Professor says she’s a radical, threatens to attack opposition: ‘F- the police’, they are ‘anti-black’


SYRACUSE, NY- College professors have increasingly created hostile learning environments by pushing propaganda filled agendas designed to indoctrinate students.

While this is nothing new, Syracuse University professor Jenn Jackson is taking things a step further by threatening physical violence over what she deems “disrespect.”

Jackson is an assistant professor of political science in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. On her website she details her teaching career saying:

“Jenn M. Jackson (she/they) is a queer androgynous Black woman, an abolitionist, a lover of all Black people, and an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University in the Department of Political Science. Jackson’s research is in Black Politics with a focus on group threat, gender and sexuality, political behavior, and social movements.”

She took to Twitter on Thursday to assure her followers that, should she encounter a person with differing opinions, she is perfectly comfortable being aggressive towards them.

In her tweet Jackson wrote:

“Y’all act real goofy on here when it gets close to elections or when something otherwise major happens in the world. As you find your internet courage, please remember that I am consistently not the one.”

She continued her tirade with:

“I am literally that gurl who will walk up to you in real life like, “what was that you tweeted? say that shit to my face, fam.”

Finally, Jackson concluded the series of tweets by assuring followers that should you “disrespect” her she will physically harm you:

“The disrespect of Black women on here is too much *also* please know that this Black woman will run you a fade.”

For those that aren’t familiar with the slang, “run a fade” is the same as saying “I will beat you up.” In other words, Jackson, a university professor, is freely threatening anyone with differing ideals.

Of course, these aren’t the only inappropriate comments Jackson has made. In fact, her social media posts often elicit responses of shock and disgust. One bizarre statement made by Jackson is the offhand remark “monogamy is patriarchy.”

Jackson has also expressed anger over “white women” attempting to discuss politics:

“White women are the most consistent weakest link in politics (and so many other aspects of justice, organizing, and liberation work).

Are y’all in their mentions too? Or just Black people like me?”

While Jackson’s beliefs are clearly out of the realm of normal, she does carry the typical anti-law enforcement sentiment of a college professor. Jackson has made her opinion on police abundantly clear by stating:

“Fuck the police today, tomorrow, and forever.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Jackson took to Twitter the next day to explain her reasoning for hating law enforcement. According to her, police are given a mission to “eradicate” black Americans:

“The “goodness” of cops is unimportant. They are employed in an institution meant to eradicate Blackness. The philosophical principles of being a police officer are racist and anti-Black. They are required to do terrible things.”

Now you might be asking yourself, what is Syracuse University doing to stop this professor from indoctrinating students? And, as you probably guessed, the answer to that question is absolutely nothing.

In fact, Jackson proclaims to be on the tenure track at SU.

This means that the university is considering Jackson for tenure and, should she obtain it, she will hold a permanent teaching position.

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LET Unity

If reading about a radical Syracuse University professor seems like deja vu, it just might be. On Thursday I reported on a different Syracuse University professor who took to Twitter to claim that all police, yes all, are evil:

SYRACUSE, NY- The violent riots taking place across the US have given college professors the opportunity to share their radical agendas with immunity. This is especially true for Syracuse University professor Biko Mandela Gray who uses social media to relentlessly attack law enforcement officers.

Gray, an Assistant Professor of Religion at SU, took to Twitter on Wednesday to share his views on law enforcement officers saying:

I think I should clarify for people where I personally stand:

1) Police are unnecessary, inept, lethal, violent, corrupt, myopic, and often abusive. This doesn’t apply to some; it applies to all of them.  

2) they are this way bc they are trained and employed to be this way.

He continued the unhinged rant by calling officers worthless and assuring viewers that his stances are solidified:

“3) They are worthless, and they don’t even solve the crimes on the books.  

4) I will no longer compromise on this position. No one should ever ask me where I stand regarding cops. If you didn’t know before, now you do.


As if this wasn’t enough he then called for the destruction of law enforcement departments and claimed that people who support the police need to “go down.” 


Of course, this is not the first time Gray has posted something so egregious and bigoted. The most common targets of his hateful rhetoric are white people who, according to him, are diseased:

“Whiteness is a disease. Is a plague unto itself. Wherever it is, you can be assured that death and violence will follow. It’s parasitic. It’s vampiric. It’s offers nothing but takes everything. To be white is to embody this parasitic disposition.”


Gray followed this up a couple of weeks later by doubling down and claiming “the white mind is a twisted thing.”


The comments made by Gray allude to the far larger issue of indoctrination that plagues college campuses in the US. Professors guilty of pushing a bias agenda and using their authority to spread false information rarely face consequences.

This was true in Gray’s case when he took Twitter in June to complain about being “lectured” by university officials:

“After someone got a hold of my tweets, they sent them to my dean, who lectured me—a scholar of race and religion—about how “diversity and inclusion means including EVERYONE.” #BlackintheIvory”


It seems that the “lecture” didn’t do much to change Gray’s opinion as his attack of law enforcement officers and whiteness came months after. It would be a shame if his superiors were notified of his social media presence again.

Authors note: As of the date of publication I have a Equal Opportunity case open against Gray for tweets that directly target myself and a piece I wrote for The Federalist. The tweets posted by Gray also incited SU students to harass me online. The details and progress of this case have been largely withheld from me and to my knowledge Gray has not been reprimanded.



It is doubtful that Gray will face consequences for his words that target myself and law enforcement officers.

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