Professor at police-bashing MA college accused of attacking colleague with fire poker, garden shears


SOUTH HADLEY, MA- The campus has made national headlines for students bashing law enforcement.  Now the college is once again in the news.  This time it’s after a professor there was arrested on charges she tried to murder a colleague.

There’s a funny expression, helped made popular via various t-shirts, that says:

“If you don’t remember, it didn’t happen”.

Seems like that is the excuse being offered when a college professor in Massachusetts was accused and arrested for allegedly attacking a female colleague of hers inside the victim’s home.

Although, “attacking” might be a bit of an understatement, seeing that the charges levied are attempted murder based upon the extent of the injuries and the weapons claimed to have been used are downright disturbing.

Fifteen miles north of the Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, lies the small town of Leverett which hosts a population of under 2,000 people and rarely has a violent crime recorded on the books year over year.

You can imagine the shock sent through the vey small town that hasn’t had even five reported assaults since 2014 to now have someone nearly murdered in their own home.

An art professor from Mount Holyoke College, Rie Hachiyanagi, has been charged with attempted murder and various other crimes after visiting a colleague in the small town of Leverett. According to the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, she allegedly attacked one of the other staff members from the school with a fire poker and other objects inside their home.

Just this past Friday, Rie Hachiyanagi was arraigned at the Orange District Court and was ordered to be held without bail. As of now, Hachiyanagi has another hearing scheduled on February 4th where the circumstances could change with regard to setting a bail amount.

Although, based upon the alleged crimes that were detailed, and also the supposed motive of them, maybe the judge should keep this individual behind bars.

The alleged incident took place sometime between December 23rd and the 24th last year inside the victim’s home in Leverett. From what authorities have detailed so far, Hachiyanagi allegedly used a fire poker, a rock, and also garden shears to attack the female victim inside of her home.

While the victim survived the near fatal encounter, officials revealed that she had several broken bones on her face and sustained sever injuries elsewhere. It’s safe to say that each one of the instruments claimed to have been used by Hachiyanagi fit the bill for attempted murder when used to attack someone.

Everyone has that one person at the office, or work in general, that annoys them. Yet, the motivation for this attack has nothing to do with obvious conflict between Hachiyanagi and the victim, but something more along the lines of envy or jealousy.

The victim had informed police that Hachiyanagi showed up at her door unannounced and uninvited and wanted to talk about her feelings. According to the police report, the victim stated that Hachiyanagi stated that “she loved her for many years and she should have known,” and then things went from a confession of love to a vicious thrashing.

Whenever you have crimes like this, typically with irrefutable evidence like broken bones and lacerations, it’s extremely difficult for those accused to lodge a defense against these sorts of accusations.

So, when police initially questioned Hachiyanagi about what led up to or what happened at the victim’s home that night, she said she couldn’t remember anything after 6:00 p.m. that evening. That’s original:

“If you don’t remember, it didn’t happen”.

Jokes aside, what Hachiyanagi is trying to do is no laughing matter since she’s blaming this all on a medical condition that includes multiple concussions that affect her memory.

While the notion seems absurd, these kinds of defenses do work in crafting disturbing plea bargains. Much like we saw in the case involving Sgt. Mark Bustamante in Tucson, Arizona, who lost his eye from a combative arrestee, the courts can be extremely lenient on people who claim medical conditions. 

As of now, there’s been no response from any representation that may be handling the allegations against Hachiyanagi. However, Mount Holyoke College officials did say that Hachiyanagi has been placed on administrative leave and is banned from the campus until they have an internal review.

Now let’s flashback to last April, when Western Massachusetts Police Academy recruits were graduating. 

According to a report from the Daily Wire, students from Mount Holyoke College had been distributing flyer handouts alerting other students to the upcoming graduation. They planned to protest the ceremony. 

The graduation was set to take place in the college’s auditorium – and activists around campus were livid. 

The school circulated an announcement to make students aware of the large police presence on campus.

“This notification is being made to make you aware of the many police officers and police vehicles you may see here on Thursday morning, April 11th for rehearsal, and again on Friday, April 12th for graduation,” it said.

“There is no need to be alarmed. In the spirit of collaboration with our neighboring towns in Western Massachusetts we look forward to welcoming the 40 new officers to the Pioneer Valley.”

The notice being circulated by student activists was claiming that the administration was welcoming a group synonymous with white supremacy.

Professor at police-bashing MA college accused of attacking colleague with fire poker, garden shears
The note called for students to be on guard. (Facebook)


The school is “welcoming a large number of armed individuals from a known paramilitary organization with a documented history of white supremacist and patriarchal violence,” the flyer said.

It then named minority groups that have a “reason to be alarmed.”

