Questions about election integrity reveal failure of 2020 election (op-ed)


Four years ago, the “left” expected Donald Trump to lose the presidential election. They were wrong.

Donald Trump, businessman, leader, entrepreneur, became the 45th president of the United States and was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017.

Leftists exhibited their frustration by staging large protests and riots. They declared Trump an “illegitimate” president. They swore to eject him from office “by any means necessary.” The implication was that any method that worked, even if it was transparently illegal, could be used.

One method suggested by congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), two weeks after he was inaugurated, was to impeach him. For what? He hadn’t even had a chance to do anything yet.

To put it kindly, fairness, grace, and integrity are not qualities that leap to mind when watching how leftists reacted to Trump’s election in 2016. 

President Trump was an embattled president from his first day in office. His political enemies and the media were relentless in their brutal and cowardly attacks on him. He persevered through daily media fusillades of falsehood, innuendo, and slander.

He fought with people within and outside the White House, political appointees leftover from previous administrations, who were bent on thwarting him.

The American people were treated to endless warnings from complicit media that Trump had to go. First, it was the supposed collusion with Russia to win the election (an absolutely hilarious joke, coming from the Clinton camp).

Then, it was obstruction of justice in Ukraine, for trying to understand a case of obstruction of justice involving Joe Biden. Again, hilarious considering the source. There were many more controversies, all invented out of whole cloth to deceive the American people into investing unwisely in hatred of a good man.

After three years and zero progress in their attempts to oust President Trump, he committed the ultimate sacrilege. Under Trump, the economy was better than it had been since WWII, minorities had higher incomes than at any other time since the 1960’s, and he was making foreign policy decisions that hinted at peace to come (later realized in the Middle East).

How dare he do well as president? If he kept it up, he’d be a shoe-in for re-election. Something had to be done.

The COVID-19 virus was convenient for leftists. Instead of being their worst nightmares, it became their most fervently desired wish: a way to finally defeat the president.

But the virus couldn’t do the job alone. To work effectively, it had to be combined with government-ordered shutdowns of the nation’s economy and criticisms of Trump.

This happened across the country. Businesses were destroyed, some industries were threatened with extinction, others barely survived. As months passed with no let up in sight, things became progressively worse.

It was about this time that the leftists initiated their second act: riots.

Starting with the March death of George Floyd, but planned months earlier, riots broke out across the country.

And they didn’t stop.

They continued every day, uninterrupted, all the way up until the November election.

Permissive Democrat governors, mayors, and district attorneys refused to prosecute rioters and looters, encouraged them publicly, and told the police to stand down.

It was the perfect recipe for anarchy, and anarchy is exactly what we got.

We also got widespread voter intimidation. The intimidation started with the lockdown. We had to wear masks. We had to stay six feet away from others. We could not congregate at local meeting places, or even at church.

Our means of normal communication with friends, family, and neighbors were curtailed, creating social isolation booths for everyone in the country. Then, when our primary sources of information were limited to biased social media, we were treated to endless claims of racism.

Marxist and anarchist rioters used this ploy as justification to destroy buildings, businesses, and lives across the nation. The message was clear: “join us (as Biden-supporting leftists) or you will be hurt.”

Democrats complain of non-existent “voter suppression” at polling places on the day of the election, while they scare the daylights out of conservatives for seven straight months. Many conservatives didn’t vote on election day because they were murdered during riots by leftist mobs.

Talk about “suppression.” Black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell was murdered on the streets of Milwaukee in July. Why? Consensus is that he was killed because he visibly supported Trump and was well-liked in his community.

Message received: Don’t vote for Trump, or die.

During the lockdown, Democrat strategists came up with a solution – mail-in voting. They claimed that mail-in voting would avoid the potential for contracting COVID at the polls (true) by not requiring an in-person vote.

Conveniently left out of the equation was the potential for voter fraud. Attorney General William Barr noticed.

He said:

“People trying to change the rules to this, to this methodology — which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion — is reckless and dangerous and people are playing with fire.”

The other issue with mail-in voting is that it wasn’t necessary. It was known long before the election that the lockdown would end and that people would be visiting places safely throughout the country.

Why could they go shopping with a mask but not go to a polling station?

There were no satisfactory answers to that question, but Democrats pressed the issue regardless, insisting that any attempt to derail mail-in voting showed an urge to kill innocent voters. This, despite a 99 percent survival rate for people aged 69 and younger.

President Trump was worried about mail-in voting for the same reason Barr was, the potential for fraud. During a White House press conference on Sept. 27, the president provided examples of problems associated with mail-in voting.

