Professor defends killing of Trump supporter by Antifa supporter: ‘I see nothing wrong with it.’


KINGSTON, RI- Erik Loomis, a history professor at the University of Rhode Island, made crude comments alluding to the fact that Aaron “Jay” Danielson’s killing by Antifa supporter Michael Reinoehl, was justified because Danielson was a Trump supporter.

It was reported that Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a member of a group called “Patriot Prayer” attended a Black Lives Matter rally to counter-protest, when he was “hunted down” and shot by Reinoehl.

After an altercation with U.S. Marshals, who were trying to arrest him for second-degree murder, Reinoehl was killed.

According to The Daily Wire, Portland’s District Attorney released a charging affidavit, which, according to Fox News, noted that Reinoehl:

“appeared to be targeting the victim prior to the shooting,”

It went on to say that he had deliberately armed himself for the protest in case of an interaction that turned violent, and that he:

“allegedly hid in a parking garage, waiting for Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, 39, and another Patriot Prayer member.”

 Erik Loomis, made these disrespectful and bias comments in his blog post, in which he wrote:

“Michael Reinoehl is the guy who killed the fascist in Portland last week. He admitted it and said he was scared the cops would kill him Well, now the cops have killed him. I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory.

But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him. The police is shot through with fascists from stem to stern. They were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors.”

Loomis then made reference to a tweet by historian Manisha Sinha, whom he described as:

“hardly a conspiracy theorist herself.”

Sinha had tweeted that Reinoehl:

“deserved to be arrested and tried in court, not killed by a motley of federal law enforcement. This seems like a hit job, an extra judicial killing ordered by Trumpsters.”

Loomis took it a step further when responding to a comment left below his blog.

The comment read:

“Erik, he shot and killed a guy.”

Loomis replied:

“Reinoehl killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”

Another person commented, asking:

“What’s so great about assassinating a rando fascist? And in the absence of a sound affirmative justification, it should be easy to envision the drawbacks.”

Loomis answered:

“What’s so great about assassinating random slaveholders, said liberals to John Brown.”

According to The Daily Mail, Loomis had made prior comments indicating his hostility to Republicans, including:

“Once Republicans figured out COVID was going to affect people of color and the poor disproportionately, they stopped caring about doing anything about it.”

In May 2018, he titled a blog post:

“Republicans: The party of ethnic cleansing in multiple nations,

“Republicans aren’t just happy with ethnic cleansing in the United States. The Israeli apartheid state is right up their alley too.”

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Here is the original story of Danielson’s murder that Law Enforcement Today brought you. 

PORTLAND, OR –On August 29th, Law Enforcement Today reported about the fatal shooting death of Aaron “Jay” Danielson in Portland, Oregon.  Now, his friend and witness to the shooting, alleges whoever fired the shot did so after he hunt them down like an animal.


Chandler Pappas, a friend of Danielson sat in front of a thin blue line flag as he gave his account as to what happened on that fateful night. 

He started by saying that a lot of people had gone out into Portland to express their beliefs, as supported by the First Amendment.  That is when Gibson said:

“Last night it escalated to the point that they executed my partner.  They [Antifa] hunted him down.  They hunted us down.  They recognized our Patriot Prayer Hats.”

Pappas then recounted that tragic moment when he heard:

“We’ve got a couple of them right here.  We’ve got a couple of them right here.  Pull it out.  Pull it out.” 

Pappas then said:

“We turned around – I didn’t even, it didn’t even register that somebody was pointed a gun at us until the shots went off and [the shooter] took off running.” 

Pappas said it took a moment to digest what had just happened.  He said:

“Did he just shoot at me?  Ok.  I’m ok.  Turn over and Jay’s ‘dead because he believes something different than them.  Jay’s not a racist.  He’s not a xenophobe or whatever label.  He’s not an ist or an ism…He didn’t do anything to deserve a bullet in the chest.”

The person who was interviewing Pappas asked him what he would want President Donald Trump to do.  Pappas thought for a moment and said, “send troops.”

Pappas went on to say:

“Send troops.  Arrest these – Portland is as corrupt as any place you’ve ever seen, any place you’ve ever heard about in the movies…more people are going to die [if] we don’t get a handle on this.” 

Pappas believes that “these Ted Wheeler’s and these Kate Brown’s and these City Councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty, who antagonize these people and underhandedly provoke violence on social media.” 

Democratic Oregon Governor Kate Brown had a totally different idea on how to handle the situation, and who was to blame for the murder.  In a statement that Brown released regarding her plan on bringing an end to the violence in Portland, she said:

“We all must come together – elected officials, community leaders, all of us – to stop the cycle of violence.

“The right-wing group Patriot Prayer and self-proclaimed militia members drove into downtown Portland last night, armed and looking for a fight. Every Oregonian has the right to freely express their views without fear of deadly violence. I will not allow Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets.

“Time and again, from Charlottesville to Kenosha to Portland, we have seen the tragic outcome when armed right-wing vigilantes take matters into their own hands. Gun violence is never, ever the answer.

“Change will not come overnight, and, as we have seen in these last months, it does not come easily either. But we are building a more just future.

I will continue to work with local leaders, law enforcement, and community leaders to bring all voices to the table to help end the nightly confrontations—but that will only come if we commit ourselves to do the hard work to bring about real change and racial justice.”

So, to be clear, the only people who are responsible for Danielson’s death if himself, Patriot Prayer, and Pappas, at least that is certainly who Brown seems to blaming. 

There is no mention of the consecutive nights of riots, arson, and injured officers at the hands of Antifa or Black Lives Matter mentioned.

And then, as if we needed confirmation, instead of condemning the hate group that caused Danielson’s death, Antifa, Brown vows that “Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets.” 

Now, perhaps there was a news story that was missed while researching this article and the other numerous ones that have been written on the riots in Portland, but, not sure how it was missed about how “armed white supremacists” brought bloodshed onto the streets of Portland

As a matter of fact, the only people reported on that have been seriously hurt in these nights of riots have been police officers, a man driving his truck through a crowd, and now Danielson.

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