Protesters advocate for murdering cops, leave coffin with head of pig outside PD with sign saying ‘other white meat’


KANSAS CITY, MO – A protest held outside of the Kansas City Police Department’s headquarters earlier in June bore a concerning display that seemed to promote the killing of police officers. 

The troubling display came in the form of a casket that held a pig’s head propped over a fake body dressed in a police officer’s uniform – with the casket being left on the steps of the police headquarters building. 

Much of the coverage this protest from June 4th received from the local media were generally positive reports, highlighting that dozens had gathered outside KCPD headquarters demanding the likes of reform, accountability and the sort. 

41 Action News painted a somber picture with their coverage of the June 4th protest, sharing brief interview with people who had lost family members during police interactions. 

Said segment from 41 Action News was peppered with montages of people marching and raising fists. 

FOX 4 Kansas City interviewed Steve Young, who has been organizing these weekly protests outside of the KCPD headquarters, where Young stated that no police officials ever want to talk to the group that assembles outside weekly:

“We are out there every Friday. The police record us. They see us. Not one of them ever came out just to talk to us. There’s no action being taken when it comes to some of the local victims that’s being killed.”

Perhaps one of the reasons that police officials have no interest in opening a dialogue with the protesters that gather outside weekly is because the sort of decorations that these protesters brig in tow. 

In this case, it happens to have been a casket with a pig’s head draped over a fake body dressed as a cop. Clearly, this sort of display might not be the best conversation starter with police officers. 

One Missouri local had shared a photo of the casket in question in a post from the evening of June 4th, captioning the photo with the following: 

“This is disgusting. They have a casket with what is suppose to be LEO body in it with a pigs head as it’s head. Nothing….. I repeat nothing is being said of a “protest” happening right this moment downtown at HQ. Every stupid ass little thing makes people outraged and hits breaking news! Apparently this is ok? This doesn’t cause OUTRAGE?!?”

Another Kansas City local took to Facebook after witnessing the casket, adding a lengthy caption where part of it noted the following: 

“As I watched a live stream of the protest, I saw a large box behind the speaker. When I got a good look at it, I read that the bottom says, ‘the other white meat’. With the flags on it I quickly realized it is supposed to be the coffin of a dead Police Officer. After additional pictures were obtained, I was told it was an actual pig dressed in a Police uniform. How absolutely disgusting and disturbing that THAT was a part of their message.”

Reportedly no public officials within Kansas City have offered comment regarding the disheartening display that took place outside of police headquarters on June 4th. 

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The protests outside of the KCPD headquarters also happened to have come on the heels of public outrage over recently released footage of an officer-involved shooting that occurred in Kansas City back in March. 

We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on the shooting in question and the inquiries that have cropped up over the recently released footage. 


KANSAS CITY, MO – An officer involved shooting that proved fatal for a suspect back in March is gaining newfound attention – and scrutiny. Recently released video of the incident is raising questions on whether or not the shooting was justified

According to reports, Kansas City Police officers attempted to arrest 31-year-old Malcolm Johnson inside of a BP gas station located at 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue on March 25th. 

Police were reportedly attempting to arrest Johnson in connection with an alleged domestic violence shooting incident that occurred on March 15th. 

Johnson had also previously spent time in prison for a 2014 shooting that happened in Raytown where he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action regarding the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Monteario Hogan.

During the March 25th attempted arrest of Johnson, police officials stated that officers tried to a place Johnson under arrest, but a scuffle ensued where Johnson later fired a weapon and shot a Kansas City Police officer in the leg. 

Officials revealed at the time that the officer who was shot by the suspect returned fire, fatally striking Johnson. 

But recently released videos of the arrest, while not exactly contradicting much of the information initially shared by officials, is raising questions on whether or not the shooting of Johnson was justifiable. 

Video released does show a violent encounter between the suspect and police on March 25th, which several officers are seen struggling with Johnson on the ground. 

Despite this, however, visibility of the critical moments during the encounter leaves much to be desired. This of course means that many in the community are giving the benefit of the doubt to the criminal rather than the officers involved.

For example, local community member Pastor Darron Edwards claims that the shooting of Johnson was an “execution” by police involved: 

“There’s a way to treat people. There’s a way to handle people whether they’re criminal or innocent. The way they treated this man was an execution.”

A statement from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who is leading the investigation into the critical incident, noted that it is not their job to determine whether or not the shooting was justified, but to simply gather the facts and hand over the results of their investigation. 

Sergeant Bill Lowe from the MSHP stated that such an investigation can be lengthy, but it is to the benefit of all parties that the incident be thoroughly reviewed: 

“I would not want it to be a speedy process if I were the victim of any crime. You want it to be thorough, done with compassion, and done with integrity, so we are being as transparent as we can possibly be.”

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker released a statement after having reviewed the newly released videos, noting the following: 

“We have received videos from witnesses and community members for our review. We are closely analyzing this information.

“A part of our review will be an evaluation of any discrepancies between the original accounting of this event and the actual evidence, including any video evidence. Our job requires us to gather as many facts as we can and to use those facts to determine if charges are appropriate under Missouri law. In order to do that, a full and neutral investigation is necessary. Our duty requires we hold all accountable, no matter their position or power.

“We are also evaluating our processes to determine how we might further engage with community to gain these necessary facts.”

The first video that was released to the public was from the perspective of the store surveillance camera, which shows far less of the confrontation between officers and Johnson. 

This is an ongoing investigation. 

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case. 

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