Protestor disgraces American flag in front of Trump supporters by running it through underwear


Philadelphia, PA Demonstrators gathered Tuesday in Philadelphia to protest President Trump’s arrival for a town hall meeting, not an unusual situation for this administration.

But one protestor stood out from the rest by performing an act guaranteed to draw attention: The woman, dressed in a Trump mask, stood in front of some Trump supporters and ran the American flag through her bubble gum pink underwear.

The shocking scene likely was not one envisioned by rally organizer Irina Goldstein, a 2019 Republican candidate for Philadelphia City Council. Goldstein explained to Chris Brennan, political writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer, why she wanted to support President Trump with a demonstration.

She said:

“I’m here to show support for the counter-voice. The voice not often heard in Philadelphia. The voice of conservatives . . . and to support our President.”

The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott was at the scene.

At first, there is a mixture of protestors and supporters. The police are there, and they are trying to keep conflict between the two groups to a minimum. They are standing in a line behind barricades, watching.

Some of the protestors have signs that read: “Trump Pence Out Now.” A woman is singing in the background. Next to a white tent someone waves the Trump Pence 2020 flag.

Some protestors chant “F*** Donald Trump.” Most of the protestors are wearing masks. The two groups mill about.


The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that protesters outnumbered Trump supporters at the scene outside the National Constitution Center.

But then there is that one protestor. The Donald Trump mask she is wearing more closely resembles Sir Richard Branson, the millionaire founder of the Virgin Group, if he were to sport spiky blond hair.

Or maybe it looks like that annoying kid from the “Home Alone” movie.

I digress.

The original report mistook her for wearing a pig mask. She is wearing a blue suit jacket and a red tie. The bright pink panties have a message on the rear: Caution Slippery When Wet.

The underwear looks like chewed-up bubble gum.



Three people, two women and one man, are sitting on a granite bench minding their own business. They are dressed casually, with one of the women wearing a Trump ballcap and the other, in a red blazer, waving a small American flag.

The man sits near the end of the bench. A young man stands next to them on the same bench, holding an anti-Trump sign.

They all seemed to share some level of disgust:

The woman in the Trump mask writhes as she stuffs the American flag into her underwear in front of these folks. She then pulls it out and stuffs it back in and runs it back and forth, front to back, before pulling it out again.

While she makes her message known, a woman in a white USA cap and white t-shirt that says “Pray For 45” steps up and quietly unrolls a sign that says “Keep America Great.”

The woman was slammed on social media for her actions.

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Proposed bill in New Jersey would allow illegal immigrants to obtain professional and occupational licenses

Soon, activity picks up at the granite monument where the three Trump supporters are sitting as others realize it’s a vantage point for its height. Men and women holding anti-Trump signs are next to men and women holding Trump 2020 signs. 

Apparently, this is not a battle of politics, but whoever gets to stand on top of the granite monument where the nice people are sitting. The police see it as their cue to separate the sides and preempt any physical clashes.

The police arrive on their bikes to start separating the two groups.

 An officer in a white polo shirt, a helmet and a black mask identified as Sgt. Bill on his shirt starts to break them up. The protestors boo.

I dunno. I’m team #SgtBill.  Anyway, Sgt. Bill, if you’re reading this, you have a fan! 

On top of the monument, four people, two pro-Trump and two anti-Trump, stand next to each other, peacefully holding their signs. Neither group tries to push the other off, or yell at the other. They just stand there holding their flags and signs. The three people on the monument bench watch the confusion around them. The woman in the red blazer waves her small American flag in front of her.

More people arrive. Police are trying to separate the two groups and move the supporters of President Trump behind the police barricade as the protestors take over the granite monument.


The protestors have taken over the pro-Trump space and start singing and saying “buh-bye.” A woman wearing a Black Lives Matter mask and glasses on her head sings into a bullhorn. At least her singing isn’t too bad. I’ve heard worse . . . like Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem. This protestor is a little bit better than that. 


Talcott, of The Daily Caller, finds her way over to two people having a discussion over the barricade. One is a supporter of President Trump. She is in a white shirt and a red-white-and-blue America hat. The other is a protestor. He wears all black. Their discussion is passionate but civil. 

The Pro-Trump folks have gone behind the barricade. The police form a line to protect them.

“Eddie,” who declined to give his last name, is selling Trump shirts for $5 each. Hey, I can totally support an entrepreneur.

More people show up. You can hear these vile protestors attacking the police saying: “Typical Pig defending [unintelligible].”

But then we see the Trump supporters.

As Trump boards Air Force One the Trump supporters go wild. Of course, the protestors have to try to outshout them.

The stark contrast between Trump supporters and protestors is revealing. I’m sure the mother of the girl wearing the Trump mask and flossing her butt with the American flag is so proud.

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