Former Police Chief: Sen. Tim Scott is living proof of the war on Black America by Democrats


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

While Democrats continue to say that America is a “systemically racist” country and try to pin that mantra on white Republicans, the veil came off this past week which exposed who the true racists in the country are.

While Democrats try to cover their racist past, including that of their poster boy Joe Biden, Democrats this week were more exposed than Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.

Sen. Tim Scott, an astute black United States Senator from the former slave state of South Carolina was elected to the United States Senate in 2016, garnering 61 percent of the vote.

 In fact, according to Breitbart Scott “earned more raw votes and won by a wider margin than Donald Trump.” In other words, Scott is extremely popular in his state. He is also considered by some to be a rising star in the Republican Party.

And for that, Scott is a scourge to Democrats, who expect all minorities—primarily blacks and Hispanics—to support and identify as Democrats.

This past Wednesday, Scott was tapped by the GOP to give the response to Biden’s Congressional (don’t call it a State of the Union) address. Now one might say that Scott was chosen specifically due to his race, which is exactly the trap Democrats fell into.

Never mind the fact that Scott is a bright, articulate voice of conservative ideals. Democrats did exactly what they accuse Republicans of doing…played the race card.

During his rebuttal, Scott pulled no punches, and that pulled the mask off the racists who inhabit the Democratic Party, who hide behind their computer keyboards, on Twitter and other social media platforms.

As John Nolte said in the Breitbart piece, “Scott smoked these racist monsters out and proved once again that racism is still very much a part of the Democrat party’s DNA.”

And what exactly is that DNA? It was Democrats who actually created the so-called “Jim Crow South,” and it was Democrats who facilitated the Confederacy and engaged the United States in the deadliest war in our 245 year history, the Civil War all because they didn’t want to lose their slaves.

For all the bellyaching about Republican efforts for election security being a “throwback to Jim Crow,” it was the Democrats who established that era.

What was it in particular that Scott said that set off the Democrats and ripped the mask off their inherent racist roots?

“Hear me clearly. America is not a racist country,” Scott said.

By saying those words, Scott attempted to drive a stake into the Democratic Party narrative that our country is “systemically racist”, and that racism is in the DNA of our country.

This is where you get tripe such as the “1619 Project,” the clearly ridiculous theory that America was founded as a country not on July 4, 1776 but in 1619 when the first slaves arrived in America.

By saying those words, Scott dismissed critical race theory, which says that whites are inherently racist and have “white privilege” and for those who say they are not racist, it serves as proof that they are. This is what you call circular logic, which is absurd.

Yet, this is what is being taught in colleges and universities and which has trickled down into our public schools. Even corporations have bought into it. Scott’s words, as a successfully black man in America, threw all of that out the window.

Of course, the social justice warriors cannot have that. So they set about trying to disprove Scott’s statement that “America is not a racist country” by exposing the racism that they themselves have.

The Twitter mob was going to show Scott that he was dead wrong and took to attacking the senator for his skin color, not the substance of his remarks. Because when all else fails, trying to make a cogent argument isn’t as easy as throwing out slurs and obscenities. And Twitter was more than happy to oblige.

“Uncle Tim,” a play on the racial slur “Uncle Tom” trended on Twitter for hours. While Twitter considers itself a bastion of virtue by censoring content with which it disagrees politically, the soy boys who comprise Twitter’s “fact checking” and “community standards” departments had zero problem with leaving that hashtag trending.

That hashtag was supported not only by the closet racists hiding behind computer keyboards on Twitter but was facilitated by the so-called “blue checkmark” mafia on the platform. For example, Scott was attacked by far-left activist (and black) Bree Newsome, who called his phrase “from cotton to congress” “cringe.”

Lincoln Project Executive Director Fred Wellman called Scott’s speech “utter bullshit” and a “pathetic joke.”

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Author Ibram X. Kendi, who has made a living out of hustling the white supremacy and systemic racism fantasy said Scott was in “denial” of America’s racism. Kendi wrote a load of garbage called “How to Be an Antiracist” so he has a vested interest in perpetrating the “America’s a racist country” hoax.

The most obvious racist was a man named Tariq Nasheed, a producer and political commentator who didn’t even try to hide his racism, not even concerning himself with a hashtag and used the “Uncle Tim” reference in the text of his tweet, and then claimed Scott was trying to “protect white supremacists.”

But wait a minute, Nasheed is black. He can’t be a racist, can he? Yes, he can, and he is.

There are countless other examples. For example this tweet from the chairman of the DNC is among the most incoherent:

This one from someone who is clearly a “class act”:

This from one of the king race baiters himself:

And yet another “class act”:

It should be noted that NONE of these tweets was taken down by Twitter for “hateful content.” 