All of the cases he cited are from this year:

  1. In Brooklyn, 25 percent of mail-in ballots were ruled invalid during the June Democratic primary.
  2. In a New Jersey special election, nearly 20 percent of the ballots were thrown out, and four people are being prosecuted for fraud.
  3. In a Florida primary, more than 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected, and over 100,000 ballots were rejected in California.
  4. In Pennsylvania’s primary, half of the counties were still counting ballots a week after the election.
  5. The story of discarded military ballots discovered in Pennsylvania, many of them cast for Trump.
  6. Reports in Wisconsin of three trays of mail containing absentee ballots were found in a ditch.
  7. In North Carolina, voters reported receiving two ballots in the mail.”

This contrasts sharply with the frequently reported claim that Trump’s statements regarding potential hazards of mail-in voting are “false.” Trump clearly has good reason to be worried, and displayed this to the media, who either ignored or mischaracterized them.

One has to wonder, why did Democrats want mail-in voting so much? There are serious problems associated with it, and more problems are being discovered every week.

For instance, project Veritas founder James O’Keefe recently posted a video that exposes a woman who is paid to fraudulently obtain mail-in ballots or to illegally coerce voters into voting for certain candidates.

The Heritage Foundation keeps a database of election fraud cases. To date, it has 1,298 “proven instances of voter fraud.” Most “instances” refers to a conviction, which can involve many votes.

For instance, Christopher Williams bribed homeless people in California to acquire hundreds of fraudulent signatures for ballot reforms and voter registration forms.

So, regardless what Democrats, leftists, and the media want you to believe, election fraud happens. Mail-in ballots are easily exploited to accomplish voter fraud and we know this has happened as recently as this year.

Why then, does one party want it so much and the other rejects it? Possibly for the same reason. The primary advantage to those who want mail-in ballots is the opportunity for fraud. The primary disadvantage for those who don’t want it is fraud.

Like entering an athletic competition against athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs, an honest competitor is at an unfair disadvantage. This is why Trump is worried about mail-in ballots, not a careless disregard for safety, as the left claims.

Speaking of which, how dare anyone complain about COVID safety in the context of voting when they encourage protests and riots?

Early on election day, Facebook and Twitter decided to engage in yet more censorship designed to favor Joe Biden. They marked a post from Trump as misleading. Trump had written that “a U.S. Supreme Court decision on mail-in voting in Pennsylvania would lead to “rampant” fraud and was “very dangerous.”

From the president’s perspective, it was a legitimate concern. At worst, the degree of danger could be disputed but not that there was the potential for serious problems.

Finally, we had the election.

Shortly after the polls closed, and long before the vote had been finalized, Fox News called the state of Arizona for Biden. The person who made the call was Fox News election desk director, Arnon Mishkin.

At the time, it was by no means clear who the state should go to. There were too many votes to be counted to know for sure. Trump was “livid.”

At the time, Trump had a strong lead in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This was still true at 2 a.m. when Trump held a press conference and warned about attempts to steal the election.

Then ballot counting supposedly stopped for the evening. Before most people woke later that morning, the situation was reversed.

A few hours later, not only had the Biden votes caught up to Trump, they had surpassed his votes. All of a sudden he looked likely to lose Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

At the same time, his leads in every other state were shrinking. Before long, Wisconsin and Michigan looked like losses, and Nevada was headed in the same direction. It didn’t make sense to anyone who had been watching.

Trump acted quickly to contain the damage:

President Trump on Wednesday addressed a press conference from the East Room of the White House and accused Joe Biden of election fraud.

In his statement, Trump claimed victory and said:

“I want to thank the American people for their tremendous support. A very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise our support. We will not stand for that.

“The results have been phenomenal. We were all set to get outside and celebrate. Such success. The citizens of this country have come out in record numbers, to support us, We will win this and as far as I’m concerned, we already have.

“Our goal is to ensure the integrity for the good of the country. We want the law to be used in a proper manner. So, we will be going to US Supreme Court.”

Trump added that the Biden campaign had committed “a fraud on the American public.”

The president’s legal counsel, Rudy Giuliani, said that Democrats were perpetrating a massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania and announced a lawsuit challenging the vote count. It is “inconceivable that Mr. Trump could be 500,000 votes ahead with more than 80% of the votes counted and not be declared the winner in Pennsylvania.”

He added:

“Do you think we’re stupid? Do you think we’re fools? You know something, the Democrats do think you’re stupid and they do think you’re fools. And that’s why you get called deplorable and chumps.”

We know election fraud took place in Michigan thanks to Project Veritas.

According to a U.S. Postal Service insider:

“We were issued a directive this morning to collect any ballots we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, just outgoing mail in general, separate them at the end of the day so that they could hand stamp them with the previous day’s date.

“Today is November 4th for clarification.”

Back-dating ineligible late ballots so that they become eligible is election fraud under Michigan law.

