Is Prosecuting “Hate Crimes” Actually Its Own Form Of Discrimination?


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Ever since Jussie Smollet, everyone is talking about “hate crimes” again.

Of course they’re not referring to attacks on Trump supporters as being hate crimes.  After all, Trump’s haters are responsible for being attacked because they’re wearing MAGA hats, right?

Attack on off duty cop wearing MAGA hat
MAGA hats have been the source of hatred from those Anti-Trumpers who believe it is symbolic of hate.


Hate crime.  It’s perhaps one of the larger hypocrisies here in America.  And it’s time we eliminate the laws surrounding them … because they are dividing our country.

Let me break it down for you.

The term “hate crime” is largely agreed upon as being “a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.”  And in the United States, hate crime laws are those that further punish crimes based on the thought behind them.

If someone rapes a woman, he is charged with sexual assault.

But if someone rapes a gay man, he is charged with sexual assault AND a hate crime.

In doing so, we have essentially said that gay men are a protected class and women are not.  Is that not sexist at its very core?  Is the life of a gay man more valuable than the life of a woman?  Of course not. The two lives are equal.  So why create laws that say one life is more important than another?

Is Prosecuting "Hate Crimes" Actually Its Own Form Of Discrimination?

If a Muslim man beats a Christian man, he’s charged with assault.

If a Christian man beats a Muslim man, he’s charged with assault AND a hate crime.

Is that not a conflict of the separation of church and state?  Are we not saying we value one faith more than another?  That one is more worthy of being protected than another?

Murder, for example, is rooted in hate.  Does the reason WHY you hate someone make it more or less of a crime?  Let’s say a woman murders someone because he sexually assaulted her child … isn’t that murder committed with hate?  If we can agree on that premise, then isn’t it a hate crime?

Designating something as a “hate crime” is a totalitarian move that should be ruled a violation of freedom of thought and speech. It’s based on the idea that when it comes to particular groups, certain rights may be suspended as liberals see fit.  In doing so, you give an advantage to one group over another at the EXPENSE of other people based entirely on ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, or other factors.

prosecuting hate crimes

We need to punish the crime, not the thought.  Doesn’t the federal Constitution guarantee “equal protection under the law?”

If we are going to follow the rule of law, then we need to stop discriminating against some Americans to create an entitled mentality and special rights and privileges for other Americans.

But of course suggesting we apply common sense and Constitutional guidance to our legal system makes you a racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, homophobic bigot.

And back to attacks on Trump supporters for a second. If we’re going to prosecute crimes based on “thoughts” and “feelings”, shouldn’t we be labeling attacks on Trump supporters as “hate crimes”?

This detective thinks so.

I’ve been a detective for more than 20 years. My father was a detective.  His father was a detective.

I never gave a damn about politics.  My father and grandfather both did.  They were both Kennedy Democrats.

President Trump, Thin blue line, blue lives matter

Interestingly, they both voted for Trump.  Truthfully, I didn’t vote.  My grandfather, before he passed last year, put it pretty simply: 

“Look deeper,” he told me. 

“You’re a detective.  Put it all together.  There’s a reason they hate Trump.  And they’ll do anything to stop him.  He’s not a cop – but he’s still one of US.”

Since my grandfather passed last year, I’ve investigated no fewer than 5 “hate crimes”.  And guess what?  They all turned out to be false.

What did they have in common?  They were all unfounded accusations made to look Trump supporters look like racists, homophobes or sexists.  My grandfather told me to look deeper.  I didn’t.  Until this Jussie Smollett story.  And now my eyes are opened.

In one of my investigations, there were “join the KKK” fliers passed around a condo community – about 100 of them.  They looked completely legit.  Except they were, well, childish.  Residents were up in arms. 

It took a week to conclude the investigation. A 15-year-old minority was captured on two separate cameras distributing the fliers.  He admitted he had done it to “get peoples’ heads right about racism in America”.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh. (U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit)


Two more investigations – both post-Kavanaugh. Both “rape” allegations.  Both with significant social media noise surrounding them.  Both tied to the “me too” movement.

Both turned out to be false.  One woman was upset because the man had publicly humiliated her by dumping her in a restaurant.  The other openly admitted – after being caught in a flat out lie – that she thought men needed to start to suffer for what the “toxicity of men” has been doing to a generation of boys.


