrices, including foliage productivity, extinction rates, forest cover, agricultural production, coastal flooding, rainfall and droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and extreme weather fatalities have all remained level or somewhat improved for over 30 years. Yet the far-left which worships at the altar of climate change continues unfettered.

Newsom continues his lie by claiming his scheme will “reduce dangerous carbon emissions” that “pollute our communities.” One might think from this statement that CO2 is a toxic, dirty substance. Yet, it is the source of the oxygen that we breathe through the process of photosynthesis. That is like 3rd grade science stuff.

CO2 is in fact “an organic, colorless, non-carcinogenic gas that has no toxic effects on humans unless concentrations exceed at least 6 times the level in the Earth’s atmosphere,” JustTheFactsDaily writes.

There is also the fallacy that CO2 is “carbon,” which is a lie. There are over 10 million different carbon compounds, but claiming a relatively harmless gas is “carbon” is once again disingenuous and a lie. But hey, it makes a good sound bite because most of the brain-dead who worship at the altar of climate change are clueless to that fact.

Newsom is of course not the only one who claims electric vehicles are “zero emission vehicles.” The California Air Resources Board made the same bogus claim. Meanwhile the journal piece notes that according to a Google search, a number of journalists (big surprise) and others are also falsely making the same claim.

The other issue with electric cars is the fact that due to their much higher costs, most people who purchase electric vehicles only do so because they are heavily subsidized by the government. The 2021 Transport and Environment paper said:

 Mass market adoption of electric vehicles will likely require either that governments restrict the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles (as planned in some countries and California) or that BEVs (battery electric vehicles) become cost-competitive with gasoline-powered vehicles of similar size and styling.

It should also be noted that electric vehicles travel far fewer miles for every dollar spent than standard gasoline-powered vehicles. Also, it’s not like you can just pull into a charging station, plug your car in for five minutes and be on your way. Your talking hours to charge a vehicle.

California is the poster child of how not to implement energy policies. Look at what is currently going on there. Owners of electric vehicles are being told not to charge them between certain hours, because the electric grid cannot handle the load. And that is only with a small percentage of the population owning electric vehicles. Can you imagine what it will be like when 25, 50, or 100 percent of California residents are forced to drive electric vehicles?

California already has the highest energy prices in the continental United States, 77% higher than the national average.

One other little factoid. California touts itself as having the stiffest mileage standards in the nation, as well as some of the strictest air quality control measures. Why then does the state “dominate” the American Lung Association’s list of cities with the poorest air quality in the United States?

Currently, the nation’s four worst cities for ozone pollution, worst five cities for year-round particle pollution, and worst two cities for short-term particle pollution are all located…in California.

Final thought—where exactly does the fuel that powers the electric plants California relies on to generate electricity come from? Fossil fuels, you say? In large measure, yes.

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