With today being my birthday, I can’t help but think about the birthdays that might not happen, because the decision was made to not let that day happen.

My career has been both broad and blessed.  I’ve worked in both an ambulance and a hospital. Transported and treated babies to the neo-natal ward on a specialty ambulance, worked on a fire engine and in a police car. Saw the best and worst of our society, and was confident that no matter what I saw, I would never see ill will towards a baby.  

Yes, there are sick people out there that hurt children, but I always believed in a society bound by the belief that children are our future and responsibility.

We would respond and protect, removing threats from society. Now society itself is the threat and what people once morally despised, some now embrace with cheers.

Virginia Introduces Bill To Allow Abortions Up To Moment Of Birth: Officer Reacts With Rage

I am heartbroken; how do we justify killing babies?  Whether I was a patrol cop, a gang cop, a medic, or civilian, everybody dropped everything if a baby was at risk. Now there is no chance to rescue, because politicians are choosing for those children to never have a voice, never to have that birthday.

From the responses I have seen I do not think these politicians are representing their constituents. I see very few people saying they agree, and a whole lot saying they are appalled. So when do we say they have crossed the line, when do we hold them accountable.

There are options for the mother, there are options that can save these children. Why are we not working on legislation to make it easier to care for these children?

My wife and I are not actively seeking adoption, but if a need arises, we would not hesitate to step in and help. We know plenty of families that want to adopt, couples that have not been able to have their own children. These children have a potential, they have a future, but they have no voice. It is our responsibility to stand up for them, to bring back the moral fiber this country was built on.

I have to ask myself … why? What changed? How did we get to this place? In my heart of hearts, I can only come up with a lack of God that goes beyond ourselves.  

The further our society strays from God, the more it believes it’s in the position to play God, and the worse it gets. I have always been against abortion, and I know there are circumstances that may be the only option to save lives, however this is not the case here. These babies have to be delivered, either naturally or through a c-section, why do they have to be delivered murdered instead of alive?

I have family that has gone through the pain of still birth. I have attended my niece’s funeral shortly after her birth. After watching my family go through this tragedy, I cannot understand how anyone would choose it, or people would celebrate the ability to do so.

I pray to God that we find a quick and righteous way to fix this, if I am His tool I am waiting for the command, and I know many others are as well. But it’s not enough to talk amongst our friends, we need to get the word out. 

If we can murder babies, where does it stop?  If 9-1-1 receives a call for assistance, do they have the right to determine whether your chance for survival is high enough to respond? 

I have seen miracles, I have seen babies revived, and I have also seen them pass.

I have cried over lost babies and children after I got home from those shifts.

I have cried with my family over the loss of our niece that almost made it to her birthdate.

I cry for our country now, and the countless children that we may never meet. I am dumbfounded over the fact that this is even real, I pray heavily that God intervenes and we wake up.

Enough is enough!

David Clark is a former firefighter, EMT and Police Officer.  His time in law enforcement in California included selection onto the Gang / Multiple Enforcement team.  He’s now the President of American Threat Assessment Consulting, Inc. (ATAC, Inc.) and sits on the Federal Taskforce For School and Workplace Shootings (Operation Innocence).  He’s a proud Christian, father and husband.