Twitter of course wasn’t the only place where Scott was smeared.

The far-left lunatics who populate cable television news on MSNBC and CNN also didn’t disappoint, with neo-Marxist, double-mask-wearing nutjob Joy Reid, no stranger to slurring minorities (LGBTQ) saying the was “shocked and embarrassed” for Scott.

She made the false claim that Scott’s statement that voting in Georgia is easier than New York” was false, which it is not. And of course, she blamed Fox News. For some reason.

All of this of course is to facilitate an illusion. While Biden said he wanted to “unite the country,” actions speak louder than words. Everything done since January 20 has been done to divide the country along ideological lines, and has been designed as an “in your face” slap back to those who didn’t vote for Biden.

That divide is also being pushed by the “America is a racist country” Mafia, comprised of Democrats, big tech and the mainstream media.

While Democrats continue to get a majority of support from blacks and Hispanics, last November’s election sent warning signs, as President Trump was able to get significantly more minority support than he did in 2016. And that is something which Democrats cannot abide.

Their goal is to keep America divided and foment the fantasy that only Democrats care about minorities and blacks (and Hispanics) need to “stay in line” and back the Democrats or they will be destroyed.

This of course is nothing new. For years, decades even Democrats have used such an approach to put down anyone in the minority community who, as Scott himself said tries to “step down out of your lane according to the liberal elite left.” Just as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was in fact brow-beaten during his confirmation hearings by none other than then-Sen. Joseph Robinette Biden.

In the past, Democrats were much more transparent about their racism, having founded the KKK in opposition to post-Civil War Reconstruction. Instead, as Breitbart notes “Democrats and their billion-dollar media, tech and entertainment corporations use smear tactics and racist bullying campaigns.”

Twitter has outed these racists for who and what they are. Trending hashtags such as “Uncle Tom” (or Tim), “sellouts,” and “house n****ers” have been allowed to remain on Twitter, as have comments such as “minstrelsy” and “not really black.”

Any black American who steps out of line is ripe for the picking. The aforementioned Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, Gen. Collin Powell (before he “switched teams”), and more recently Kanye West, who expressed support for President Trump. So too for rapper Lil Wayne, who had praised Trump’s plan for black Americans and whom Trump issued a clemency to.

Scott refers to the underlying racism in the Democratic party as “liberal oppression.” Why so? While he doesn’t specifically address it, think about what the Democratic Party has done:

  • Encouraged riots in predominantly black neighborhoods
  • Are trying to ban menthol cigarettes, the type generally favored by blacks
  • Vehemently opposed school choice and instead suck up to teacher’s unions by forcing black children into failing inner-city public schools
  • Throttle documentaries about certain successful black Americans (Clarence Thomas) because it doesn’t meet the narrative
  • Continually drive the fantasy that America is a racist country that convinces black youth that it is impossible to succeed in this country as a black American
  • Cancel an event (MLB All-Star Game) in a predominantly black city (Atlanta) and move it to a predominantly white city (Denver) costing Atlanta in the neighborhood of $100 million
  • Facilitate the release of violent criminals into cities such as Chicago where they prey predominantly on black Americans
  • Open borders allowing illegal labor to come into the country to take away starter jobs from inner-city kids and undermine the wages of black working class

What else? Scott says:

“I get called ‘Uncle Tom’ and the N-word, by progressives, by liberals!” Scott said in his rebuttal statement.

So how did Democrats, liberals and the “blue checkmarks” respond? By confirming their racism. “Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter for hours, therefore they apparently supported it.

Want more proof? The unhinged mental cases on MSNBC had zer0…we mean zero problem with Scott being referred to as “Uncle Tim.” One host, who actually expressed disappointment with the hashtag was taken to task by Fordham University professor Christina Greer. 

“I definitely find it problematic, but i think it’s also one of those things were on social media the internal conversations that many black people have about Tim Scott and the Republican Party have now made their way to the public discourse,” she said. 

“I mean let’s be clear, looking at Tim Scott’s response, we know that he’s carrying the water, not just for the Republican Party and his two other black colleagues, but he did so under the Trump administration, and that’s where the lack of respect comes from.” 

Greer continued, “So the fact that Tim Scott tried to make it an individual conversation when it should be a larger institutional problem that his party is part of–and one of the main reasons why we have such inequity explains why this ‘Uncle Tim’ hashtag was trending.” 

The MSNBC host glossed over Greer’s defense of the racist slur on Scott, then moved to another academic, Columbia University professor Jelani Cobb. 

Cobb said that regarding the slur on Scott, “There’s a lot to it on many levels” and continued that Scott didn’t “know what racism is.” 

Systemic racism? If it exists, it is facilitated and encouraged by the Democratic Party and their supporters in media, big-tech and corporate America.


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