Michigan is one of the states key to a victory for the president. From Project Veritas, we know that fraud took place but do no know yet how effective it was. It may be surmised, however, that a post office in Michigan is in a much better position to create large numbers of valid-seeming ballots than a single individual.

For all we know, that post office could have generated as many as 100,000 ballots alone. Maybe this is why Michigan vote-counters covered their windows and refused entry to Republican poll watchers. They may have needed privacy to count the newly created votes.

Republicans have taken to the streets to protest what they perceive to be dishonest polling practices. According to them, a wide array of deceptive or fraudulent practices have led to a total breakdown of election integrity. As part of their protest, they use the hashtag #stopthesteal to raise awareness about election irregularities.

In addition to issues related to fraud and logistics, there remains another issue that should be enough on its own to prevent mail-in voting. Early voting extends the election season, preventing late-breaking information from affecting voting decisions.

Another way to look at it is that early voters don’t have the benefit of access to the same information. It is like holding a relay race where each leg of the race can be run whenever and wherever the runners feel like.

Thus, raising the potential for cheating: running in a tailwind, downhill, when at peak condition, before an encouraging home crowd of supporters, using an advantageously mistimed stopwatch, etc. No race would be run that way because of the many ways individual runners could maximize conditions favorable to their success.

Meanwhile, the media continues to support the story that the election is honest.

The NY Times claimed that the election was carried out smoothly, fairly, and with little foreign interference. The results, in other words, can be trusted. 

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The article stated:

“With a record number of votes already having been cast, election officials across the country reported relatively smooth operations on Tuesday, with nothing more than the usual long lines at polling places — made longer by social distancing — and machine malfunctions.”

In another article, the Times suggests censorship as a remedy for censorship:

“On Facebook, a video posted to a seven-month-old Colombian account called Mr. Capacho en Vivo, with 40,000 followers, accused Twitter of censoring Mr. Trump’s victory and had already been viewed more than 500,000 times — far more traffic than Russian trolls generated with fake Black Lives Matter ads ahead of the 2016 election.”

In the same article, the author writes:

“It appeared Facebook and Twitter might have overlooked the deluge of disinformation targeting Spanish-speaking Americans. Spanish-language accounts with huge followings falsely said that Mr. Trump had secured an early victory, that social media was censoring his win and that Mr. Biden was cheating.”

The apparent goal of mentioning this is to imply that Facebook and Twitter should not have “overlooked” the posts and done something about them, namely, censored them.

If anything, the media’s intransigent avoidance of stories critical of Biden and their embrace of anti-Trump stories should be proof enough that they are hiding something on the election fraud story. Otherwise, why pretend that no known cases of election fraud have occurred, or that genuine problems exist with mail-in voting?

The man who most visibly benefits from election shenanigans is Joe Biden. This morning, he shamelessly urged unity:

“Here the people rule, power can’t be taken or asserted. It flows from the people. It’s their will that determines who will be president of the United States and their will alone.”

He said it was time to ‘to unite, to heal, to come together as a nation.”

Any man who could say that in the context of this election and revelations from his son Hunter’s laptop, is unworthy of trust.

The 2020 US presidential election has proven that our system cannot be trusted. On that basis alone, it is broken. 

It has also shown the power of Silicon Valley technocrats. They rule in ways no despot in history could have imagined. They can censor with the push of a button, simultaneously silencing millions of voices.

At the same time, they can promote their favorite causes without any meaningful objection. They have the money, the technology, and the will to reshape our society into a form that is most congenial to them. They are dangerous.

Democrats have benefitted from the nefarious, notorious, and destructive actions of Marxist and Anarchist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa. They have at times openly supported these groups.

Few Democrats have done so much as to voice weak remonstrance, let alone denounce them openly. Despite this, they betray no self-awareness of the irony encapsulated by repeated requests that President Trump, who is not a racist, denounce racists and white nationalists. They must be held to account for incitement to riot and insurrection.

In the end, this election has shown that Democrats want to see us converted or dead. Me and every other conservative in this country. They won’t be satisfied until their unholy desire for Socialist devastation is achieved and their every detractor is extinguished.

Then, as with all other Socialist societies, they will only have each other to destroy, and will do that also because such is Socialism. It cannot produce anything; it only consumes what is there.

This is why our president cannot walk away from this election. This is why the people of this country must support him. If we want to live in a society governed by the rule of law, we cannot continue to allow the law to be transgressed.

There is a reason that violations of election law are criminal, not civil offenses. It is because they have the potential to be the most dangerous crimes of all. If an election violation allows an incompetent or malignant elected official into office, the damage they can wreak is far more devastating than anything one lone criminal, no matter how malevolent, can accomplish on their own.

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