Making the choice to become a police officer is not one to take lightly. Never before have members of law enforcement been subject to so much scrutiny, been forced to work under a microscope, or been so heavily protested.

But anyone who has dedicated their life to being an LEO knows that it’s more than overcoming those obstacles.

It’s about answering that call to serve.

It’s about standing up for the weak and protecting them, no matter the situation.

It’s about running towards the danger when everyone else flees in the opposite direction.

It’s about making society a better place.


It’s about answering that call to serve. (Raleigh Police Protective Association)


Now, the non-profit organization Public Safety Cadets is helping pave the way for young men and women in America who are feeling that same call to serve. The group was founded by active and retired officers who want to help young adults aged 14 to 21 that want to pursue a career in the public safety field. The organization gives cadets “direct, intensive experience in the field.”

PSC President Kent Jefferies said, “This is not just an observer experience or ride-along program. We are actively creating a recruiting pipeline to the profession.”

(Public Safety Cadets)


PSC just announced their very first National Leadership Academy program for August of 2019 in Washington DC.

100 lucky cadets are going to get firsthand experience inside the life and service of public safety officials.

100 lucky cadets will get exclusive access to the FBI Academy and more. (Public Safety Cadets)


According to the press release from PSC, “the Academy will provide 100 cadets with interactive workshops, dynamic speakers, physical fitness, and field trips around the National Capital Region all building upon leadership lessons taught throughout the week.”

Cadets will also get to visit the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, the National Law Enforcement Museum and the African American Museum of History and Culture, as well as take part in a leadership-lessons walking tour of monuments in Washington DC.

The Academy is hosted by the Fairfax County Police Department and co-sponsored by the George Mason University Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy and the George Mason University Police.

These cadets are the future of law enforcement in America. (Public Safety Cadets)


The cadet program is growing; Fairfax County Police were the first to join, but Jefferies says that the organization anticipates adding at least 1000 agencies and 10,000 cadets between 2019 and 2020.

These cadets are the future of American law enforcement. Let’s show them some support and help welcome them to the family!

For more information on the Public Safety Cadets, visit their website.