Proposed CA law removes requirement for medical professionals to report suspected domestic violence situations


SACRAMENTO, CA – Lawmakers in California have proposed a new bill that would remove the mandatory reporting requirements medical professionals currently have in terms of suspected domestic violence injuries.

While supporters believe that this will encourage victims to seek medical attention, opponents of the bill believe this will only cause the cycle of violence to continue.

In the liberal State of California, lawmakers have worked hard to change laws under the guise of criminal justice reform.

Liberals believe that criminal justice reform is needed to stop what they term is systemic racism while opponents believe these moves do nothing but encourage more crime.

Now, in a move to ‘safeguard,’ victims of assault and domestic violence, lawmakers have proposed removing the requirement for medical personnel to notify law enforcement in cases where they suspect someone has been victimized.

The co-sponsor of the bill, Assemblymember Buffy Wicks, tweeted:

“Research has shown that mandatory reporting to law enforcement can keep survivors of domestic &  sexual violence from seeking health care or sharing information w/health providers.

#AB2790 provides a survivor-centered & trauma-informed approach to CA’s mandatory reporting law.”

While Wicks and her supporters are well-intended, what they fail to recognize is failure to notify law enforcement also stops any chance of immediately stopping the abuse and empowering the victim.

Law enforcement officers simply do not go straight out to the accused and tell them that there has been a report, they also ensure that the victim is provided with counselors and other services to help them get out from the abuser and become independent.

Without something in place to ensure that occurs one has to wonder how many more victims will be seriously hurt or killed due to a failure in notifying the appropriate personnel.

A question that San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan has:

“This [bill] is quite outrageous. This bill makes absolutely no sense. Imagine a victim arrives stabbed multiple times to the hospital and the doctor cannot report to law enforcement. It’s unfathomable that we will subject our victims to this treatment.”

“How is this going to protect them? They didn’t protect themselves! They didn’t stab themselves.”

City Attorney Mara Elliot also weighed in on the topic by sending a statement to CBS 8:

“Survivors of domestic violence deserve safety and supportive services as well as protection from future abuse and should receive both. The risk of death increases with each domestic violence incident, and victims are in no position to decide what constitutes criminal abuse or assault.

“Moreover, they are subject to retaliation from their abuser if they make the police report, as opposed to it coming from a mandated health care professional. By putting the onus of reporting on survivors, AB 2790 puts them in even greater danger.”

Another person who seemingly believes that the passage of this bill would create more victims than it could possibly help is Casey Gwinn who started the first domestic violence center in the country.

Gwinn started the center because he knew firsthand what it was like to live in a home where the people inside are victimized. He told CBS 8:

“I grew up in a home impacted by generations of child abuse. We [Family Justice Center] are strongly opposed to AB 2790 because it takes us back about 30 years. Telling doctors and nurses they can no longer report to law enforcement is a terrible policy idea.

“That’s like telling the victims, ‘you have to report it, you have to do it,’ putting the victim right in harm’s way. You can intimidate her, you’ll never get this reported.”

NYC Mayor blames the gun for young mother’s shocking domestic-violence murder – killed while walking with newborn

NEW YORK, NY – Police say Azsia Johnson, 20, was stalked and murdered, likely by her former boyfriend, but instead of showing respect to her grieving family and friends, New York Mayor Eric Adams used the opportunity to stay on the Democrat narrative and blame the tool instead of the criminal.

Johnson is the young mother who was shot and killed while pushing her 3-month-old daughter in a stroller on the Upper East Side on Wednesday evening.



At a media briefing Wednesday also attended by NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, Mayor Adams said:

“When a mother’s pushing a baby carriage down the block … and is shot at point-blank range — this shows just how this national problem is impacting families and doesn’t matter if you are on the Upper East Side or East New York, Brooklyn.”

Adams could have spoken about mental health programs in the city but instead blamed the violence on an “over-proliferation” of guns on the streets.

Adams could have spoken about the “over-proliferation” of violent criminals who keep getting released and, if they actually see the inside of a courtroom, rarely serve prison time in Democrat-run New York. But instead, Adams said:

“There is just no fear on using these guns on innocent New Yorkers, and this is the result.”



In a tweet after his remarks, Adams said in part:

“More guns in our city means more lives lost. It means more babies crying as those who love them lie dead.

“We cannot allow this epidemic to keep claiming lives.”

She was a domestic violence victim, police said Thursday evening, and they are looking for the baby’s father.

Azsia Johnson texted relatives that she had made plans to meet the infant’s father on Wednesday night because she “felt bad” that he wasn’t in their daughter’s life and wanted her to know him, law enforcement sources and the family said.

A high-ranking source within the New York Police Department, who requested anonymity, said:

“She was targeted. It was a close head shot and there were powder burns.”

Johnson’s mother, Lisa Desort, told the New York Post that her daughter had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend at his home in Jamaica, Queens, on New Year’s Day when she was six months pregnant with his child.

