Quid pro Joe? Former police chief asks is Biden is paying the Taliban to provide “security” for refugees


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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- Everyone suspected something smelled really bad when the Taliban, who we have been fighting for nearly 20 years in Afghanistan, suddenly agreed to provide “security” outside Kabul’s airport.

Any sensible person immediately questioned this. Well, as always happens especially when Democrats are running the show, follow the money.

It has been rather common knowledge for some time that the United States holds a significant sum of money (well, for us peons, not for people in Congress), estimated to be around $10 billion.

According to FrontPageMag, on August 14, feckless Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to Afghanistan’s former president, Ashraf Ghani, and promised to send a bulk shipment of dollars to the country. Not so ironically, the next day Kabul fell, and Ghani was on his way out of the country.

Sources say that on that same call, Ghani agreed to surrender power to the Taliban. There was an agreement between Blinken, Ghani and the Taliban promising a “peaceful transfer of power” to the Taliban. The below Twitter thread gives an outline of what happened.

In essence, the Biden administration had promised to pay off the Taliban with a huge infusion of cash, however that deal apparently fell though, Ghani took off and the Taliban took the country’s capital. The deal fell through, at least for now.

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While the Taliban was hoping to get its grubby paws on Afghanistan’s money, much of it is being held in the United States, as stated above. Most of the assets–$1.3 billion—is being held in gold, sitting in the vaults of the Federal Reserve in downtown Manhattan.

As the article states, “if there were any justice, that money would be used to compensate the police officers, firefighters, and workers who died on that day or later on from ailments related to 9/11.” Afghanistan was of course where much of the 9/11 terrorist plot was hatched.

Just prior to the fall of Kabul, American diplomats fled the country, along with Ajmal Ahmady, governor of DAB, Afghanistan’s central bank. He boarded a military plane and headed out of the country. He has since tweeted that the Taliban had come looking for him.

According to Ahmady, there is around $7 billion in DAB’s assets held by the Federal Reserve, which he said includes the gold, bills and bonds in the amount of $3.1 billion, $300 million in cash and another $2.4 billion in World Bank funds intended to aid developing countries.

In addition, there is $700 million at the Bank for International Settlements, while another $1.3 billion is being held in international accounts.

Those assets are likely being held in Turkey, a country with an Islamist dictatorship friendly to the Taliban. Of course, the Taliban wants to get its hands on that money.

The Taliban is in some ways behaving itself to give the impression it has changed and can be a participating member in the global community. Why? They want to get that money. That may be a difficult road however, at least initially.

Just a week after the fall of Kabul, the International Monetary Fund was scheduled to disburse some $460 million in Special Drawing Rights to Afghanistan, however that, along with other international funding sources the Taliban sought to access was blocked. Fortunately, treasury officials were on top of cutting off the Taliban cash despite the best ineptitude of Biden administration officials and diplomats.

While FrontPageMag notes the Taliban still controls border crossings, allowing them to access Chinese money, they still will not have the amount of cash required to run what is described as any kind of functional country.

The United States remains, due to the funds we hold, the biggest possible revenue source for the Taliban.

Like many failed nation states, remittances from Afghans living overseas accounted for 4% of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product. That amount last year was only $788 million, funds which are currently being blocked. At least for now.

According to sources, the Taliban currently has limited options. They have appointed Mohammad Idris, a previously unknown Taliban official to head up the central bank. Currently, Afghanistan’s currency is “imploding,” and “dollarization without dollars doesn’t work so well.” In addition, Afghanistan’s economy, previously propped up by foreign aid, will not be able to be sustained, cutting off farming, opium and smuggling deals.

One source of income the Taliban has courtesy of the Biden administration is an estimated $88 or so billion in arms and military aircraft abandoned by the Afghan military and not destroyed by Biden’s Pentagon.

They will be able to sell some of that off to other Jihadists  for a one-time cash grab, however that will be a one off.

As the outlet notes, the Taliban do have two assets available—people and trouble. This is not unlike the same assets held by jihadi terrorists around the world, including Hamas and the Houthis in Yemen. While the Taliban doesn’t care about certain parts of their population, they know the American people do.

Some in America have talked about continuing to provide humanitarian aid to the war-torn country, and foreign aid coming into a country such as Afghanistan, now run by terrorists in essence means funding terrorism.

The Taliban also has other weapons at their disposal, not the least of which is the number of Afghan allis and Americans trapped inside the country.

They can also dump the flow of migrants and refugees into Europe, while also boosting the opium business and also claim the desire to “fight drug trafficking” in order to “shut it down.”

This is a common scan in countries located in South America and Southeast Asia, where corrupt politicians actually help fund the illicit drug trade and anti-drug businesses at the same time.

This brings us back to the arrangement between the Biden administration and the Taliban to provide “security” on the perimeter of Kabul’s airport while somehow allowing ISIS terrorists to commit a terrorist attack at one of the airport gates.

Clearly, this appears on its face to be a quid pro quo arrangement—”you give our people ‘clear passage’, and we’ll give you some money.”

Turning money back over to terrorists is hardly not unprecedented for the United States, in particular Democrats.

There is substantial precedent where terror states overran legitimate governments and left their wealth in the hands of the United States, including the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union to the Shiite Islamists in Iran. In those cases, Democrats turned the money over to terrorists.

It is quite likely that the Taliban will get their hands on at least some, if not most of the money.

As the outlet notes, there will be a lot of pressure brought to bear on the United States to release the money, as countries such as China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and others will push to legitimize the Taliban in the international community. In fact, China at least has already reached out to establish relations with the jihadist nation.

Given Biden’s feckless, incompetent response to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, his administration will give tepid resistance to the above efforts. Then, under pressure from the UN, Congressional leftists in the United States, and so-called “human rights” groups, there will be pressure to reopen the money flow and chances are the Afghan money will be released.

The $7 billion in DAB funds being held in the Federal Reserve will likely be the first cash released to the Taliban, another down payment in funding Islamic jihadi terrorism.

As noted above, Biden had green-lighted a bunch of money to be sent to Afghanistan the day before Kabul fell, knowing damn well that was what would happen, and the money would have fallen directly to the Taliban.

This of course wouldn’t be the first time Biden has sent money to terrorist regimes. According to National Review, he had proposed sending $200 million to Iran, no strings attached, in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

This brainstorm was ostensibly to show the Arab world in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks that America wasn’t hell bent on their destruction.

Likewise, when Biden served as vice president under Obama, that administration sent $1.7 billion in cash to Iran, CBS News reported in 2016.

Given that history, would it surprise anyone that Biden hadn’t made a deal with the Taliban to send them a few pallets full of cash in exchange for pretending to provide security for his ill-fated Afghanistan blunder.

As Obama found out with a more “with it” Biden as his vice president, having hostages is “a convenient pretext for funding Islamic terrorists.” Biden has already been accused by Republicans and conservative media, as well as some in his own party, of creating a hostage situation in Afghanistan.

Déjà vu, anyone?

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