Busted: English teacher fired after being caught on camera making sexually-charged statements about underage students


WESTPORT, CT- Project Veritas strikes again, outing yet another pervert teacher who shouldn’t be within 20 miles of students.

This one comes to us from the tony high-brow Connecticut town of Westport, where a teacher at the prestigious Greens Farm Academy has been shown the door after Project Veritas caught him on video making sexually-charged statements about underage students, the Hartford Courant reported.

James O’Keefe’s outlet, which has made a name for itself for outing everyone from unhinged teachers to federal law enforcement officials and government operatives, snagged Dr. Iman Rasti making the comments about minor females.

In a statement sent to parents, Greens Farm head of school Bob Whelan wrote, in a letter obtained by the Courant:

I write to inform you that the school has terminated the employment of Dr. Iman Rasti effective immediately . The Project Veritas story came to our attention yesterday, and in accordance with our policies, GFA immediately put Dr. Rasti on administrative leave and commenced an investigation. Dr. Rasti claimed that the statements in the edited video were taken out of context. Dr. Rasti’s grossly inappropriate comments are anathema to everything we stand for.”

Whelan continued writing that:

…this incident is deeply troubling and violates the foundation of trust in our community between adults and the students in our care. Nothing in Dr. Rasti’s background check, references, or professional performance while a teacher at GFA would have led us to believe he would act in this manner.

Whelan noted the institution’s “robust policies and procedures for child protection,” which he highlighted includes “thorough training for faculty and staff.”

We have no tolerance for inappropriate conduct by adults in our community. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a safe and supportive campus environment and to making student well-being paramount in all we do.

I recognize that the trust we seek to build every day has been challenged as a result of this incident. I also have unwavering faith in our faculty and staff’s commitment to our mission and our students; we will be prepared to welcome your children back to school on Monday morning.

The Courant reached out to Rasti for comment, however he was unable to be reached.

The outlet contacted the Westport Police Department and spoke to Capt. David Wolf, who told the paper the department was aware of the report from Project Veritas, but said there was no active investigation into the matter at this time.

Project Veritas claims its mission is to expose corruption, dishonesty, waste, fraud and other misconduct for the purposes of achieving “a more ethical and transparent society.”

According to the Westport Patch, Rasti’s LinkedIn profile describes him as “an experienced educator, published scholar, and charismatic speaker.” It further noted his experience at Greens Farm Academy is middle school dean, writing center director, and English teacher.


In the video, shared by Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter, Rasti is recorded speaking to a woman in a restaurant over the course of the video, which is about ten minutes long. Project Veritas posted the video to its website on Thursday.

During the course of the video, the clearly disgusting Rasti describes female students’ undergarments and the temptations the students have posed to him, the Patch described. He insisted, however that he had not had physical contact with any of the students.

In the video posted by Project Veritas, founder O’Keefe discusses the comments made by Rasti, which took place for around two hours and were condensed down to the video posted on their website. Neither the Courant nor the Patch posted the contents of the video, calling the content explicit in nature.

In one portion of the video, Rasti says:

“They [students] are very naughty. They spread their legs wide open…and that’s just brutal…brutal…every day there’s different panties on…green, black, white, and they make sure…and it’s like they talk to each other, the 3 of them do that…”

Reporter: “There’s two, three?”

Rasti: “Two, three, depending on the group…because they are not shy about sharing their…I am guessing…”

Reporter: “Sharing their what?”

Rasti: “How they feel, or what they are up to because, there’s also solo or together…they are not…and they open their legs wide open and I am teaching and I see what I see…and they make sure that the panties, panties re like positioned in a way that I actually see the thing.”

Reporter: “You saw their underwear, what else did you see?”

Rasti: “I can see the side of the p*ssy.”

Rasti went on to describe his students opening their legs so he could see at least a portion of their female genitalia.

Rasti: “Okay, they sit like this, in a short, short skirt, and you see the green panties, inserted in…and you see that.”

Reporter: “See what?”

Rasti: “You see that! You see that picture of the image; there’s an image the actual…you say, why should I say?”

Reporter: “It’s your picture that you are painting for me.”

Rasti: “Wow, that’s hot. Well, how can you concentrate? How can you continue talking with your classroom when you see that? I don’t know for women, if you see, I don’t know, I guess for a woman it’s sexy to see a man with a hard on maybe, it’s sexy. I don’t know.”

At one point, the reporter told Rasti, “they [students] can solve that.”

Rasti: “I am sure they can, but that possibly means me losing my job, my reputation. It’s risky, it’s way too risky,” Rasti replied, intimating that while he would seem to consider a relationship with a student, it was “way too risky.”

In a subsequent meeting, Rasti told the reporter that he didn’t “f*ck” his students because it’s against his principles. However, then he said this:

“I don’t do that, but sometimes I make exceptions…sometimes.”

Rasti, a former college professor, admitted that he “had sex with many, many, many, many of my students” when he was a college professor.

You get the point. Rasti is no longer in a position (at least at this institution) where he might be tempted.

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