“Help me please … I’m shot … did you hear me … I’m hit bad,” Officer Stacy West said to the police dispatcher.  In this episode of the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and podcast we feature retired Police Officer Stacy Lee West in the profile in courage.

Why we do the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and Podcast

One of the reasons why I do the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show is to show the human side of our law enforcement officers. The news media does a horrible job telling a full and accurate description of their sacrifice, service and in the case of Stacy L. West, their pain, suffering and close encounters with death.

In the early days of the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show I had the honor to interview retired Police Officer Stacy Lee West, Robert Greenberg the CEO of Law Enforcement Today was my co-host at the time.

Since the interview, we have become friends with Stacy and her husband Thomas. She retired from the Auburndale, Florida Police Department, she and her husband have become bloggers and started an online channel, video and social media presence that is called I’m Not Lost I’m RVing.

September 2, 2011, Auburndale, Florida

On the night of September 2, 2011 Police Officer Stacy Lee West was attacked and shot multiple times with a rifle. She was dispatched for a domestic disturbance and 911 hang up call. Almost immediately upon her arrival, she was shot through the door by the suspect.

The suspect fired at Officer West 20 times striking her in the right forearm, lower right abdomen, and her service weapon.

Officer West quickly radioed for backup and had to crawl, dragging her badly injured body to the neighbor’s house where she took cover in the garage. It took seven minutes for the first backup officer to arrive and find her. Do not miss the 911 audio in the interview.

She had two badly injured arteries and median nerve damage in her forearm. The gunshot to her abdomen caused significant intestinal damage and a hole in her hip. The force of the the gunshot and fall cracked her hip all the way down to her femur. Her issued weapon was struck by gunfire and was completely disabled.

Her Physical, Mental and Emotional Recovery

Officer Stacy Lee West, endured eight surgeries, three months in a wheelchair, 15 months of physical therapy. The aftermath of the event had caused many years of on and off, anxiety, depression and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

After trying to return to her police department, she was retired and now focuses her time and energy on living the best life possible and using her experience to help others.

Click here to listen to the Law Enforcement Today Podcast with Stacy Lee West.

Please join us in thanking retired Police Officer Stacy Lee West for her service and courage.

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