Prosecutors say woman lied and said her son was kidnapped so her stolen car could be found faster


CHICAGO, IL – In Chicago, a woman is facing charges relating to lying to police in an effort to perceivably receive expedited service for her criminal complaint.

From what prosecutors say, this woman lied about her child being kidnapped in order for police to quickly recover her vehicle.

Here’s the details on the case.

The woman behind this alleged criminal abuse of her local police was identified as 30-year-old Sade Owens.

On October 26th, Owens had reported that her vehicle was stolen while her seven-month-old son was still inside of the back of the car.

Owens’ vehicle was reportedly stolen when she’d briefly exited her car to go inside of a Marquette Park convenience store on the afternoon of October 26th.

Prosecutors say woman lied and said her son was kidnapped so her stolen car could be found faster
Sade Owens – Chicago Police Department

When she came out to discover her vehicle was stolen, witness Denise Edwards said the mother made quite the scene:

“I just heard a young lady hollering about somebody took her car with her baby in it.”

The mother of three, who is reportedly homeless, informed police that her son Jaylen Mojica was inside of the car when someone nabbed it while she was at the convenience store – so authorities enlisted police helicopters, K9s and copious amounts of personnel resources.

Keep in mind, police at the time thought they were searching for a missing child.

Well, police did wind up locating the SUV relatively quickly, but noticed that there was no child inside of the car.

Police reasonably became concerned and started to question Owens further, to which she reportedly became “evasive” to questioning.

Authorities were then curious about where Owens’ two other children were, to which Owens said that they were with a babysitter that she couldn’t remember the name or the address of. Police likely knew something was awry, and were able to track down this babysitter.

And wouldn’t you know it – there was Jaylen right at the home with his two other siblings.

Owens has since been hit with filing a false police report and a judge set her bail for $5,000 on October 28th. According to the judge who set Owens’ bail as such, the woman created a false report that was a “complete drain on police resources.”

While Owens may have her vehicle back, she’s now looking at a possible felony conviction.

In other news related to arrests regarding filing false reports, a woman from Hanceville, Alabama was arrested earlier this month for allegedly lying to police about a kidnapping plot against her. 

Here’s the details on this sordid case. 

On October 9th, the Hanceville Police Department arrested 23-year-old Amy Hill Eller  under a single count of filing a false reporting to law enforcement.

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From what police say, the nonsense all started from a social media post made by Eller’s husband. 

According to the post on October 8th, Eller’s husband claimed that his wife was at some establishment with their children when she claimed to have heard a group of three men plotting to kidnap her and the kids. 

The post also mentioned that the Hanceville Police were informed. 

The social media post wound up getting shared numerous times – but the HPD noted that they were never informed of such an alleged plot. 

So, Eller made her way down to the HPD precinct and filed a police report on October 9th. When an investigation kicked, police reasonably reviewed GPS data, surveillance footage and other evidence and found nothing substantiated Eller’s story. 

Prosecutors say woman lied and said her son was kidnapped so her stolen car could be found faster
Amy Hill Eller – Hanceville Police Department

Thus, authorities drafted up an arrest warrant – for Eller. 

Following the arrest, a joint statement was released by Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail and Police Chief Bob Long that read: 

“We take crimes committed in our city very seriously, especially when it pertains to the discussion of a possible kidnapping of a lady and her children.”

“We also take seriously our police departments response to incidents like this. When we are accused of not doing our jobs to protect the citizens and it spreads like wildfire on social media, it’s just a bad look for our department, and it hurts, even more, when it’s not true.”

There has been no additional details released on the case at this time.

Looking at other arrests of moms behaving not so brightly, a woman in New York was taken into custody after allegedly involving a group of kids to pilfer Trump campaign signs.

Here’s that previous report. 

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, NY– Upstate New York residents in Tribes Hill, and the Town of Amsterdam have reported that their Trump campaign signs and flags have been being stolen.

Police have now found that Deana Algarin, 45, was using a group of children to go around and steal the signs from people’s property last weekend. 

Fox News reported, that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said that Deana Algarin, 45, was charged with six counts of endangering the welfare of a child, criminal possession of stolen property, petit larceny, marijuana possession, as well as two citations for seatbelt violations involving children less than 15 years old.

When Algarin was pulled over on Highway 103, she had six children in the car, along with many of the stolen signs. 

It was not just Trump signs that went missing, as some residents also reported that their campaign signs for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-21) were also missing.

Algarin, a Schenectady resident, was ordered to appear in court in the towns of Amsterdam, Glen, and Glenville at later dates.

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