They even said allowing the graduation would make campus unsafe for, “black women, women of color, Black queer and trans folks, queer and trans folks of color, non-Black/POC queer & trans folks, undocumented folks, and disabled folks.” 

Facebook comments even went so far as to call for violence against the police that would be in attendance.

“FYI: There is going to be a police academy graduation on campus (???) this Friday. Lots and lots of cops,” one person posted. “I suggest we f*** some s*** up.”

Another wrote:

“F** every cop,” and “Cops are wife and children beaters. F**** them all.”

Another compared police to Nazis.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t defend generalizing German people in the 1940s who joined the Nazi army by saying ‘they wanted to do good and protect their countries’ so save it.”

President of MHC, Sonya Stephens sent an email to everyone on campus addressing the backlash against the graduation.

“Over the last few days, I have heard very clearly the concerns about our decision to allow the Police Academy to hold their graduation ceremony in Chapin Hall tomorrow,” Stephens wrote.

“I have also heard and acknowledge the very real fear and the questions that have been raised by some members of our community in relation to this decision and the history of police violence, systems of oppression, and the ways in which marginalized members of society, including members of our own community, have been negatively impacted by interactions with the police.”

In the meantime, Mount Holyoke College Administrators announced earlier in the week that campus Police Chief Daniel Hect would be placed on administrative leave after students allegedly found out he liked tweets from President Trump and the NRA.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, Hect first came under attack after posting about his new position on the social media platform.

Professor at police-bashing MA college accused of attacking colleague with fire poker, garden shears
Mount Holyoke College put their new Police Chief on administrative leave after students protested. (Wikipedia Commons)

“I am excited to announce I have accepted the position of Chief of Police at Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges, two of the most prestigious all women’s institutions in the nation,” he tweeted.

But it didn’t take long for Mount Holyoke students to begin combing through his entire Twitter account, looking for anything they could to be able to protest the officer’s presence at their school.


It didn’t take long for the social justice warriors to find something and lose their minds.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Maybe the guy tweeted some crazy, possibly racist stuff. Said some things that would condemn him and would forever live on the Internet.


These students flipped out because he liked some tweets from President Trump and the NRA. Hect even went so far as to like the tweet from the NRA that wished Americans a ‘Merry Christmas’.

Another included a saying:

“If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

How dare he?

Another one of the tweets that led to Hect’s mandatory leave was about the border wall. Another was about the government shutdown.


Students quickly approached the college administration, who showed absolutely no backbone or support for the man in charge of keeping their community safe.

One student commented that it was:

“…unacceptable for someone in charge of keeping any community safe, let alone a campus as diverse as MHC’s, to be publicly displaying his support for hateful regimes and organizations, as well as for individuals who demonize migrants from Mexico or other latin american nations.”

Apparently the administration has also hosted several events to ‘try to ease the students’ worries.’

Let me reiterate. Hect didn’t comment. He didn’t tweet anything. He didn’t retweet them. He liked them. Our future is so screwed…


Listen up kid. You’ve got a lot of learning to do.

Your teachers might be running around preaching about how Trump is evil and that police officers and conservatives are all racist, homophobic hate-mongers, but I can guarantee you that’s more ridiculous than the fact you’re paying $50,000 a year to get a ‘gender studies’ degree.

Do you even go to class anymore? Or have they all been cancelled so you can protest whatever is making you mad that week?

Guns might be scary, but guess who’s running to the front lines of an active shooter situation armed with a gun, ready to lay down their life to save you? Well, normally it would be armed cops, but since you complained about police being armed on school grounds, officers (who are still expected to conduct felony traffic stops) are no longer carrying firearms.

The situation on the southern border is reaching critical mass. I can tell you so many stories from friends who live in Texas about how frequent border crossings used to be versus where they’re at now on a day-to-day basis. But maybe it’s better to just ship you down there so you can see for yourself.

Even Canada reported that they’re changing laws to deny sanctuary to asylum seekers who had already tried to enter the United States.


So when you look at a man who was called to protect and serve, willing to do what you could never do and lose your mind over the fact that he ‘liked’ a few tweets… you really need to reevaluate how you’re living your life.

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes people disagree with you. Sometimes the person yelling the loudest isn’t sharing the opinion that you want to hear.

Cop Destroys University Over New “Angry White Male Studies” Course
Cop Destroys University Over New “Angry White Male Studies” Course


We’re adults. We move past it. Freedom of speech is exactly that – this man did not hurt anyone, did not support anything that was evil or wrong, he liked a damn tweet.


How extreme are we going to get with social media? If we continue on this path, in 30 years no one is going to be able to get a job because they said something stupid years ago. Enough is enough, already.

Until people start being able to tolerate the opinions of those around them and carry on living their lives, we’re not headed anywhere good in the future.

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