Professor says grading the writing of students is a form of racism and white supremacy


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

TEMPE, AZ- Will the last person off the crazy train please turn off the lights?

The latest bizarre drivel to emerge from the radical left comes to us  from a dean at Arizona State University, who makes the claim that using quality as a means to grade writing is “racist” and promotes “white language supremacy.”

Honestly in the world of progressive moonbats, what these days isn’t racist?

And what the hell is up with Arizona lately?

A professor named Asao Inoue wrote a 358-page book which tries to explain that grading a student’s writing is a form of racism and white supremacy, according to the Daily Wire.

Labor-Based Grading Contracts: Building Equity and Inclusion in the Compassionate Writing Classroom” explains that teachers should eliminate grading for a so-called “labor-based” grading system, where students would earn grades based upon their effort. In other words, everyone gets a participation trophy merely for trying. Quality of writing would be irrelevant.

“This book focuses on one kind of grading contract, one that calculates final course grades purely by the labor students complete, not by any judgments of the quality of their writing,” Inoue writes.

“While the qualities of student writing is still at the center of the classroom and feedback, it has no bearing on the course grade.”

Just as with everything which requires effort in 21st century America, Inoue claims that traditional grading is rooted in critical race theory, much as what was recently reported about math also being “racist.”

What this means is that professors such as Inoue want to raise a generation of mind-numbed idiots who aren’t held to any standards.

Is it any wonder that China, South Korea, Japan and other countries such as those are blowing away America when it comes to performance standards?

So, why does Inoue feel that grading based on standards is a form of racism? Because it involves ranking, and since grading is a form of ranking, it is therefore racist.  

Ranking is part of a much longer racist, and white supremacists, tradition in Western intellectual history,” Inoue writes.

“Ranking has been deeply embedded in racist thinking, discourses, and logics, mainly because it has been deployed as a way to justify a number of racists, empirical, and colonial projects over the last four hundred years.”

It is unknown how Inoue explains similar “ranking” systems in other countries and cultures, but that doesn’t matter. If you can tie anything done in America as being done under the color of race, so be it.

Inoue goes on that “education at all levels has been and still is a part of these racist projects.” In that case, we’ve got a great idea. Why do we need people such as Inoue in the first place?

If, as he claims education is “racist,” apparently colleges and universities are no longer necessary. After all, if everything is relative and there isn’t (or shouldn’t be) any absolute truths, what therefore is the point of a college education, other than enriching college professors and the institutions at which they teach?

This ignoramus argues, the Daily Caller says, “that grading calls for student uniformity and high-quality completed assignments, both of which are allegedly racist ideas.”

“Grading literacy performances by a single standard for so-called quality is racist and promotes white language supremacy,” Inoue says.

“Because all grading and assessment exist within systems that uphold singular, dominant standards that are racist, and white supremacist when used uniformly. This problem is present in any grading system that incorporates a standard, no matter who is judging, no matter the particulars of the standard.”

Grading, according to Inoue perpetuates “white language supremacy” in schools. He notes that an overwhelming majority of schools in the US requires children to speak and write in proper English during English and literacy classes.

That comes as a surprise…we would have thought perhaps they were expected to speak and write in Dutch, or maybe Mandarin Chinese in English classes. Making students speak and write proper English in English classes and holding them to that standard is of course, racist.

“The traditional purposes and methods used for grading writing turn out to be de facto racist and white supremacist,” he continues.

“Grading by a standard thus, is how white language supremacy is perpetuated in schools.”

And what of teachers who use such grading systems in school and ask the same of their students? Yes, they too are racists, although he credits them with not being “bad people,” just those who directly contribute to what he calls society’s “racist status quo.”

“In our current society and educational systems, regardless of who you are, where you came from, or what your intentions or motives are as a teacher, if you use a single standard to grade students’ language performances, you are directly contributing to the racist status quo in schools and society,” he says.

Ever heard of “white racial habitus?” Neither had we. These are, according to Inoue “societal norms” that are implicit in evil white people. Speaking proper English is considered a part of that, therefore anything derived from “white racial habitus” is therefore “white supremacist.” Got it?

According to Inoue, that is how teachers perpetuate so-called “white language supremacy,” saying that because English is derived from white people, it is inherently white and racist.

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Oh, but he doesn’t stop there. Having a grading system? Yup, white supremacy and a “slave-making mechanism.”

“All the ways we judge language, even by well-intentioned teachers, are almost always racist and slave-making, almost always white supremacist,” Inoue says.

Were you born white and learned to speak English from your parents? You have so-called “unearned privilege” of speaking proper English.

Now, sitting here thinking of people such as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, actor James Earl Jones, and Dr. Ben Carson. Not one of these distinguished gentlemen was “born white,” yet they clearly speak perfect English.

So how is it again that merely be being born as a person of color, you cannot speak or write “proper English?

The problem with people such as Inoue and countless others, they find racism everywhere. And when you see racism in everything you look at, everything you hear, every place you are, it waters down the true racism that exists in the world.

When people are called racist because of how they were born, and are further called racists because they deny they are, is it any wonder that people are becoming justifiably pissed off?

Inoue apparently identifies as Japanese because his father was of Japanese descent, although born in Hawaii. His mother is white. Inoue earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Oregon State University and his Ph.D. from Washington State University. Color us surprised.

The question therefore becomes: Is the fact that an overwhelming majority of people in Japan speak Japanese an indicator that students with a different racial or ethnic background are also subject to “racism” in that country? Or is this just a white thing?

So, exactly how does Inoue get his “English is racist” screed from? We’ll let him explain…try to follow his “logic”:

“I lived in an explicitly racist world. The racism was very present to me. During my freshman year of high school, I got an A in honors French and every other class I took yet received a B (not a B+) in English, not honors English, regular English.

How was this possible? What was I doing wrong? Apparently nothing. It was me, my habitus. I knew this but didn’t want to admit, admit that my language and body were being judged together.”

Inoue of course offers no solutions in his book on how to “fix” this apparent “crisis,” other than eliminating grading systems for students and basically awarding everyone a participation trophy.

The dumbing down of America continues…on steroids.

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