R.I.P. Agent Mariano Rivera Rodriguez-Maldonado E.O.W. 11/21/2011

Rio Grande Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Police Department
Agent Mariano Rivera Rodriguez-Maldonado
End Of Watch: 11-21-11
Agent Mariano Rivera Rodriguez-Maldonado, 37, was killed in a vehicle crash while responding to a disturbance call. At 0330, Agt. Rodriguez-Maldonado and his partner Agent Gabriel Gonzalez Rivera, 23, were en route to the gas station where the proprietor called in a disturbance of a mentally disturbed man causing trouble. The roads were wet at the time and something caused Agt. Gonzalez Rivera to lose control. The Patrol Vehicle skidded, spun and hit a security fence at such an angle and with great impact that the railing tore into the rear passenger compartment of the cruiser. Agt. Rodriguez-Maldonado suffered severe head trauma and was killed upon impact. Agt. Gonzalez Rivera, who has been with the force for just a year, suffered injuries to both his legs. He is in stable condition but (understandably) inconsolable at this time. This is an ongoing investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash.
Born with a soul that has courage to wear the badge, Agt. Rodriguez-Maldonado has been Saving, Serving and Protecting the People of Puerto Rico for more than seven years. A man of strong faith, Agt. Gonzalez-Rivera had more than one mission. It was not just about catching the bad guys and helping the citizens. Brother Mariano spent time talking with the youth. Even if they were someone he had to arrest, he would still take time and try to make them see a different way of thinking. A different way of life. Puerto Rico can be a very hard place in areas but this Warrior still believed he could help those who thought they had no choice but to engage in illegal activity. Agt. Rodriguez-Maldonado tried to show them what it meant to Live As Only A Hero Could. And he definitely made a difference in some youths’ lives. When not in uniform, Mariano loved nothing more than spending time with family and friends. And yes, you could often find him at some youth event, keeping a watchful eye and making himself available if you felt like talking. A Hero who will be missed by many … forgotten by few.
Mariano leaves behind his beloved bride and their children. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Rodriguez-Maldonado family as well as to all the Men and Women of the Puerto Rico PD and to all those whom have had the privilege and the pleasure of working along side this Hero.
Our Brother, as you now patrol the streets of Heaven, may you continue your vigilant watch over us all as we carry on in the battles to come … In Our Brother’s Honor. We thank you for your service and for your sacrifice. We thank you for your life. Job Well Done Sir.
Rest In Peace Agent Mariano Rivera Rodriguez-Maldonado … We have the watch from here. SALUTE!
Descanse en paz hermano
~written by Nessie~
Policia de Puerto Rico: http://www.policia.gobierno.pr/

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