Whistleblower claims USPS were employees told to dump all mailers that weren’t for one candidate


ELKINS PARK, PAProject Veritas has discovered election malfeasance in Pennsylvania.

James O’Keefe’s organization, Project veritas, was once again undercover and discovering interesting and damning information about efforts to stifle the vote for Trump in Pennsylvania.

Project Veritas reported that on Thursday, an additional U.S Postal Service (USPS) employee, aside from Richard Hopkins who made earlier statements about ballot fraud, came forward and stated that postal workers were told to deliver only mailings for Joe Biden after November 9th, and mark the rest as “undeliverable.” 

The mail carrier indicated that he was to treat other candidates’ mailings as “garbage.”

From the Project Veritas interview:

“James O’Keefe: ‘You’re a letter carrier. OK. And tell me what your boss told you on Nov. 9.’

“Elkins Park USPS whistleblower: ‘You were told that the only political mail that will be delivered from now on will be that of the ‘winner,’ in this case, Joe Biden. And that other political mail from other sources and senders would be put into the undeliverable bulk business mail bin or UVM.’

“Elkins Park USPS whistleblower: ‘All political mail for Biden was to be continued to be treated as first-class and delivered the day it was received.’

“James O’Keefe: ‘What happens to the undeliverable bulk business mail?’

“Elkins Park USPS whistleblower: ‘I believe it goes back to the plant, but undeliverable bulk business mail is essentially a step away from the garbage.’…”

Project Veritas reported last week on Richard Hopkins, the employee previously mentioned, where Hopkins told O’Keefe that a supervisor had told him to “backdate mail-in ballots so that they would appear to have been mailed by Election Day, and would hence be eligible to be counted.”

Hopkins was then interviewed and coerced by federal agents, and it was widely published (i.e. Washington Post) that Hopkins had recanted his story.  Hopkins spoke out loudly to emphasize the fact that he had not recanted. 

O’Keefe published the audio recording of Hopkins being pressured.

In nearby Quakertown, Pennsylvania last week, Project veritas got a report of “spoiled” ballots being thrown in the trash, despite the law requiring that they are saved for recounts.

James O’Keefe confirmed the finding:

“Our journalists found spoiled ballots that were supposed to be preserved—but, instead were thrown out with the trash.

“These ballots can’t be part of a recount, because they were tossed out with the garbage.  Not only were they tossed out, but someone also ripped up the ballots by hand.”

A Project Veritas journalist interviewed Tom Freitag, director of the Bucks County Board of Elections:

“Journalist: ‘What reason would someone have to not follow the process?’

“Tom Freitag: ‘Ignorance? Not knowing, not understanding brand new law?’

“Journalist: ‘So, it is a detailed process in place?’

“Tom Freitag: ‘Yes.’

“Journalist: ‘And, this clearly shows that the process was not handled?’

“Tom Freitag: ‘Yes, the—whoever was the judge of elections didn’t do it correctly’…”

Pennsylvania law requires spoiled ballots to be held for 22 months after an election.

More from O’Keefe:

“We are getting thousands of calls from around the country about ballot and election irregularities, but this atrocity was discovered by our own journalists.  Where are the other reporters? Where are the police?”

In Michigan, Project Veritas uncovered another fraudulent voting debacle

A Michigan USPS whistleblower stated that his office crew was told to backdate ballots received after November 3rd to that they would be accepted.

From the anonymous whistleblower:

“[We were told to] separate them from standard letter mail so they can hand stamp them with YESTERDAY’S DATE and put them through.”

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USPS whistleblower demands Washington Post retract story saying he recanted allegations

November 11, 2020

ERIE, PA– Allegations and evidence of voter fraud are becoming more and more wide spread as the days pass. 

Instances in key battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan are particularly concerning, as they were make or break for both President Trump and Joe Biden.

Earlier this week, USPS worker, Richard Hopkins, from Erie Pennsylvania, blew the whistle on voter fraud taking place at his location. Hopkins first appeared in “Guerrilla journalist” James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video on Twitter, with his claims that supervisors at his facility were backdating ballots that were postmarked after the November 3rd deadline.

That is an eye opening claim, considering Pennsylvania took four days to count their ballots, and President Trump was winning the state at one point, so if ballots were backdated, that could have altered the entire election. 

Richard Hopkins was cited by Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary, in a letter to the Justice Department demanding a federal investigation into the matter, The Sara Carter Show reported

Following Graham’s demand for an investigation, Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr authorized federal prosecutors to open a probe into the matter and investigate claims of irregularities and voter fraud.

According to unnamed sources at the Washington Post, Hopkins, had told investigators from the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General:

“that the allegations were not true, and he signed an affidavit recanting his claims.”

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee took to Twitter Tuesday night saying that Hopkins, the “whistleblower” completely “RECANTED.”

President Donald Trump retweeted the demand Hopkins made for the Washington Post to retract their story, calling him a “brave patriot”, and saying:

“More & more people are stepping forward to expose this Rigged Election!”

Hopkins said in the video that him recanting did not happen, and alluded to the fact that more information will be released today, Wednesday, November 11th, when he said “you will find out tomorrow”.

Hopkins said in the video:

“My name is Richard Hopkins, I am the postal employee who came out and whistle blew on the Erie PA postal service. 

“I am right at this very moment looking at a article written by Washington Post, says that I fabricated the allegations of ballot tampering – I’m here to say that I did not ‘recant’ my statement, that did not happen, that is not what happened and you will find out tomorrow.”

Hopkins then went on to demand the Washington Post retract their story, saying:

“And I would like that the Washington Post recant their wonderful little article that they decided to throw out there…out at random”


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