Radical Boston University assistant professor says to ‘not judge’ looters because you’re “re-victimizing” them


BOSTON, MABoston University tweeted a video of one of its assistant professors slamming President Joe Biden and claiming that looters are merely reacting to racism and that people should “not judge” them for looting.

The tweet is part of a thread that contains reflections about the death of George Floyd from Boston University’s community, including its students and “legal scholars.”

The university tweeted:

“Two years after the murder of George Floyd, several members of the BU community, from students to legal scholars, came together to reflect on what we have learned from the tragedy and what progress still needs to happen.

“In this thread, listen and read what they have to say.”

In one video clip shown in the thread, Assistant Professor of Sociology and African American Studies Saida Grundy said:

“If we’re gonna talk about George Floyd and really understand it, then we need to understand community reactions to it, and we often hear politicians, we hear civic leaders, from inside black communities and from outside of them as well. 

“We hear President Biden say, ‘You know, I understand your frustrations but don’t destroy property.’

“Well, when you say that to black people who historically have been property, one of our greatest weapons against injustice was the looting of ourselves as property from the system of slavery.

“And what we see in communities is they’re reacting to the very racism of what we call property, right?

Deputy under investigation for alleged "choke hold" that he used while trying to stop a criminal who was attacking him

“So that’s why I think it’s very important for, you know, people who see reactions in communities to not judge and to not make assumptions about what is good and not good reactions.

“And not actually re-victimize communities by saying there’s an acceptable and a not acceptable way to react. Listen to them, and then we can say what these communities need.”

Boston University has now limited who can reply to its thread. Only people who @BU_Tweets mentioned can respond.

Students pay about $58,000 each year to attend Boston University, but some suggest the hefty fee is not worth it.

For example, in an opinion piece on FrontPage Mag, Robert Spencer suggested Grundy was a racist apologist:

“It costs $58,000 a year to attend Boston University [BU], but don’t think that for all that money you’re going to get anything resembling, say, an education.

“No, Boston University today, like most other American colleges and universities, is dedicated to turning out thoroughly indoctrinated Leftists who will serve as reliable cadres in the fundamental transformation of American society that both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have promised us.

“That’s why BU employs someone such as Saida Grundy as an assistant professor: a racist apologist for rioting is just the kind of professor the universities want these days. Having one on staff is a big source of prestige.”

Spencer also criticized how Grundy twisted historical facts:

“While it is true that black people have been property in the United States, that ended in 1865, all of 157 years ago. Thus no one who looted property during the George Floyd riots had been a slave, or had parents or grandparents or great-grandparents who had been slaves. No one in the George Floyd riots was looting as a weapon against the injustice of slavery.

“Historically, slaves were freed in the United States in various Northern states before the Civil War, and then by the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1865.

“It has become unfashionable to note this; Grundy and others would apparently have us believe that slaves freed themselves (‘the looting of ourselves,’ in Grundy’s lurid phrase). This is why a statue of Abraham Lincoln with a freed slave was taken down in Boston in 2020 — Lincoln didn’t free the slaves, you see; they did it themselves.”

Spencer further suggested that the assistant professor was promoting Marxism:

“And finally, private property is not ‘racist.’ As Grundy knows but does not acknowledge, black people in America own property, too, and would no more like to see that property looted as anyone else would.

“If the very concept of property is inherently racist, where are the anti-racists of all races, including Grundy herself, divesting themselves of their personal possessions so as to demonstrate before the world their solid commitment to their stated principles?

“As absurd and self-contradictory as it is, the idea of calling property racist coincides neatly with the Marxist agenda that is energetically being advanced in universities today, and so Saida Grundy is not going to get any pushback from her colleagues.

“If she encounters any dissent at all, she will be able to dismiss the dissidents as ‘white supremacists’ and go on her merry way. Maybe she’ll even get a new seminar topic out of it, all about how she weathered a firestorm of racism and emerged more determined than ever to fight on for racial justice.

“$58,000 to attend Boston University. And this is what you get.”

According to her online profile on Boston University’s website:

“Saida Grundy is a feminist sociologist of race & ethnicity studies and the author of ‘Manhood Within the Margins: Promise, Peril and Paradox at the Historically Black College for Men’ (forthcoming with University of California Press).

“She began her appointment as the Assistant Professor of Sociology & African American Studies at Boston University in 2015 where she holds an additional courtesy appointment in Women’s & Gender Studies.

“In November 2020, she was additionally named Assistant Director of Narrative at the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research.

“Her research to date has focused upon formations and ideologies of gender within Black elites–specifically men. Using ethnographic approaches and in-depth interviews, her current work examines graduates of Morehouse College, the nation’s only historically Black college for men. 

“Quite simply, this work asks how, in light of an ongoing national reality and discourse about young Black men in crisis, the men of Morehouse experience gender and masculinity at an institution that attempts to groom them as solutions to this crisis. 

“Her publication on racialized rape culture, college masculinities, and campus sexual assault (based on this data) appears in Social Problems.

“Professor Grundy’s research interests span Race & Ethnicity; Gender & Sexuality; Men & Masculinities; Intersectionality; Campus Sexual Assault; Qualitative Methodology; Feminist Theory; and Sociology of Culture.

“She received her Ph.D. (2014) in the Joint Program in Sociology & Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan.

“When she has something to say, she contributes to The Atlantic.”

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