Revealed: Rioters with badges labeled “Press” attacked officers at another Portland riot


PORTLAND, OR- Not much has changed in regards to the constant violence that has been directed at police officers across the country, especially in Portland since May.

During a riot that took place on August 1st, protesters hurled glass bottles and pointed lasers at police officers, which lead to the the declaration of an unlawful assembly and two arrests.

A large group of about 200 people gathered in Laurelhurst Park, which is a change of pace from the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse and the Justice Center, that are normally the targets of protests and riots.

The crowd marched, while others in vehicles blocked traffic on East Burnside Street. Officers deflated all four tires of a car that was attempting to interfere with law enforcement operations. 

Rioters, and individuals wearing “press” on their clothing, began their typical behavior and attacks on officers by shining bright lights, including lasers in their eyes, and eventually began hurling glass bottles at them.

Portland Police Bureau said in an incident summary:

“A person in the crowd threw a glass jar or bottle filled with paint, which struck a Portland Police officer in the head. The officer was not injured,” 

After repeated attempts to clear the crowd, police declared an unlawful assembly and forced rioters to disperse.

The bureau said:

“People continued to throw glass and plastic bottles at police. People with ‘press’ written on their outer garments [indicating journalists] repeatedly threw objects at officers,” 

It is very sad that the people who should be unbiased in their reporting on the mistreatment of the police officers, are the ones attacking them. 

Once the crowd was dispersed a safe distance away, police disengaged and returned to the Penumbra Kelly Building, but a large portion of the mob circled back toward the building and once again began throwing objects at police. Members of the “press” were involved in the second round of violence against officers as well. 

Two men from Portland were arrested. Max Van Briesen, 31, was arrested for assaulting a Public Safety Officer, interfering with a Police Officer, and disorderly conduct in the second degree. The second man, Freedom Moreno, 34, was arrested for interfering with a Police Officer, disorderly conduct in the second degree, resisting arrest, and harassment.

Another, more peaceful protest took place at the federal courthouse, and lasted approximately two hours, with no altercations or police interaction.

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Here is more on the violence raging in Portland. 

PORTLAND, OR – As protests continue to roar, 22 people were arrested and are facing federal charges for their roles in the riots that took place over the weekend at the federal courthouse in downtown Portland.

City officials claim that these protests start out peaceful, for the most part, but then turn violent as the night went on. On Monday, Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams said that he is urging peaceful demonstrators to leave the area before other protesters start to get violent and throw fireworks and other harmful objects at officers.

According to Oregon Live, Williams said that he remains alarmed by the amount of violence that is continuing to happen outside the federal courthouse in downtown Portland.

He said in a statement:

“This nightly violence cannot continue. It is absolutely destroying the soul of our city.”

Williams said that the federal officers will stay in Portland for as long as people continue to damage the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

He said:

“We must defend this building and the institution of justice that it represents. We are not leaving the building unprotected to let it be destroyed by people intent on doing so.”

Williams said he supports peaceful protests, but he does not condone the actions of a core of rioters who set fires, throw fireworks, bottles, and other harmful objects at officers. He urges his community members to also not condone this behavior. 

He said:

“We are in the midst of historic civil unrest due to generations of racial injustice and the tragic murder of George Floyd. Nightly violence directed at the federal courthouse and other federal facilities does nothing but hijack peaceful protesters’ original message. It is criminal and it has to stop.”

According to Fox News, out of the 22 protesters arrested this past weekend, six of them have been charged for alleged criminal conduct during a protest that began Thursday last week and extended into early next morning.

Included in those arrests are:

Carly Anne Ballard, 34 and David Michael Bouchard, 36, both were charged with assaulting federal officers. Josslynn Kreutz, 28, Dakota Eastman, 30, Ezra Meyers, 18, and Mark Rolycanov, 28 were all charged with failing to obey lawful orders.

Eight other people were charged for alleged criminal conduct during a protest beginning on Saturday and continuing into early Sunday morning.

Included in those arrests are:

Rebecca Gonzalez-Morta, 37, Stephen O’Donnell, 65, Thomas Johnson, 33, Nathan Oderdonk-Snow, 21, Joshua Webb 22, Pablo Avvacato, 26, and Doug Dean, 34 were all charged with assaulting federal officers. Richard Lindstet, 33 was charged with operating a drone in restricted airspace.

Seven additional people were charged for alleged criminal conduct during a protest on Sunday night into Monday morning.

Included in those arrests are:

Michael Stephenson, 23, Caleb Willis, 29, Noelle Mandolfo, 30, Travis Williams, 27, Patrick Stanford (age unknown), Coree Jefree (age unknown), and Tyler Gabriel, 22 were all charged with assaulting federal officers.

In addition, federal law enforcement, including agents from Homeland Security Investigations and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, arrested Ronald Bernard Hickey, 44, a Canadian National for harassing and stalking federal employees. Allegedly, Hickey harassed and stalked federal officers assigned to assist the Federal Protective Service with ongoing civil unrest in Portland.

He used his Twitter account to release personal information of these federal employees in an attempt to threaten, intimidate, or incite violence against them.

Since May 26th, protests have occurred nightly in Portland. These protests have been followed by nightly criminal activity including assaults on federal law enforcement officers. 

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