“We had lost one of our Academy classmates in the line of duty shortly after graduating … We experienced more line Of duty deaths quickly …” said Officer Tommy Capell.  Profiles In Service – Officer Tommy Capell – Saving A Hero’s Place.

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(Photo from savingaherosplace.org)

(Photo from savingaherosplace.org)

In addition to being a full time Police Officer, Tommy Capell is also one of the founders of “Saving A Hero’s Place”.

They create honor chairs to memorialize fallen law enforcement officers across the United States. These hand built chairs are donated and delivered free of
charge to the agencies of the fallen LEOs.

Saving A Hero’s Place, Inc. was formed through tragedy. In 2013, he was contacted by another Police Officer to build a chair similar to several chairs that were placed at another sub station years back. This chair would be in honor of a Police Officer from his agency who died in the performance of his duty. The chair was built March 2013 and placed at the sub station where the officer worked.”

(Photo by Patrick W. Shaver courtesy of savingaherosplace.org)

(Photo by Patrick W. Shaver courtesy of savingaherosplace.org)

“The following month, on April 18, 2013, MIT Police Officer Sean Collier was killed in the line of duty by the Boston bombers. Officer Sean Collier was sitting in his patrol vehicle serving his community. Unable to sleep for weeks, Tommy Capell knew something needed to be done for this officer. He immediately got with his wife and two fellow academy classmates. It was decided that an Honor Chair was just the answer. MIT Police was contacted and welcomed the idea of an Honor Chair. After quickly raising money from the community, friends, and family, The four of of them traveled by vehicle over 2,000 miles to deliver the honor chair. Officer Sean Colliers honor chair was presented on May 28, 2013. The emotions that came with this honor chair, and seeing what the chair meant to the MIT Police department, made all of them realize they were not done.” From Saving A Hero’s Place website. (https://savingaherosplace.org/index.php/our-story/)

Tommy also discusses the task and challenges of juggling a full time law enforcement career and running a charity organization.

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(Created by LET Staff)

(Created by LET Staff)

Please join us in thanking Officer Tommy Capell for his service.


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