Two more cases.  One – an attack against a young black man.  His mother called us after he came home bloody and bruised. He told us a bunch of young white boys from a local Christian school attacked him and called him racial slurs.

drug trafficking father


Except it only took us two days, three witness statements and a closed circuit video from a corner store to determine he had his ass handed to him for stiffing the guys he had been buying drugs from.

A young gay man getting notes in his locker saying he’d be “skinned” and “hung” for liking boys.

A day later, he broke down in hysterics when we pressed him for details and he admitted that he just wanted attention and that he had written the notes himself.

“Look deeper” my grandfather told me.

This Smollett story really chapped my ass. 

Is Prosecuting "Hate Crimes" Actually Its Own Form Of Discrimination?


You know why?  Because I have a lot of black friends and a lot of gay friends. Several are on the department with me. And I’d damn near kill to protect them. I was enraged when I heard what happened to him.  This is unacceptable in a society where we have fought for years to overcome discrimination.

Except… it didn’t happen.

But the media rallied around him right away, declaring it did.

Is Prosecuting "Hate Crimes" Actually Its Own Form Of Discrimination?
Liz Warren called the entire criminal justice system racist ‘from front to back.’ (Wikipedia Commons)


Elizabeth Warren, who is running for President, rushed to his defense.

Bernie Sanders, also in the running, called it “a horrific instance of the surging hostility toward minorities around the country.”

Collusion? Complaint Says Sanders Violated Federal Election Laws By Hiring Non-American Campaign Advisers

Sens. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris both compared the alleged attack to a “modern-day lynching,” while House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ex-Vice President Joe Biden and other Dems jumped, fanning racial and LGBTQ divisions and slamming Trump supporters.

The Hollywood elite blamed it on “Trump’s rhetoric.”

Now evidence shows it was all B.S., but you don’t see anyone charging SMOLLETT with a hate crime.  Or anything, for that matter

Look deeper.

False accusations are out of control.

It was done to Brett Kavanaugh, with Democrats alleging, and the media embracing, his female accusers’ outlandish stories of alleged sexual assault from decades ago without corroborating evidence.

Those allegations were later rebuked or debunked.

Look deeper.

Let’s not forget the left’s recent ambush against the Covington High School boys.

The students were quick to be painted as “racists” simply because they’re white, straight and male who committed the ultimate sin — smiling while wearing MAGA hats — on a school trip to DC.

Read: Operation Throat Punch Is the Greatest Trolling of Sex Traffickers by Combat Veterans Ever 

The teenagers were bullied and defamed across the mainstream media.  That was until evidence emerged proving they did nothing wrong.  Now suit is being filed against many of those who defamed the boys, including a lawsuit against the Washington Post for $250 million.

Look deeper.

Now to Drake University, where a former student plead guilty last month to making false reports to police in connection with racist notes found in November on the campus.

19-year-old Kissie Ram pleaded guilty to a simple misdemeanor.  She faced up to a year in jail but was given a deferred judgement that placed her on a 12-month probation.

This after she filed a report that a racist note was found on Campus on November 28.  In total, five notes were found.  At least four of them were considered hoaxes and tied back to Ram. She admitted to writing one of them and reported receiving one of them as well. 

AKA – it was all a bunch of crap.

Look deeper.

In Glastonbury, Connecticut, a man was charged in January after police say he spray painted “KKK” on the wall of an apartment complex elevator and then called police to report the crime.

Alec Kasson, 29, was charged with third-degree intimidation due to bias, second-degree false reporting an incident and several other charges for the vandalism in The Soap Factory Apartments where he lived, police said.

When interviewed by officers, Kasson admitted to writing “KKK,” police said.

The vandalism came amid several complaints of swastikas being drawn around the same apartment complex in the weeks before Kasson’s alleged vandalism, police said.

Look deeper.

I never cared about politics.  Like I said, I didn’t vote in the last presidential election.

But you bet your ass I will in the next one.

Because this crap has to stop.  And it’s pretty clear who the real sexists, racists, and homophobes are in society.

Next time, I’m voting for the orange guy.  Because my grandfather put it best:

“They’ll do anything to stop him.  He’s not a cop – but he’s still one of US.”

Tell us what you think below.

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