The former boyfriend continued harassing her daughter, Desort said, and was stalking her. The family called police for help, but he was never arrested, she said. Desort, a retired EMT of 23 years who worked on Sept. 11, 2001, told The Post:

“Let it be known that my daughter had a domestic violence case out on the father of her child.” 

Desort continued:

“We called the precinct numerous times to tell the [domestic violence] unit that he was stalking and [harassing] her. Even [though] they knew what apartment he lived in, they failed to apprehend and arrest him.

“The city failed to protect my daughter.”

Sources in the NYPD said police put a warrant out for the ex-boyfriend’s arrest after Johnson reported on Jan. 1 that he had assaulted her.

They said police officers tried unsuccessfully to find him. They noted that the crime he was charged with, misdemeanor assault, is not bail eligible and he would have been released from custody soon after the arrest.

While some studies have shown that domestic abusers are less likely to re-offend after they enter the criminal justice system, had he been in jail on no bond — an impossibility in “criminal justice reformed” New York — he would not have been free to walk the streets and find Johnson. Nevertheless, Johnson’s mother said:

“The police failed my daughter.”

The NYPD didn’t immediately return a request from The Post for comment.

Desort said the ex-boyfriend was keeping close tabs on Johnson and knew when she had been discharged from the hospital following the birth of their daughter. Desort said:

“She called me and she was upset because she said ‘mommy how did the hospital tell him I was discharged and to where?’ He told her he knew where she was. He had the exact date and time she was discharged.” 

Desort said that she even left the city at one point, out of fear for her own life. She claimed:

“I needed to leave New York because he threatened me. He texted my daughter to say: ‘unblock my number right now or I will kill your mother.’ ”

Law-enforcement sources confirmed that Johnson’s shooting death was domestic in nature. Investigators are searching for the former boyfriend and he is considered a person of interest in the slaying, according to the sources.

Sources said he has been calling family members while on the run to check on how the baby is doing.

Police said that Johnson was walking with her infant in a carriage near the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 95th St. about 8:25 p.m. Wednesday when an assailant dressed in a black hoodie and sweatpants shot her once in the head and fled.

She was brought to Metropolitan Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The child was unharmed.

Desort called her daughter “wonderful” and “an exceptional young lady” who had big dreams and was just about to enroll in nursing school. Desort said her daughter was on maternity leave from her job as a home-health aide who took care of the elderly. She added:

“She worked hard and had dreams of becoming a pediatric nurse in the near future.” 

Her mother continued:

“I was going to take care of her kids while she went to school … We called her ‘bougie’ because she liked the nicer things in life and she worked hard to get them.

“She was a good girl who was never in trouble. She was respectable.”

Desort said she has decide to donate her daughter’s remains. Desort said:

“I harvested my daughter’s body to save someone else. She would want that.”

Johnson, who has a two-year-old child from a previous relationship, lived with her mother and sisters in an apartment in the Bronx but had been in and out of the shelter system over the past year. A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified, described the scene when Desort was told of her daughter’s murder. The neighbor said:

“Last night someone came and told her mother … and she just started screaming, ‘My baby’s dead, my baby’s dead!’ … then they all left. Azsia just had that baby three months ago. She’s a beautiful little girl.”

Relatives have set up a GoFundMe page in Johnson’s honor.

On Thursday morning, police were seen towing a Lexus SUV with an apparent bullet hole above the front right wheel arch that had been parked overnight near the scene of the shooting.

The vehicle’s owner, Julio Cruz, 62, said he hopes a search of the vehicle helps the police track down the killer. Cruz told The Post that he didn’t see the hole Wednesday afternoon. He added:

“The officer said the hole in my car is the size of a bullet and the bullet is probably still inside the car. They will inspect the car and try to find the bullet … I hope they find something that will help this case.”

One shell casing was recovered at the scene and police were canvassing the area for video, law-enforcement sources said.

First responders found Johnson unconscious at the scene. She was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital, where she was pronounced dead about an hour later, police said Wednesday.

The gunman, dressed in a black hoodie and sweatpants, fled up East 95th St. on foot after executing the young woman.

The slaying occurred close to Samuel Seabury Playground and a 10-year-old girl playing at the facility told The Post she at first thought the gunshots were fireworks. The girl, who identified herself only as Gabriella, said:

“But then I realized there was a gunshot. And it really frightened me because I was right there at the park playing and I never would have thought this would have happened.”

City council members decried the latest violence.



Councilwoman Julie Menin said in a tweet:

“To think that this incident happened in front of a school with a mother pushing her baby in a stroller is beyond comprehension.

“My prayers are with the victim’s family. This tragedy is simply unspeakable and this violence must stop.”

Keith Powers, the city council’s majority leader, tweeted in part:

“An absolutely heartbreaking night in New York City.”

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