Do law enforcement officers have the same constitutional rights and protections as everyone else? Profiles In Courage – Lance LoRusso From Cop To Lawyer – Do Law Enforcement Officers have rights too on this episode of the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and Podcast.

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(Photo from Lance LoRusso.)

(Photo from Lance LoRusso – the Blue Line Lawyer.)

Lance LoRusso a former Law Enforcement Officer that went back to school to get his law degree is our guest. Known as the Blue Line Lawyer in part due to his legal representation of Law Enforcement Officers. Lance talks about Constitutional protections that apply and some that have been restricted for Law Enforcement Officers. Plus, he discusses how Departments and Jurisdictions are contributing to and in some cases causing new officer recruiting and retention problems in their own agencies.

(Photo from Lance LoRusso.)


Additionally, Lance LoRusso talks about his most recent book Parrallax – True Crime Stories and how the proceeds from all his book sales benefits Law Enforcement related charities. describes the book as follows, “In the first volume of author, cop, and lawyer Lance J. LoRusso’s new series True Crime Tales, LoRusso weaves true-life tales based on experiences law enforcement officers all over the country endure every day. Be it coming face to face with a sociopathic killer, hunting down a child predator, to grieving the loss of a fallen brother in blue, the limits of these heroes’ bravery and dedication to the law know no bounds.” It further states that “Parallax”, Volume 1 of True Crime Tales, delivers the spectrum of human emotion—anguish, love, terror, and gratitude—that each and every law enforcement officer experiences in his day-to-day life, one story at a time.

(Photo from Lance LoRusso.)

(Photo of his other books from Lance LoRusso.)

From his website, “Lead attorney, and former police officer, Lance J. LoRusso excels in the litigation of medical malpractice defense, healthcare law, risk management, and general liability defense for corporations and hospital systems, and assistance to law enforcement officers in multiple areas. Bringing strong litigation experience to both sides of civil cases, plus a strong law enforcement background, our expert legal counsel is focused on obtaining the best possible outcome for you, your family and your company.

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(Photo of book cover from Lance LoRusso also photo from his appearance on Fox News. Compiled by LET staff)

(Photo of book cover from Lance LoRusso – Blue Line Lawyer – also photo from his appearance on Fox News. Compiled by LET staff)

Please join us in thanking Lance LoRusso for his service.


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