Progressive questionnaire confirms Boston Mayor's blatant anti-police policies

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu by is licensed under YouTube
BOSTON, MA - Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, an avowed radical-leftist Democrat, made her blatantly anti-police agenda irrefutably known with the "2021 Boston Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire" from Progressive Massachusetts, according to reporting from Fox News.

Among other startling revelations, the Questionnaire demonstrated Wu's adherence to race-driven politics and critical race theory as well as "Green New Deal" style environmental and economic policies. But most impactfully Wu is dedicated to gutting the Boston PD, rendering it impotent and eliminating its ability to cooperate with ICE on illegal immigration cases.

From the text of the questionnaire itself, we can glean Wu's hostility toward law enforcement and any political opposition in black and white.
  • Wu vowed support to limit the police from acquiring "new surveillance technologies or military equipment"
  • She stated she supports the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office’s do-not-prosecute list and expanded approach to dealing with such low-level offenses
    • Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins enacted a policy memo openly declaring her refusal to prosecute 15 different types of crimes including: Trespassing, Shoplifting, Larceny, Disorderly Conduct/ Disturbing the Peace, Receiving Stolen Property, Driving with a Suspended License, Breaking & Entering with property damage, Wanton or Malicious Destruction of Property, Threats,  minor in possession of alcohol, marijuana possession, and possession with intent to distribute, non-marijuana drug possession 
  • The mayor stated she would terminate information sharing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, effectively knee-capping immigration enforcement in Boston
  • She also vowed to shut down the Boston Police Gang database
  • The mayor committed to forbidding the use of tear gas and other chemical weapons, rubber bullets, and attack dogs
  • Troublingly, Wu is seeking to publicly release police personnel files relating to "use of force" issues, effectively doxxing the officers involved
In addition to these moves, Wu declared her intention to redirect more funding away from the BPD and stated openly that she believes that "affiliation or sympathies with white supremacist organizations among officers is a problem with BPD," and linked white supremacist groups to the January 6th Capitol incident.

It is in this environment that The Boston Globe reported the number of voluntary resignations from the Boston Police Department ballooned from zero in 2018 to 36 in 2023, seriously exacerbating an already serious shortage of officers. 

Peter Moskos, a former Baltimore police officer now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice summarized the situation, saying, "A lot of the work is ugly and you don’t necessarily want to be doing it at the moment you’re doing it... [and] I think it does sort of make for an existential crisis for cops. All departments are having a tough time recruiting, because why would you want to join an institution that [people say] is evil?”

In 1979 a City ordinance set the police staffing level at 2,500, but the department has typically only kept 2,000 at a given time. BPD leaders warned last year that the recent attrition has created a need for immediate reinforcements, a need that seems likely to go unfulfilled under Wu's policies.
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Another Mayor who has no idea what its like to be a Police Officer in 2024.

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