Protesters demand officer be terminated after he shot a man who pointed a gun at him


LA MARQUE, TX – Protesters in La Marque, Texas are demanding an officer be fired and arrested for shooting and killing an armed suspect. 

Police allege that video evidence proved that the suspect pointed a gun at the officer before he fired.

According to the family attorney, Benjamin Crump, an independent autopsy was performed on the suspect that showed that the wanted felon, Joshua Feast, was shot once in the back.  According to Crump, that means that Feast offered no threat of violence toward the officer, Jose Santos.

Crump, the family, and protesters are demanding that Santos be fired and the body camera footage be released immediately.  These demands, at least for Santos to be terminated, are done even after police have attested that they have seen the video footage of the incident, and that footage proves that Feast was not only armed at the time of the encounter, he was pointing it at Santos before shots were fired.

The incident occurred on December 9th when officers saw Feast whom they knew to have an outstanding felony warrant.  As officers approached Feast in an attempt to take him into custody, he noticed officers were closing in and fled on foot.

Police allege that while Feast was running away from Santos, he turned and pointed a firearm at him.  Since Santos saw the wanted felon pointing a gun at him, he reasonably feared for his life and defended himself by firing one round which struck Feast and stopped the threat.

According to Crump, who was not there and has not seen the video footage of the incident, claims that Feast was defenseless and posed no threat to officers. 

Crump bases this opinion on the independent autopsy showing that Feast was shot in the back and there are allegedly witnesses that corroborate that Feast was not threatening Santos.  He said:

“He [Feast] was a defenseless man who was running away.  There was no reason for [Santos] to shoot and kill this young man, who had only turned 22 three weeks ago.”

Yet, a quick search for Feast on Facebook and his account was found complete with pictures of him as well as ties to his family with Rest in Peace messages. 

Looking at the pictures that he has posted of himself on Facebook, there are several in which he is flashing large amounts of money, guns, and gang signs.  It is doubtful, from his pictures alone, that he was “defenseless”.  

Of course, Crump’s opinion of what happened differ from the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office who is investigating the officer involved shooting. 

The Galveston County Sheriff, Henry Trochesset, who has personally viewed the video, attests that it does show that Feast was not only armed with a gun, but the video shows that he pointed that weapon at Santos before shots were fired. 

Trochesset has not given a timeline as to when the video surveillance will be released for the public to view. 

Sadly, instead of waiting for the video to be released, people are automatically taking the word of Crump who was not there and has not seen the video. 

Those people have begun to form groups with the intention of protesting until Santos is terminated from the La Marque Police Department.

Groups of people descended upon La Marque over the weekend demanding justice for Feast.  Another group formed a demonstration which was in front of La Marque City Hall. 

This group voiced their demands that Santos and the La Marque Police Chief, Kirk Jackson, be terminated immediately by the Mayor of the city.

Jackson spoke about the incident which led Santos and other officers to encounter Feast on the 9th.  Jackson reported that Feast was wanted on a felony warrant and was also a person of interest in several shooting investigations in the area. 

Jackson also noted that weapons were found at the scene where he was killed.

Santos has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation which is normal for police involved shootings. 

The results of the investigation will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office who will determine whether or not criminal charges are warranted in the case.

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Protests erupt after Detroit police ‘murder’ ‘unarmed’ man. Except… he fired a gun at police before they shot him.

July 11, 2020

DETROIT, MI – The city of Detroit has brought yet another example of how protests manage to erupt when relating to police-involved shootings of suspects – even when these fatal encounters prove to be justified shootings by police.

Mere hours after police fatally shot 20-year-old Hakeem Littleton on July 10th, officials released video footage that showed the suspect firing a weapon at police. But by that time, protesters had already surrounded the scene where the encounter occurred.  

Police Chief James Craig noted that when officers encountered Littleton on the afternoon of July 10th, they were said to be enacting an arrest of a different subject related to a homicide that took place on July 5th.

Littleton was not even on police’s radar, as he was not the individual being honed in on for arrest, but was said to have inserted himself into the scenario when police were arresting the homicide suspect. According to the video footage available, Littleton produced a gun from his pocket and began opening fire on police.


Luckily, no officers were injured, but police returned fire at Littleton and fatally shot him. Investigators noted that Littleton discharged his firearm four times at police before being fatally wounded.

Yet, seeing how the rumor mill works, many protesters were falsely led to believe that Littleton was an unarmed and ruthlessly gunned down by police.

Brendan Scorpio, a protest organizer with the group Detroit Will Breathe, was among those who either disregarded the facts of the case or was led to believe that Littleton was unjustly gunned down:

“They killed a man today. I don’t give a fuck what happened, they shouldn’t have killed a man today.”

Scorpio continued, alleging that police should have never been in the area where Littleton was to begin with:

“We are fighting for a system where the police shouldn’t have been there to begin with, the police shouldn’t be putting people in positions where they feel like they have to protect their lives because they see a badge.”

Except, the notion that “police shouldn’t have been there to begin with,” is a demonstrably misguided sentiment.

Police, as mentioned earlier, were there to arrest a suspect alleged to be involved in a homicide case from earlier in the month. The homicide case in question was one that left three people dead and five other people wounded at a block party on July 5th.


However, even with the presence of compelling evidence that Littleton was justly fired upon by police, it still led to police having to deploy the likes of teargas on protesters and bad actors engulfing the police crime scene.

From there, protesters had then made their way over to the local police precinct and engaged in somewhat of a brief standoff against officers, where officers were said to have been adorned in riot gear and hosted inside of armored vehicles.

Demonstrators were said to have then made their way back to the original crime scene thereafter, but eventually dispersed at around 9:30 p.m. that evening.

In these instances, it seems like even when police are blatantly protecting their lives against armed assailants intent on killing them – appropriate responses of lethal force will still get admonished by bad actors. Because, as many have seen lately, there are those who simply want to protest police for the sake of protesting police.

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